Lock-in mechanism for “L” compact cabinet.

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One of the most important factors for a mobile application is to ensure that the drawers don’t open when moving the cabinet. It is crucial that the drawers stay in the closed position, but that they remain easy to open when required. The lock-in mechanism will keep your drawers in the closed position while offering indispensible security for users. The lock-in mechanism for your compact “L” cabinet is a security accessory that should be considered for applications where cabinets are mobile or located on an uneven floor. The lock-in mechanism is easily activated and allows technicians to efficiently move their cabinet in total security. At Rousseau, we are preoccupied with your security, that’s why each and every one of our mobile cabinets is sold with a security mechanism. You have the choice between the lock-in mechanism and the central locking mechanism. The lock-in mechanism for cabinet drawers provides added security and is the perfect accessory for any mobile application.

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