Expanded Product Line for Standard Ceramic & Rare Earth Plate Magnets

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IMI's plate magnets are designed for magnetic separation in angled chute applications, with either above-the-flow or below-the-flow installation, and are ideal for capturing ferrous tramp metal or metal fines to prevent metal contamination of products and to protect downstream processing equipment from damage.

Plate magnets are common in unimpeded product flow applications or with products that have a dry to slight moisture content such as, powders, granular, leafy, etc.

Technical information on their plate magnets can be found on their website(registration required), along with order online capability, options & mounting instructions.
Visit our Plate Magnets online About IMI: Industrial Magnetics, Inc. has served the industry since 1961, providing innovative permanent magnet and electromagnetic devices to meet customer’s specific requirements in magnetic separation, automated material handling and holding, lifting, or fixturing applications.

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