Corrosion Resistant Vacuum Sampling Pump

Custom Product from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

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This premium quality, corrosion-resistant pump is based on KNF's model N87 series and uses a logic on/off and speed controlled ball-bearing brushless dc motor for long-life and low RFI/EMI.

Per head, it generates 10.2 LPM free-flow and 5 mbar (27.8 in. Hg) of end vacuum. Featuring solid PVDF heads, FFPM valves and a PTFE-coated diaphragm, this pump will withstand highly aggressive gases and vapors without damage. The structured diaphragm provides high flow in a compact package, and the multi-port valves are tolerant of occasional condensate without loss of performance. It can be configured as a two-stage vacuum pump for 29.8 in. Hg end vacuum, parallel-head for 21 LPM total flow, or as individual heads for independent functions.

This pump is also available as a single-head design with an ATEX-rated explosion-proof motor.