JINPAT Slip Ring for Wine Press

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A wine press is a device used to extract juice from crushed grapes during wine making. During its working process, the cylinder must rotate continuously to help homogenize the pressure that is placed on the grapes, in order to avoid crushing the seeds and releasing a great deal of undesirable tannins into the wine. Therefore, as an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure, slip ring is an integral unit of the wine press. The wine press, like many other food industry machines, has high requirements for efficiency, quality and safety. The JINPAT wine press slip ring is a high-end unit. Due to the integration, it not only can transmit current (9 circuits@10A, 35 circuits@2A) but also can transmit fiber optic signals. And the slip ring has the wavelength of 1310nm-1650nm, whose insertion loss is controlled within 2 dB. Meanwhile, gold to gold contact has been adopted that further ensures current and signals transmission. In this way, the work accuracy of wine press has been improved, so that the efficiency and quality are accordingly promoted. As for the sensitivity of wine press to temperature, using special materials and advanced technology, the JINPAT wine press slip ring is designed with wide working temperature from -40? to +85?, which can fully meet the various requirements of wine press for environment. Features Current: 9 circuits@10A; 35 circuits@2A Voltage: 240 VDC Dielectric Strength:=500VAC@50Hz Insulation Resistance: 100MO@500VDC Wavelength: 1310nm-1650nm Insertion loss: within 2dB Working Speed: 0~100 rpm Working Temperature: -40?~+85?

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