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The local doctors in Sri Lanka were very impressed by the domestic artificial lens we brought. The local people rushed to report that more and more cataract patients came here. “After a few months, Zhang Shunhua, deputy chief physician of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, talked about the feelings at the time, and it was still difficult to hide his pride. At the end of last year, Dr. Zhang Shunhua participated in the “Health Express Sri Lanka Bright Line” medical team with six other medical staff of the Union Hospital. At the Kalutara Regional General Hospital in southern Sri Lanka, they successfully performed Fuming surgery for more than 500 cataract patients in the past month. In order to actively respond to the “Belt and Road” initiative, China ’s charity project “Health Express” has begun to go abroad and provide charity medical care to local people in countries along the route. Sri Lanka has become the first overseas pilot of the project. Zhang Shunhua said that the most special thing in this bright aid operation was that all high-end artificial crystals researched and manufactured by China were used. Prior to this, China used artificial lenses produced in Europe and the United States in foreign aid surgery. Zhong Yong said that the intraocular lens, as a very important consumable, is directly related to the postoperative visual quality of the patient, and has attracted the most attention from local hospitals and patients. The aspheric folded artificial lens produced by China’s Abbond Company was taken to Sri Lanka by the “Health Express” because it was not inferior to the quality of imported products. “As Chinese doctors, we especially hope to use domestic consumables when we go out to help, which not only represents China’s medical technology level, but also builds national pride for Chinese doctors.” Zhong Yong said.

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