Customized Thermal Cut-Off Switches

Custom Product from Thermik Corporation

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Custom Thermal Protection

  • Just In Time production/delivery capability
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • International Approvals
  • Broad Range of Thermal Protection Devices: Cutoffs,PTC Thermistors, Thermal Protectors and Sensors
  • Facilities on three continents for a faster turn around and a more cost effective logistics benefit

Requirement-based developments and inventions have always been priority number 1 at Thermik. Innovations and trends started here,t just like other product related market successes.

Outstanding customer orientation, the most advanced technical know-how and consistent development work makes Thermik the most significant market leader of the industry, for quality and innovation. Apart from owning the largest number of patents in this area worldwide, Thermik also offers the broadest product range of Thermal-Protectors.

Contact us today to discuss your project with, Fred Goeckerman, one of the leading international experts in Thermal Protection.