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   Electronic Systems       
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   ASIC Design       Application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are electronic chips designed for a particular application. 
   Analog Circuit Design       The design of electronic circuits has a continuously variable (non-discrete) signal. 
   Circuit Board Design       The design features electronic components and conductive pathways within a non-conductive substrate. 
   Computer Hardware and Interfacing Design       The design features interconnecting hardware components, including a method for how the central processing unit (CPU) performs internally, and how it accesses addresses in memory. 
   Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Design       The design contains specialized microprocessors used for digital signal processing (DSP), which usually occurs in real-time. 
   Digital System Design       The design of electronic assemblies comprised primarily of components that process information through signals represented at discrete levels. 
   Electronic Design Automation (EDA)       Electronic design automation (EDA) design employs specialized EDA or ECAD software to facilitate the development of electronic systems including printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits (ICs). 
   Embedded System Design       The designs of specialized computer systems have dedicated functions, often with real-time performance constraints. 
   Encoder / Decoder Design       The design of digital or analog electronic components capable of translating signal information from one useful form to another. 
   FPGA Design       The design of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), integrated circuits (ICs) is configured by the customer or designer after manufacturing. 
   Fiber Optic Assembly Design       Fiber optic assembly design service providers assist with cable and connector selection, layout and manufacturing techniques, and cable/fiber material considerations. Suppliers may also be able to assist in upgrading or redesigning, re-evaluating, or modernizing existing cable assemblies to increase performance and/or reduce manufacturing costs. 
   Human Interface / Input System Design       The design considers how humans interact with electronic devices including mice, keyboards, joysticks, touch-screens, and gesture / motion capture devices. 
   Hybrid Circuit Design       Hybrid circuit design service providers design simple-to-complex systems that blend traditional electrical circuit components - like transistors and integrated circuits (ICs) - with optical or mechanical elements. Optoelectronic circuits are an example product designed by hybrid circuit designers. 
   IP Core Design       IPR core designs are pre-designed and pre-tested sets of industry-standard functions within integrated circuits or boards that can easily be used in embedded applications. IP core designs are treated as intellectual property and are licensed to OEMs. 
   Industrial Controls / Automation Design       The design of electronic and mechanical controls is used for industrial equipment and systems. 
   Microcontroller Design / Development       The design for a complete computer system is on a single integrated circuit (chip) for embedded applications. Designed elements include an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) or central processing unit (CPU), memory, timers/counters, serial ports, input/output (I/O) ports, and a clock oscillator. 
   Mixed Signal Design       The design of integrated circuits is comprised of both analog and digital components on a single semiconductor die. 
   PCB Layout and Design       The specification via schematic and CAD drawings of new printed circuit board (PCB) designs. 
   PLD Design       Design of programmable logic devices (PLDs). 
   Radio Frequency (RF) System Design       The design of electrical systems, often wireless or radio, employs electromagnetic radiation in the range of 3 Hz to 300 GHz. 
   Reverse Engineering       Reverse engineering is the extrapolation process of understanding the design, manufacture, and performance of competitive products. 
   Schematic Drawings       Schematic drawings specify power and communication details. They are used for engineering or architectural projects, and may include plot plans, floor plans, power-riser diagrams, control wiring schematics, and schedules. 
   Solid State Design       The design of electronic circuits or devices is built entirely from solid components (excludes electro-mechanical elements). 
   System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Design       The design of complete computers or electronic systems integrated into a single integrated circuit (IC chip). 
   Telecommunication / Phone Design       The design of electronic voice and data systems for transmitting messages over significant distances. 
   Timing / Signal Analysis       Timing or signal analysis is an electrical engineering activity focused on observing the time-varying characteristics of analog or digital circuits. 
   Wireless System Design       The design of electronic systems is intended to transfer information over a distance wirelessly. 
   Other       Other electronic system design service(s).   
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   Power Systems       
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   Battery Design       Battery design details one or more electrochemical cells used to convert stored chemical energy into electrical form. 
   Cable / Interconnect Design       Interconnect design details electrical circuits and pathways that allow for optimized communication and power flow between components of an electrical system. 
   Electric Motor Design       The design of electro-mechanical devices that converts electrical energy into mechanical force. 
   Electric Power Station Design       Electrical power station design details industrial facilities used for the generation of electric power. 
   Electric Power Transmission Design       Electric power transmission design details systems used for bulk transfer of high voltage electrical energy from generating power plants to substations. 
   Enclosure Design       Enclosure design refers to electrical cabinets used to house electrical and electronic equipment including mount switches, knobs, and displays. 
   Generator Design       Generator design is for devices used to convert mechanical energy. 
   Photovoltaic (PV) Design       Photovoltaic (PV) design arrays cells containing materials capable of converting solar radiation into direct current (DC) electricity.   
   Other       Other power system design service(s).   
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   North America       Companies are located in the United States, Canada or Mexico. 
   United States Only       Companies are located in the United States. 
   Northeast US Only       Companies are located in the Northeast United States, namely Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. 
   Southern US Only       Companies are located in the Southern United States, namely Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. 
   Southwest US Only       Companies are located in the Southwest United States, namely Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. 
   Northwest US Only       Companies are located in the Northwest United States, namely Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. 
   Midwest US Only       Companies are located in the Midwest United States, namely Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 
   South / Central America Only       Companies have facilities in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, or Chile; or in Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, etc. 
   Canada Only       Companies are located in Canada. 
   Europe Only       Companies are located in Europe, namely Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, etc. 
   South Asia Only       Companies are located in South Asia, namely India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. 
   Near East Only       Companies are located in the Near East, namely Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. 
   East Asia / Pacific Only       Companies are located in East Asia, namely China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. 
   Other       Other unlisted countries or regions. 
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