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Help with Label and Nameplate Services specifications:

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   Bar Code Labels / Matrix Code Labels       Bar or matrix codes are standard identification code labels for inventory management, pricing, and shipping. This includes universal product code (UPC) labeling and other standardized bar and matrix code formats. 
   Cast Plaques / Cast Letters       Cast plates or letters include nameplates, markers, or letters that have the text, content, and plate cast to shape.  
   Certification Labels / Regulatory Labels       Certification or regulatory labeling for products indicates compliance with national or international regulatory standards such as CE, UL, CSA, and many others. 
   Engraved Nameplates       Engraved nameplates have the text or content of the nameplate cut into the surface of the plate. 
   Product Logos / Decals       Product and/or company identification and logo labels frequently involve graphic design and decorative attributes. 
   Decorative Tape       Tape, piping, edging, etc. for decoration of products, documents, packaging, or other applications. 
   Embossed Labels / Seals       Seals or embossed labels are used for official documents, awards, or certifications. Embossing provides relief and texture to the label or seal. 
   Flexible Labels / Nameplates       Flexible labels are non-rigid for adherence to uneven, curved, or flexible surfaces. 
   Instrument Panels / Control Panels       Labels or plates for instrumentation or control panels, frequently with instructions, graphics, logos, etc. 
   Laser Printable Labels       Laser printable labels are suitable for going through a laser printer for customer-specific labeling requirements. 
   Membrane Switch / Keypad Overlays       Membrane switches or keypad overlays require special printing onto overlays. Lettering, numbering, icons, and other graphics may all be used for key labeling.  Some suppliers can furnish the entire keypad, with graphics and electronics packaged together. 
   Overlays / Panel Overlays       Overlays and panel overlays encompass precision graphic overlays, front panel overlays, and other overlays used for membrane switches and keypads. 
   Reusable Container / Peel-off Labeling       Reusable containers or peel-off labeling is easily removable. They are often used with containers, pallets, or other products that can be reused, returned, and require new labels for the different contents. 
   RFID Labels / RFID Tags       RFID is a means of sharing information by radio waves.  RFID tags include an antenna that transmits and receives information.  There are two types of tags: passive and active. Passive tags are quite small.  They do not have their own power supplies, so they cannot transmit much data.  They are generally applied via a small adhesive sticker and are used for tracking and anti-theft applications. Active chips are larger and more versatile. They have their own power supply and can last for years. 
   Serial Number Plates       Serialized identification plates or labels often include product model numbers, agency certifications, identification numbers, etc. 
   Shipping Labels / Packaging Labels       Labels for shipping, packaging, routing, and inventory management purposes. 
   Tags       Tags are used for items that hang loosely to identify.  Applications can include product information, pricing, inspection and certification, etc. 
   Thermal Transfer Tape / Ribbon       Thermal transfer tape is firmly affixed to a product with heat and pressure. It can be used with many types of printing for product identification and other purposes.  Thermal transfer is often used on fabric and other flexible materials. 
   Wash-away Labeling       Wash away labels can be readily washed-off to allow for new, different labels. Applications include containers, pallets, drums, and other products that can be used in many different shipping or inventory uses over their lifetime. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialized, or proprietary label or nameplate product. 
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   Aircraft / Aerospace       Plates and labels are specialized for the aerospace industry, both for aircraft and associated equipment.  Design considerations include certification by regulatory agencies, durability, extreme outdoor conditions, thermal cycling, etc. 
   Automotive Labels       Products are used in the automotive and heavy transportation industries. They include very rugged materials with resistance to temperature extremes, weather conditions, etc. Also products for the extensive product tracking and inventory systems of the automotive industry. 
   Dials and Gauges       Dials and gauge label usage includes graduation scales, numbering and lettering, and other necessary labeling of dial and gauge faces. 
   Electronics / Board Labeling       Labels are used for the electronics and printed circuit board industry. Considerations can include immunity from static discharge, precise product tracking codes for inspection, and certification processes. 
   High Temperature Labels       Labels, tapes, and plates used for high temperature applications such as industrial furnaces, internal combustion engines, etc. 
   Medical Labels       Labeling and serializing of medical equipment and supplies, including any considerations for sanitary materials. 
   Outdoor / Harsh Environment       Plates and labels used in outdoor or extreme environmental conditions. 
   Security and Identification       Products such as security badges, identification cards, clearance for restricted access areas, etc. 
   Thermoforming Inserts       Thermoforming is a process that covers labels or plates with a molded plastic sheet (or similar material). During the forming operation, the label is inseparably bonded to the thermoformed part. 
   Other       Other unlisted industry or application. 
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   Paper       Any grade of paper or cardboard. 
   Plastic       Plastic includes many different types of thermoplastic and resin materials such as polycarbonate, vinyl, and PVC. 
   Metal       Metal plates are typically more rigid than other label materials. They are made from materials such as aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and copper; they can be adhered, riveted, or screwed on for attachment to product. 
   Foil / Film       Very thin sheets of plastic or metal foil or film. 
   Porcelain / Ceramic       Porcelain or ceramic is used in applications where the environment is hot, humid, or with chemical vapors present. 
   Rubber       Rubber includes natural rubbers and synthetic compounds such as nitrile, silicone, etc. 
   Foam       Foam plate or label is made of industrial materials such as StyrofoamTM (Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company), structural foam, etc. 
   Other       Unlisted label or nameplate material. 
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   Die Cut / Punch-out       Die cut labels or plates are cut to exact size specifications with dies; includes hole punch-out, notching, etc. 
   Digital Imaging       Digital images are electronic snapshots taken from documents such as photographs, manuscripts, printed texts, and artwork. The digital image is sampled and mapped as a grid pixel. Each pixel is assigned a value, which is represented in binary code (zeros and ones). The binary code is then interpreted and read by the computer to produce an analog version for display or printing. 
   Graphic Design       Services include graphical design and layout of company or product logos and decoration. 
   Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery       Supplier has just-in-time manufacturing capability of labels and plates in order to reduce need for inventory maintenance. 
   Kitting       Kitting packages associated products together. For example, a serial number plate, and certification label, and the product logo for a product are packaged together for easy assembly. 
   Label Rolls       Labels can be printed on rolls for easy handling; typically, labels peel off roll for application to product. 
   Screen Printing       In screen printing, ink is stored in a screen frame and transferred onto the product or label with pressure. Screen printing is often used for high color applications. 
   Other       Other unlisted additional or secondary capability. 
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   North America       Companies are located in the United States, Canada or Mexico. 
   United States Only       Companies are located in the United States. 
   Northeast US Only       Companies are located in the Northeast United States, namely Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. 
   Southern US Only       Companies are located in the Southern United States, namely Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. 
   Southwest US Only       Companies are located in the Southwest United States, namely Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. 
   Northwest US Only       Companies are located in the Northwest United States, namely Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. 
   Midwest US Only       Companies are located in the Midwest United States, namely Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 
   Canada Only       Companies are located in Canada. 
   South / Central America Only       Companies have facilities in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, or Chile; or in Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, etc. 
   Europe Only       Companies are located in Europe, namely Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, etc. 
   Near East Only       Companies are located in the Near East, namely Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. 
   South Asia Only       Companies are located in South Asia, namely India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. 
   East Asia / Pacific Only       Companies are located in East Asia, namely China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. 
   Other       Other unlisted country or region. 
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