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September 23, 2008 - Volume 4 Issue 9
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Aerospace Metals Market Soars

Aerospace Metals Market Soars High fuel prices are proving a boon for high-performance alloys used in aircraft. Airlines worldwide are replacing their older, less fuel efficient airplanes with newer fuel miserly ones. Thus, the order books at both Boeing and Airbus are sold out for the next three years with production of planes — so much so that Purchasing magazine is reporting record levels of super alloy consumption. This trend could continue well into the next decade as international carriers expand to meet travel demand and newer alloys are created for even more efficient aircraft and engines.

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Known by Many Brand Names. Fused into One Global Force
Inductotherm Group

Known By Many Brand Names.  Fused Into One Global Force Inductotherm Group, a global manufacturing company, promises topflight service and engineering excellence in thermal processing equipment for the metals and materials industry. Brands include Inductotherm melting furnaces, Radyne and Inductoheat heat treating systems, Consarc vacuum melting and refining equipment, Thermatool pipe and tube welding equipment, and Bricmont furnaces for steel. More info...

Your Molybdenum and Tungsten Specialist

Elmet Technologies, Inc.

Your Molybdenum and Tungsten Specialist Elmet Technologies thrives on serving new and emerging technologies. We provide customers with the highest quality products, industry leading sales, and customer service.

We are a vertically integrated ISO9000 company that manufactures both mill and custom machined molybdenum and tungsten products. Contact us today with your requirements.

Preform Products
Tricon Industries, Inc.

Preform Products Tricon Industries, Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of cadmium-free brazing alloys in both strip and wire. They use this inventory to manufacture custom shapes of brazing alloy for your applications on its metal forming equipment. These brazing materials can be used with a variety of heat sources such as induction, torch, and furnace.

Hafnium Sponge
ATI Wah Chang

Hafnium Sponge ATI Wah Chang's Hafnium sponge is normally provided in a minus 3/4 plus 1/8 MESH size. Other sizes are available by request. Hafnium sponge is available in three grades as determined by Zr content: < 1/2% Zr, < 1.5% (medium grade) Zr, and < 4.5% Zr (reactor grade).

Ferrous Metals . . .
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Nickel Drops: Will Stainless Follow?

Nickel Drops: Will Stainless Follow? With nickel prices dropping by 50% over the past year, how far will stainless steel prices follow this key component? India's Jindal Stainless cut prices by around one-third earlier this year and is looking at a further drop in the 5-7% range. Over-stocking of nickel caused its price to drop, based on an existing reduction in demand for stainless.

High-Strength Steels Push Metal Processors

High-Strength Steels Push Metal Processors Higher strength, lighter weight steel alloys are finding more use outside the auto industry. But newer steels need updated processing equipment and methods for leveling (rolling), slitting, and shearing the metal. Machine settings for high-yield, high-strength steel are different than those for low-yield, low-strength, and can break the processing machine.

Nonferrous Metals . . .
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Tax Aluminum, Save Energy

Tax Aluminum, Save Energy To cut its domestic energy needs, China recently imposed a 15% tax on aluminum exports to dampen industry production and power requirements. The measure may reduce power shortages in China that have occurred over the previous six years. The government also imposed duties on coke (40%) and certain coal (10%) exports.

Copper Cuts Hospital Infections

Copper Cuts Hospital Infections Using copper for its microbiocidal properties is making inroads in hospitals. Microbiologist Michael Schmidt uses copper to replace plastic hospital components like bed rails, call buttons, tables, and keyboards. The measures save lives and money — hospital infections cost $30 billion annually; Schmidt hopes for a 50% reduction rate.

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Stainless Steel Fine Strand, Wire, and Cable
Jersey Strand & Cable, Inc.

Stainless Steel Fine Strand, Wire, and Cable Jersey Strand & Cable, Inc. uses innovative product development and unique custom cable manufacturing techniques to provide a wide variety of quality special stranded wire and custom designed cable both in ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Learn more about Jersey Strand & Cable, Inc.

Samarium Cobalt Magnet Materials
Dura Magnetics, Inc.

Samarium Cobalt Magnet Materials Samarium Cobalt is made up of largely Samarium and Cobalt and is the most expensive magnet material to manufacture and to fabricate. Dura Magnetics offer the best value when comparing performance and size in high temperature or adverse environments. They're higher in cost, but magnetically very strong and typically allow for dimensional reductions.

Powder Processes & Applications . . .
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Laser Sinter Parts with Powder Metals

Laser Sinter Parts with Powder Metals Rapid prototyping with stereolithography isn't new. But rather than using traditional resins to produce a final-shape model with accuracy and repeatability, fabricating a piece from metal powder yields both the correct shape and mechanical properties as well. This further speeds design-to-production cycle testing and verification under operational conditions.

Medical, Autos Pace PM Progress

Medical, Autos Pace PM Progress Medical and auto uses drive the growth of powder metal and ceramic injection molding, says Mississippi State Professor Randall M. German. Metal injection molding combines functions in forming smaller, more complex shapes that require little finishing; saving fabrication cost. German says the PIM industry consists of 360 firms.

Specialty Alloys . . .
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Lighter, Stronger (Cheaper) Car Parts

Lighter, Stronger (Cheaper) Car Parts Australia Research Organization's latest alloy developments target cost reduction in making lightweight alloy car components. It focuses on magnesium and aluminum alloys for strength and low weight, but at the cost of conventional steel parts. Heat treating and other technologies produce high-pressure die cast (HPDC) aluminum alloy parts.

Is It Platinum Yet?

Is It Platinum Yet? Jewelers — and customers — are upset over the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) proposal to define platinum as any alloy with at least 50% of the metal alloyed with base metals. The FTC says composition would be disclosed, particularly if the piece does not display the characteristics of at least 85% platinum metal.

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Forged Products and Seamless Rolled Rings

All Metals & Forge

Forged Products and Seamless Rolled Rings All Metals & Forge is your ISO 9001:2000/AS9100/EN9100 certified manufacturer and supplier of alloy steel, carbon steel, tool steel, cobalt alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, and super alloys. Forged products, specialty steel bar products, and seamless rolled rings up to 160 in. (4050 mm) diameters available. More info.

Soft Magnetic Alloys from Stock: Magnifer, VimVar Core Iron, MolyPermalloy, etc.
Ed Fagan, Inc.

Soft Magnetic Alloys from Stock: Magnifer, VimVar Core Iron, MolyPermalloy, etc. Brochure on soft magnetic alloys. Easily magnetized/demagnetized, for applications requiring high-permeability, low losses, low residual magnetism, EMI shielding, transformer laminations, motor laminations, electrical generators, pole pieces for electromagnets, relays, solenoids, transducers, magnetic bearings, and scientific instrument components. Available in coil/strip, square bar, rod, and sheet. Stock items shipped within 24-hours.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Refractory Metals Research Online

Refractory Metals Research Online The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) has posted much of the information presented at its Refractory Metals Symposium held at its annual meeting. Information can be found on its Web site (http://www.tms.org/TMSHome.aspx). These 23 presentations cover the latest research in processing, characterization, and properties of heat-resistant refractory metals. Readers are encouraged to contact the authors if interested in their work.

Diversions . . .
Watch Out, Gillette!

Watch Out, Gillette! Montreal inventor and construction consultant Celso Martell has come up with a device that duplicates the action of a butcher's honing steel (that ribbed pointy thing in your kitchen drawer) and a knife. His grooved, rubbery silicon device has enabled him to strop the same Bic disposable razor for two years worth of use. Anecdotally proven, his next step is commercialization — and convincing skeptics.

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About This Month's Topic...

About This Month's Topic... The Copper Cost Creep

Its germ killing properties may increase the demand for copper. Can Nanotech help slow copper use? Is copper in an endless ramp-up in price?

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