Small Slip Ring and Big Satellite

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Slip ring made by JINPAT for use in space make a decisive contribution to technological progress and precise communication because satellites in outer space would be almost worthless if communication links with ground stations were not permanently maintained. The antennas of satellites have to be permanently targeted at their ground stations, a task for which slip ring are indispensable. Satellites must use high quality slip ring which can provide continuous transmission of signal and power under 360 degree unrestrained rotations so that it can deal with the problem of flexibility and stability. One example is the lubricants used in the bearings, which need to withstand these loads and to be approved for use in space. Even under the extreme conditions in outer space, a slip ring has to ensure absolutely reliable signal transmission over the whole service life of the satellite. Designed especially for satellites, the JINPAT satellite slip ring is suitable for high-cold environment, and enjoys a low starting torque: within 1N.m. More importantly, the through-hole slip ring has successfully passed Impact resistance test, anti-vibration test, humidity and heat resistance test. Meanwhile, this satellite slip ring adopts gold to gold contact materials that ensure its reliable signal transmission and longer service life time. In addition the lowest possible weight plays a key role. That is why the JINPAT designers use special materials that combine low weight and perfect durability. Features Current: 2 circuits@30A; 4 circuits@5A; 23 circuits@signals Voltage: 28 VDC Dielectric Strength:=500VAC@50Hz Insulation Resistance: 500MO@500VDC Working Speed: 0~100 rpm Working Temperature: -55 Celsius to +80 Celsius Humidity: within 95%RH

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