JINPAT Slip Ring for Air-to-Air Missiles

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Air-to-air missiles are launched from aircraft to attack objects in the sky. After the launch of the air-to-air missile, it is necessary to rely on the rotation of the seeker to continuously acquire the target information, so as to constantly correct the posture and finally achieve the requirement of destroying the target. As a state-level high-tech enterprise that already possesses relevant military certifications, JINPAT Electronics has chosen a pancake slip ring as a solution for air-to-air missiles in response to the demands of high overload and large volume and weight restrictions. The model of JINPAT air-to-air missile special slip ring is LPKS060-0803-04S, which uses separate design with stator and rotor, the center through hole diameter is 60mm. It has a total of 12 circuits, of which 4 circuits are used to transmit signals, 8 circuits are used to transfer current. In order to achieve lightweight and withstand large overload requirements, the slip ring adopts engineering plastics, PCB sheets as the main material, and employs lightweight aluminum alloy as the outer covering material. Besides, the military slip ring adopts gold to gold contact materials that ensure its low electrical noise and longer service lifetime. Components that can work normally under high and low temperature environment also have been selected, such as high temperature wire, high temperature bearing material, etc. Therefore, the slip ring can be used in a relatively wide working temperature from -50 ° C to +70 ° C. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of shock and vibration resistant, high return loss, as well as low crosstalk. Through the improvement of related parameter and technology, this slip ring can also be applied to ground-to-air missiles and anti-ship missiles.

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