Expanded Portfolio of New Power Management Products Available through Mouser

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Mansfield, Texas, USA – April 16, 2007 – Mouser Electronics, Inc., the only distributor to release a new catalog every 90 days, today announced it has expanded it’s portfolio of new power management products from Texas Instruments. Mouser and Texas Instruments work hand-in-hand to ensure the availability of TI’s newest products through the distributor’s practice of same-day shipping with no minimum order requirement. “Mouser intends to establish itself as the go-to channel for new TI products,” according to Mouser President Glenn Smith. “We want engineers to think of us first when they are considering a new TI product for their new design projects.” Several new TI power management devices are now in stock and available for immediate purchase through Mouser. The TPS61080/1081 is a 1.2MHz/600kHz fixed frequency boost regulator designed for high integration that integrates a power switch, an input/output isolation switch, as well as a power diode. The IC protects itself and the input source from any pin (except VIN) shorting to ground and the isolation switch disconnects the output from input during shutdown to prevent any leakage current. The TPS2410/11/12/13 family of O-Ring FET controllers reduce power loss and also protect server/telecom power systems from transient events. When used with a low Rdson N-channel MOSFET, the controllers significantly increase system efficiency over today’s standard diode O-Ring solutions. These devices control the Power FET in order to provide high performance O-Ring in redundant power supply systems over an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, operates from 3V to 18V, and controls voltages 0.8V to 16.5V. The TPS62351/2 devices are high-frequency synchronous step-down DC-DC converters optimized for battery-powered portable applications. With an output voltage range adjustable via I2C interface down to 0.6V, these devices are intended for low-power applications, support up to 800-mA load current, and allow the use of small, low-cost inductors and capacitors. The UCC27200/01 family of N-Channel MOSFET drivers includes a 120V bootstrap diode and high-side/low-side driver with independent inputs for maximum control flexibility. This allows N-channel MOSFET control in half-bridge, full-bridge, two-switch forward, and active clamp forward converters. The low- and high-side gate drivers are independently controlled and matched to 1ns between each other’s turn-on and turn-off. The TPS71715 family of low-dropout, low-power linear regulators offers very high power supply rejection (PSRR) while maintaining very low 50µA ground current in an ultra-small, five-pin SC70 package. An advanced BiCMOS process and PMOSFET pass device allows fast start-up, very low noise, excellent transient response, and excellent PSRR performance. Mouser’s broad-based product line, unsurpassed customer service, and streamlined warehouse operations make the distributor the design engineer’s one-stop shop for all the board-level components and associated development tools necessary for total project design.

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