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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Alternative & Renewable Energy
September 14, 2010 Upcoming e-Events
Industry Trends & Events . . .
Turbine Takes the Heat

Turbine Takes the Heat A sound strategy for optimizing reliability of older steam turbines under the harsh operating conditions of geothermal power systems is modernization. Experiences gained from geothermal unit overhauls and upgrades are synthesized in a Renewable Energy World article. Breakthroughs and geothermal-specific best practices improve efficiency and extend service life for older steam-field turbines. Address erosion and component wear with modern airfoil materials, and modify turbine steam-paths to accommodate expected steam-field resource declines in flow, pressure, and temperature. Modernization can lead to recovery of original output or even to increases in unit capacity.

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Whatever the Future Holds, Eclipse Means You're Ready

Whatever the Future Holds, Eclipse Means You're Ready A high throughput metallization solution based on a flexible, modular platform design, Eclipse means you can easily scale production from 1200 to 3600 wph. Only invest in features you need today; when you want to expand capacity, simply slot in extra modules. Learn more...

Modular Bearings for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

NKE Austria GmbH

Modular Bearings for Wind Turbine Gearboxes NKE has developed a modular bearing system for planetary gears in wind turbine gearboxes. The new bearing assemblies offer the advantages of a standardisation of the bearings used in this application, a reduced diversity of parts and simplified logistics. Read more...

Solar Cable and Photovoltaic Wire
Alpha Wire

Solar Cable and Photovoltaic Wire Solar applications demand wire and cable with maximum reliability and flexibility to prevent costly downtime and disruption to the energy grid.

Photovoltaic Wire and Solar Cable from Alpha Wire are designed to withstand the extreme rigors of solar applications and give your solar farm years of reliable service.

Achieving a Lower Cost Per Watt
ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Inc.

Achieving a Lower Cost Per Watt For over 30 years, ATS has delivered best-in-class manufacturing solutions that lead the industry in performance, quality, and cost reduction. Whether you're looking to commercialize a new solar technology or reduce wasted silicon in your existing operations, our innovative solutions help you achieve a lower cost per watt through innovative automation.

Making the Case for Science . . .
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See Your Choices in Reliable Research Chambers
Percival Scientific, Inc.

See Your Choices in Reliable Research Chambers Your world revolves variability. Percival Scientific research chambers provide you with reliable custom solutions designed to meet your specific research requirements.

Our solutions begin with two distinct lines of quality chambers, the Custom Design Series and the Select Series. Both represent a long and rich tradition of delivering product ingenuity and dependability throughout the world's top research labs.

No detail in our chambers is overlooked. Percival offers multiple lighting and humidity options.

Solar Power . . .
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Solar Building Blocks: Video

Solar Building Blocks: Video A prefabricated solar structure can be quickly deployed for shelter during emergencies, health clinics in rural areas, or other uses. Watch as each solar panel-covered LifeVillage unit unfolds to provide 50 kW of power for water pumping, lighting, and refrigeration. The shipping container-based system can exploit solar energy virtually anywhere.

They Clean Their Own Windows

They Clean Their Own Windows Dust is a nuisance and efficiency drain for large-scale solar power operators. EurekAlert reports that technology devised for NASA space missions was borrowed to develop terrestrial solar panels that clean themselves. As dust is detected, sensors energize a transparent, electrically sensitive panel cover and an electrical wave pushes particles away.

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen . . .
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Take a Crack at Self-sufficiency

Take a Crack at Self-sufficiency Fuel cell technology represents the optimal solution to waste and energy problems at one California egg ranch. Methane produced from the poultry waste stream in an anaerobic digester will drive a 1.4 MW fuel cell. The electricity will be used on-site, allowing the farm to duck both waste disposal and spiraling energy costs.

Hail the Hybrid Taxi

Hail the Hybrid Taxi To achieve blue skies before hosting the 2012 Olympics, engineers are turning London's black cabs into clean green machines. Twenty zero-emission proton exchange membrane fuel cell hybrid taxis will replace diesel-powered polluters. The prototype features 30 kW net power output, lithium ion battery capacity of 15 kWh, and 3.7 kg of hydrogen storage.

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High Stability Reliable Non-inductive Resistors

High Stability Reliable Non-inductive Resistors Standard and Custom resistors used widely throughout the aerospace and military industry as well as commercial applications. EBG is a highly experienced manufacturer of high voltage (to 100 kV), high power (to 1700 W) thick-film resistors. Producing resistors for more than 30 years for regen, dynamic breaking, switching, motor drives, x-ray, etc...

Adjustable Pulse Lasers for Solar Applications

RPMC Lasers, Inc.

Adjustable Pulse Lasers for Solar Applications The IR50 and IR70 disk lasers from Jenoptik feature adjustable pulsewidths from 200 ns to 2000 ns, average powers up to 65 W, and rep rates up to 100 kHz.

These disk lasers are suitable for numerous industrial solar applications including MWT, EWT, LFC, wafer dicing/scribing, thin film removal, and other micromachining task.

CV Series Very High Frequency Power for Plasma Processing
Comdel, Inc.

CV Series Very High Frequency Power for Plasma Processing Comdel CV series power supplies offer stable VHF power at frequencies from 30 to 80 MHz. The CV series offers exceptional ease of operation. RS-232 and analog controls are provided as standard; DeviceNet is optional. Synthesizer-driven, frequency agile configurations are also available on all CV series models. More info

WAGO IPCs Managing Energy on Solar-powered Boat
WAGO Corp.

WAGO IPCs Managing Energy on Solar-powered Boat WAGO 758 Series IPCs are managing solar energy for Tûranor PlanetSolar, the world's largest solar-powered boat. WAGO IPCs control charging for three batteries and ten Drivetek Maximum Power Pick Trackers (MPPT) via 13 CAN buscouplers.

Wind, Water & Geothermal . . .
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Titanic Tidal Turbine

Titanic Tidal Turbine The world's largest rotor diameter tidal turbine was unveiled and installed last month in 35 m of water off Orkney, Scotland. The 130 ton AK1000 will dispatch 1 MW of predictable power at a 2.6 m/second water velocity after a three-year commissioning period. The turbine can supply power to more than 1,000 homes.

Renewable Energy for Retail

Renewable Energy for Retail The IKEA store under construction in Centennial, CO, is the first for the Swedish retailer in the U.S. with geothermal heating and cooling. The heat pump system will exploit moderate temperatures at 500 ft depth. Performance monitoring by the DOE National Renewable Energy Lab. will provide useful data for future commercial applications.

Biomass & Batteries . . .
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Cost Cleanup for Batteries

Cost Cleanup for Batteries A one-step method for fabricating lithium manganese phosphate cathodes should lead to low-cost alternatives to metal oxides in lithium ion batteries. After mixing with electrode ingredients to promote crystal alignment, melted paraffin and oleic acid boiled off as temperature increased. With a conductive carbon backing, the resulting nanoplates held about 150 milliAmp hours/g of material.

Non-stink Bug: Video

Non-stink Bug: Video Methane generated by a sewage treatment plant in Bristol, UK, fuels the Volkswagen Beetle showcased in a BBC News video. The vehicle could travel 10,000 miles (16,100 km) on the yearly waste-derived fuel from 70 households. Bio-Bug averages 5.3 miles per cubic meter of biogas, showing that it has a lot of get-up-and-go.

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Prevent "Water Hammer" and "Reverse Flow"
DFT Inc.

Prevent 'Water Hammer' and 'Reverse Flow' Have a problem with failing double door style check valves? Who doesn't!

Want to prevent "water hammer" and "reverse flow" and have tight shut-off? Sure you would!

Why are you consistently specifying or replacing check valves that are costing you money?

DFT Inc. has the solution.

M40A — New Flagship Series
MOTIEN Technology

M40A — New Flagship Series With the continuous researching and development of modern topologies, Motien is proud to release their new Flagship Series, the M40A, the 40W single/dual output DC/DC converters in a compact size of 2 in. square…

Renewable Energy Testing and Certification Services
TÜV SÜD America Inc.

Renewable Energy Testing and Certification Services Harness the power of partnering with TÜV SÜD America for your renewable energy testing and certification needs. We offer one-stop, full-service expertise in Photovoltaic, Wind Energy Services, and Energy Storage Systems Testing. Our internationally recognized product certifications provide valuable assistance in accessing world markets through local service. Visit

Reduce Manufacturing and Logistics Costs


Reduce Manufacturing and Logistics Costs At LINAK we design products that perfect movement. Our electric actuators have many uses in wind automation. Several areas can be automated to increase the efficiency, improve ergonomics, or reduce the weight of the wind turbine by replacing solutions that are more complex and already in place.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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A Sunny, Windy Forecast

A Sunny, Windy Forecast An optimistic energy scenario espoused by Nobel laureate Walter Kohn of the University of California is driven by the twin threats of global warming and diminishing oil and gas supplies. The global response to these trends is already underway: research into clean, affordable energy. The momentum experienced over the last decade in wind and photovoltaic energy production should continue. These renewable energy forms will become dominant worldwide in the SOL/WIND era.

Diversions . . .
Churn Out Some Fuel

Churn Out Some Fuel Rather than waste the 800 lb butter sculptures gracing the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show, organizers handed the likenesses of Benjamin Franklin and the Liberty Bell over to research. A biofuel maker tested its process for converting low-value fats into biodiesel. About 75 gal of mixed biodiesel-bunker fuel were produced. The method might be applicable to agriwaste conversion rather than expensive (and artistic) butter.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Fracking: The Pressure is On

The unconventional gas resource of the Marcellus Shale is huge but its recovery incurs environmental risks. What's the alternative to hydraulic fracturing?

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