New 528-Page Catalog from Quality Transmission



Garden City Park, NY -- The process of selecting metric gears just became easier with the publication by Quality Transmission Components of a 528-page product catalog, Q420: The Handbook of Metric Gears.

In addition to the over 3,700 metric gears detailed, this 528-page catalog contains a comprehensive technical reference section entitled “Elements of Gear Technology”. The topics covered include the principles of involute gearing, gear dimension calculations, the definition of backlash, plastic gear design, elements of gear accuracy, principles of surface contact, methods of lubrication and methods for noise reduction. The product section includes detailed specifications of the complete offering of off-the-shelf Spur gears, Helical gears, Screw gears, Ratchets & Pawls, Gear couplings, Worms & Worm Wheels (Standard & Duplex), Ring gears (Internal & External), Involute splines (Internal & External) , Racks (Straight, Helical & Flexible), Miter gears (Straight & Spiral) and Bevel gears (Straight & Spiral). These 3,700+ products are offered in sizes from module 0.5 thru module 10, in materials that include alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum bronze, brass, cast bronze, nylon, and acetal.

In conjunction with the print catalog, all 3,700+ metric gear items are detailed on the Web site The Web site offers free downloads of dwg, dxf and 3D CAD drawings of each product as well as an eStore for 24/7 365 orders placed online. Quality Transmission Components, 125 Railroad Avenue, Garden City Park, NY 11042-5416 Phone: 516-467-6700 Fax: 516-328-3343

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