Order Online and Same-Day Shipping on Hundreds of Eligible Magnets

News from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.


Industrial Magnetics, Inc. offers convenient, secure, order online capability on over 1,000 products through their website's shopping cart feature. In addition, their “QuickShip™” program guarantees same-day shipping on orders placed Mon-Fri. by 2:00 pm EST on 450 eligible magnetic products.

Products that are available to order orline have a linked part number to the shopping cart and include a wide offering of magnets for holding, lifting, fixturing, welding & sweeping, magnets for automated/robotic material handling and magnetic separation devices for ferrous metal removal in material processing applications.

Products included in the QuickShip™ program can be identified on the company’s website by the QuickShip™ logo, located after the item’s part number, and are available to order either online or by contacting the factory directly at 800.662.4638. For additional information on IMI’s Order Online and QuickShip™ program, please visit: http://www.magnetics.com/catalog.asp

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