Vacuum Pump/Piston Compressor Combination

Custom Product from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

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Vacuum Pump/Piston Compressor Combination-Image

Where independent functions are needed, KNF will match a variety of pumps together on a common motor to save cost and size. Driven by an electronically commutated DC (BLDC) motor, this custom pump provides our customer with a vacuum and pressure source in a remarkably small package for their instrument testing assembly.

The complete pump, motor, and control require only a simple power connection to the normal 2-wire DC power for operation. The BLDC controller design includes an available "on-demand" speed control feature to enable nearly seamless integration into a larger system. The highly efficient BLDC motor provides the ability to dramatically reduce the size of the pump-motor package, lower power usage, and significantly reduce heat radiation and cost.