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T1 - Termination

This most basic termination is available on all Conax probes.
• Probe end is impregnated with moisture-resistant compound to prevent liquid or gas penetration.
• Standard leads are 1" long on all but the 0.040" diameter, which uses 5/8" leads. Longer leads are available. Specify in inches, e.g. T1(3").
• Leads are solid wire color-coded Teflon sleeved.
• Maximum service temperature: 300° F (150° C)

T8 - Termination Head

• Weathertight
• Cast iron construction
• Gasket sealed
• Black epoxy-coated (E-Coat)
• Service temperature upper limit: 700° F (371° C)
• Accepts up to 8 leads
• Brass metal-to-metal compression fitting supplied when head is ordered with sensor probe
• Size (reference): 3.3" OD x 3.7" L, 2.4 lb.
• Conduit port 3/4 NPT

The listed specifications above are only two examples of our numerous termination styles and heads. The best resource for all options is our Catalog 5005. Catalog 5005 has detailed information and specifications for all styles. You can download or request the catalog be mailed to you at

Conax Termination Styles:
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