MuMETAL® and Custom Built Magnetic Shields

Custom Product from Magnetic Shield Corporation

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Magnetic Shield Corporation's specialty alloy brands and products include NETIC®, Co-NETIC®, MuMETAL®, INTER-8®, AA CABLE SHIELD®, Evaluation Kits, and Research Lab products, specified by technical professionals across worldwide markets. Let us assist with material selection, electronic applications input, design considerations, magnetic shielding engineering expertise, specifications, certifications, and fabrication services.

Production Capabilities & Fabrication Quotes
Our technical team can review your custom design drawing, provide valuable input, and quote custom shield fabrication requests. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier, we will provide the highest quality manufactured parts, made to your specifications. We are a diverse company, offering a broad range of production capabilities and total solutions including: shearing, slitting, p.s.t. adhesives, assembly, rolling, laser & water-jet cutting, EDM, machining, turning, punching, stamping, forming, welding, annealing, prototyping and tooling. Read More…

Perfection Annealing or final annealing is an atmospherically controlled heat treatment that is required after severe bending, stamping, machining, rolling or welding to provide, maximum shielding performance. Learn more…