JINPAT Slip Ring for Pipe Crawler

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Pipe Crawler is a kind of machine that can automatically walk along the inside or outside of a small pipe. With one or more sensors, it can carry out a series of pipeline operations under the remote operation of the staff or the automatic control of the computer. When the pipeline crawler is working, sensors such as high-definition cameras are often required to rotate in 360 degrees to observe the inside of the pipeline, plus the need to transmit control signals at the same time, so the slip ring must be used. LPMS-06B super miniature slip ring is a standard unit manufactured by JINPAT Electronics. Its structure is extremely compact, with a diameter of only 8.5mm and a total length of 13.8mm. In such a small size, the slip ring has 6 circuits. The each circuit can operate at 48VAC/DC voltage and has the ability to transmit 1A current. Due to the gold-to-gold contact, the slip ring also has very good electrical performance. According to customer requirements, JINPAT has made special improvements to the LPMS-06B super miniature slip ring. And in this way, JINPAT pipe crawler slip ring came into being. To meet the needs of pipe crawler to transmit image signals, the high-definition video signals and analog video signals are integrated for the pipe crawler slip ring. Furthermore, in order to allow the pipe crawler to accept control commands, integrated control signals are also necessary. Aside from the compact structure and good electrical performance, JINPAT pipe crawler slip ring also integrates 2 circuits@analog video signals, 2 circuits@other analog signals, 2 circuits@currents (110mA @ 33 V DC) and 2 GND, etc. Its protection level reaches IP65, which can be used in severe environment. And it can fully meet the demanding requirements of pipe crawler for component installation space. This customized pipe crawler slip ring has been well received by customers.

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