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Help with Fall Arrest Systems specifications:

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   Anchorage Connectors       Anchor point components are designed to bear static and dynamic forces resulting from the weight of a worker using fall-arrest protection. 
   Body Harnesses       Harnesses are personal fall arrest body-wear designed to support the body's weight at the torso, both during normal work and during an accidental fall.   
   Braking / Descent Mechanisms       Descent fall arrest components are designed to attach to an anchor point and safely slow the rate at which workers evacuate an elevated area. 
   Davits       Davits are worker-supported structures, usually made of steel, designed to bear weight, and used to lower personnel over the edge of elevated work surfaces like rooftops.   
   Deadweight Anchors       Deadweight anchors are portable, heavyweight anchoring systems with a centrally-located anchor point that supports a worker's rooftop tether cable. 
   Fall Rescue       Stretchers, ropes, bags, frames, rescue kits, and other specialty equipment used to safely recover workers after falls. 
   Lanyards / Straps       Lanyards are personal fall arrest components with integrated anchors or hooks designed to safely bear a worker's weight during normal work or falls. 
   Lifeline Systems       Lifeline systems are designed for use in applications when collective fall systems, such as safety railings, are not feasible. 
   Safety Nets       Safety nets are general fall arrest systems designed to catch falling workers employed in dangerous elevated areas like bridges. 
   Skylight Screens       Skylight screens are rigid grating placed over metal rooftop skylights that protect workers from accidental fall-through. 
   Tripod Systems       Tripod systems are portable, collapsible structures used for controlled, vertical descent and exit from confined-spaces. An example application is street manhole entry and exit for work on underground gas lines. 
   Other       Other fall arrest system type(s) not already covered. 
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