The JINPAT Slip Ring for Mud Scraper

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The mud scraper is one of important equipments for treating industrial wastewater. It is often installed in a large diameter circular sedimentation pond to remove sludge settled at the bottom of the pond and remove scum from the pond surface. During its working process, the mud scraper needs constant rotation to allow the sludge to flow into the central mud collecting tank and then discharge through the draining pipe. JINPAT through-hole slip ring is a necessary unit for transmitting current and signals when the mud scraper rotates in 360 degrees. Aside from current (20 circuits@15A), it can transmit 30 circuits signals. Thanks to gold-to-gold contact, all currents and signals can be transmitted stably without mutual interference. Since the mud scraper is often used in harsh industrial environments, it has high requirements for the environmental adaptability of internal units. With the wide range working temperature from -40°C to 70°C, the mud scraper slip ring can meet the needs of long-term operation under high temperature or low temperature. Besides, the performance and life of the mud scraper are also affected by harmful chemicals in industrial wastewater. Therefore, the corrosion resistance is of great significance for mud scraper and its internal units. In this slip ring, special housing material has been selected to improve corrosion resistance of the whole machine. Compared with similar slip ring, it has high rotation precision, stable performance, long life and maintenance-free.

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