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Function & Thickness
   Protective Function:       
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   Abrasion / Sliding Wear       Products are designed to provide protection against abrasive, low impact, or sliding wear. 
   Blast / Ballistic Mitigation       Products are designed to provide protection against explosive blasts or ballistic percussion. They are used to line the interiors or exteriors of military vehicles such as tanks and jeeps. They are also used in detonation chambers and naval ships. 
   Corrosion       Products provide protection against corrosive environments such as acidic, caustic, or chloride (marine) solutions. 
   Erosion       Products provide protection against erosion or wear. They can handle moving streams of abrasive grit, bulk crushed minerals, cement clinker, ceramic slurries, and coal ash. 
   Flow Promoting / Release (Nonstick)       Flow-promoting liners have a smooth, inert surface that reduces friction and increases flow. Release liners use a non-stick or non-wetting surface to prevent adhesives, coatings, paints, chemicals, food products and other media from adhering or sticking to the surface. 
   High Friction / Non-slip       Products increase friction in order to prevent containers from moving or personnel from slipping. 
   Impact       Products provide protection against objects that impact the surface. 
   Particle / Dust Ingress       Products provide protection against the ingress of particles or dust. 
   Primary Containment       Products provide primary containment of chemicals or wastes. These high integrity products are used to line tanks, reactors, bins, hoppers, and storage vessels. 
   Secondary Containment       Products are used on concrete or flooring to provide secondary containment of chemicals or wastes that leak or escape from tanks, reactors, bins, hoppers, or storage vessels. Secondary containment products do not have as high a degree of integrity as primary containment products.   
   Static Discharge / ESD       Products protect components from static or electrostatic discharge (ESD). 
   Soil Stabilization (Geotextiles / Geomembranes)       Products are designed for soil stabilization applications. Textiles allow the passage of water and prevent soil erosion. 
   Sound Attenuation       Products provide sound attenuation or sound proofing. 
   Thermal (Heat / Fire)       Products provide protection against high temperatures and fire. 
   Waterproofing       Products prevent the leakage of water or fluids. 
   Specialty / Other       Other, specialized, proprietary or unlisted functions. 
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   Thickness:       Typically, thickness is measured to the smallest dimension and perpendicular to the protected surface. 
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Industry & Application
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   Automotive / Transportation (Beds / Undercarriage)       Products are suitable for automotive, rail, trucking, and other transportation applications. 
   Cable / Wire Rope       Products are conduits, guides or tubes that surround mechanical cables or cores. Cable and wire rope liners provide a low friction surface that allows the free-sliding movement of the core or cable element in push-pull control units. Cable liners also provide protection from corrosion, dirt, or external contact. 
   Cement / Concrete       Products are suitable for the cement or concrete industry. 
   Chemical Process       Products are suitable for the chemical processing industry. 
   Construction       Products are suitable for construction or building applications. 
   Crushers & Grinding Mills       Products are liners, lining systems, wear plates or wear resistant components designed for crushers and grinding mills. 
   Environmental (Stacks / Landfills)       Products are suitable for environmental remediation. They are used as containment liners in landfills or to line exhaust stacks in chemical plants. 
   Flooring       Products are designed to protect the surfaces of industrial flooring. 
   Food / Pharmaceutical (Sanitary)       Products are suitable for food, pharmaceutical, or other sanitary applications. 
   Furnace / Foundry       Products are designed for furnace, foundry, heater, boiler, or other similar applications. Chute liners that carry foundry sand, coal or coke provide wear protection. Liners that provide refractory insulation for internal furnace or crucible walls are also available. 
   Power Generation       Products are suitable for power generation applications such as handling coal, ash or corrosive media. 
   Pulp & Paper       Products are suitable for pulp and paper industry applications. They are used to line digester walls in order to protect vessels from corrosive media. 
   Manufacturing / Machinery       Products are suitable for manufacturing or machinery applications. 
   Marine / Offshore       Products are suitable for marine or offshore applications on oil platforms, ships, boats, piers or docks. 
   Material Handling       Products are suitable for material handling applications. They are used to line chutes, pneumatic conveyors, slides, tables and the surfaces of equipment that move products or components. 
   Mining       Products are suitable for applications that mine coal, minerals, and other erosive media. 
   Military / Aerospace       Products are suitable for military or aerospace applications. For example, special heat resistant liners are used in spacecraft. 
   Oil & Gas / Petrochem       Products are suitable for applications in the oil and gas or petrochemical industries. For example, they are used to handle sour gas and other corrosive or erosive media. 
   Packaging / Containers       Products are suitable for packaging and containers. 
   Parks / Public Access       Products are suitable for applications in publicly accessible areas such as airports, rail stations, parking facilities, and recreational parks where high levels of traffic can cause extensive damage from wear. 
   Pipes / Piping       Products are designed to protect the internal or external surfaces of pipes or piping. 
   Steel / Metal Mills       Products are suitable for applications in the steel or primary metals industry. 
   Vessels (Tanks / Reactors)       Products are designed to protect the internal surfaces of vessels, pressure vessels, storage tanks, process tanks or reactors. 
   Walls       Products are designed to protect the surfaces of walls. 
   Water / Wastewater       Products are suitable for water or wastewater applications. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialty or proprietary industry or industry-specific application. 
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   Basalt       Products consist of basalt. 
   Carbide / Hardmetal       Products consist of a carbide or hard metal material such as silicon carbide or cemented tungsten carbide. 
   Ceramic       Products consist of ceramic materials. 
   Composite / Laminate       Products consist of composite or laminate material. 
   Fluoropolymer       Products consist of fluoropolymer material. 
   Glass       Products consist of glass. 
   Intumescent       Intumescent liners are combustion modified materials that char to form a protective shield between the flame and the remaining liner and surface underneath. The formed carbon char has a low thermal conductivity and high oxidation resistance. 
   Metal       Products consist of a metal or metal alloy. 
   Plastic       Liner or lining system consisting of plastic material. 
   Polyethylene - HDPE / UHMW       High density polyethylene (HDPE) and ultrahigh molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene plastics provide excellent wear, low friction and high toughness. 
   Rubber / Elastomer       Products consist of rubber or elastomeric material. 
   Textile       Textiles consist of woven or non-woven cloth manufactured from natural or synthetic fiber materials. Textiles provide protection against wear, erosion and other environmental conditions while maintaining flexibility. Textiles also retain particulates, granular media or soil while allowing the passage of water or moisture. 
   Urethane / Polyurethane       Products consist of urethane or polyurethane. 
   Specialty Cement       Products consist of specialty cement. Specialty cements use advanced binder systems that include potassium silicates, epoxy resins and other polymer or chemical systems. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialty or proprietary materials. 
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   Casing / Support       Products are casings or supports for liners or lining system. 
   Loose Liner / Pre-fabricated       Loose or drop-in liners and lining systems are prefabricated in a specific shape that conforms to the surface of a particular type of product or component. Loose liners drop into place to form a protective lining system. Loose liners may include a fabricated fluoroplastic plastic shape, protective bag or specialty packaging, fabricated coated cloth, or protective wraps. 
   Membrane       Liners or lining systems are fluoroplastic films, barrier membranes, coated cloths, or tarps. 
   Spray-on / Spray-Cast       Liners or lining systems are formed in place on the protected surface through an immersion, spray-on, spray-cast, or thermal deposition process. Liner systems may be liquids, powders, overlay rods, or wires. 
   Tile / Sectional       Liners or lining systems consist of tiles or sectional elements that are built up to form a protective barrier. Many tile, block or sectional lining systems are cemented or bonded to a surface and then grouted or sealed. Some sectional liners or lining systems are held in place with an interlocking action. 
   Wear Plate / Strip / Part       Liners or lining systems are wear plates or wear strips that attach to a protected surface through mechanical fastening, adhesive bonding, brazing or welding. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialty or proprietary forms. 
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