New ARC Sensors Eliminate Transmitters for Fast and Accurate Process Measurement Control

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New ARC Sensors Eliminate Transmitters for Fast and Accurate Process Measurement Control Direct communication revolutionizes pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurements Reno, Nevada (April 20, 2010) – Hamilton Company, world leader in fluid measurement, announces the North American launch of its new ARC sensor system for pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurements. Designed with entirely new technology, each ARC sensor features a built-in microprocessor that can communicate with both analog (4-20 mA) and digital modbus interfaces. Direct connectivity eliminates the need to send information through costly transmitters and signals are more robust and reliable than the low currents or voltages produced in classical measurement systems. ARC sensors can be precalibrated and configured right in the lab, reducing costs associated with installation and downtime. On- and offline sensor management delivers extended sensor life and increases process accuracy in challenging production environments. Digital technology allows creation of wired or wireless sensor networks. The ARC View Handheld provides a local display configured with ARC Wi wireless communication that enables users to move around the facility as they monitor data from multiple sensors, replacing up to 31 transmitters. Three ARC package options meet customer requirements, from pilot labs to new production facilities and installations. ARC Vital allows customers to communicate simply via analog or digital communication and without the use of a transmitter. The enhanced ARC Versa system combines the reliability of ARC Vital with the convenience of wireless communication. The top-of-the-line ARC Vision system incorporates digital technology that enables creation of wired or wireless sensor networks. In digital mode several ARC sensors can be maintained in parallel, making process control more reliable, simple and efficient. All ARC Sensors are offered with standard analog (4-20A) and digital ModBus interfaces and are safe to sterilize with autoclave, SIP and CIP. “The elimination of the transmitter is revolutionary and promises significant cost savings,” commented Amber Ratcliff, product manager for Hamilton. “The choice of digital or 4-20 mA connection improves reliability, data integrity, and productivity.” Hamilton Company is a leading worldwide supplier of precision liquid handling equipment, laboratory automation and storage systems, serving customers in academic and private research laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic companies and governmental institutions. Hamilton maintains headquarters in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland, both of which house R&D and production facilities. Hamilton has subsidiaries for direct sales and service in many countries and works with a wide distributor network in other regions. Hamilton is a privately held company. For more information, visit

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