Electrical power generators, also known as alternators, transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. They can be used for backup or emergency power or as an alternator on board a vehicle. Generators can produce either AC or DC power and are typically powered by a fuel engine. Search by Specification | Learn More about Electrical Power Generators
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Alternative power generators produce electricity from renewable energy sources, such as wind, flowing water, solar energy and biomass, which create less environmental damage and pollution than fossil fuels. Search by Specification | Learn More about Alternative Power Generators
Solar power systems convert light into electricity. They are the building blocks of photovoltaic (PV) modules. Search by Specification | Learn More about Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Power Systems

Solar Mounts

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Solar mounts are used to mount photovoltaic (PV), solar water heaters, or other solar collection devices. They hold solar panels in position and are either fixed or tracking. Learn More about Solar Mounts

Power Generation Systems

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Power generation systems are power generators and related systems that are used in power plants or large-scale power generation facilities. Learn More about Power Generation Systems

Plasma Generators

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Plasma generators are special generators that produce the needed RF power to ignite and maintain plasma in plasma chambers and similar devices. Learn More about Plasma Generators

Power Supplies

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Power supplies are electrical devices that deliver electric power to one or several loads. They generate the output power by converting an input signal into an output signal. Search by Specification | Learn More about Power Supplies
Steamers and steam generators produce steam vapor for cleaning, oxidation, and other process functions. Learn More about Steamers and Steam Generators

DC Power Supplies

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DC power supplies accept an input power and output the desired form of DC power. Common types of DC power supplies include linear power supplies, switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) type power supplies. Search by Specification | Learn More about DC Power Supplies

Power Meters

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Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth, and from both AC and DC circuits. Search by Specification | Learn More about Power Meters
Programmable power supplies are digitally controlled power sources that provide accurate and adjustable levels of voltage, current, and frequency. They include a processor, voltage/current programming circuits, current shunt, and voltage/current read-back circuits. Search by Specification | Learn More about Programmable Power Supplies
Parity checkers are integrated circuits (ICs) used in digital systems to detect errors when streams of bits are sent from a transmitter to a receiver. Parity generators calculate the parity of data packets and add a parity amount to them. Search by Specification | Learn More about Parity Checkers and Generators

SCR Power Supplies

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SCR power supplies use silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) topology to provide well-regulated voltage and current output. Search by Specification | Learn More about SCR Power Supplies

Electrical Power Wires

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Electrical power wires are solid or stranded conductors surrounded by insulation, shielding, and a protective jacket. Search by Specification | Learn More about Electrical Power Wires