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Regardless of your environment, we know how to optimize your space so that you can improve your performance and earn a return on your investment in your various departments. Warehouse : Our robust SpiderĀ® shelving units can be adapted to all your needs, as a result of the large variety of accessories available. As a result of the diversity of sizes available, they can be adapted to all buildings. The space available at heights will, for its part, be recovered through the use of our multi-level shelving unit. The addition of modular drawers can serve to recuperate up to 70% of your floor space. And the Mini-Racking system will facilitate the storage of the largest boxes. Our workstations can be reconfigured as a result of the numerous accessories available in order to be adapted to your needs as they evolve. Service vehicles: The mobile vehicle teams will appreciate the easy access to tools and parts, thanks to the practical and user-friendly systems that can be fixed to the vehicle walls and the floors. Our shelving unit accessories, such as shelve fronts, spool holders and doors, reduce the risk of falls and breakage during movements. With our accessories, which can be used to adjust compartmentalization as your needs change, at any time, everything finds its own place. The modular cabinet with drawers makes it possible to store small items and prevent accidents; the lock-out mechanism prevents the drawers from closing on their own when the vehicle is not level and the lock-in mechanism prevents the drawers from opening when the vehicle is operating or not level. Distribution centre: Personnel movements will be reduced significantly since you will be able to store more parts in the same space. In fact, with the combination of industrial shelving, the modular drawer and the Mini-racking system, you can make the most of our system and create the ideal work environment. The Rousseau workstation system and its accessories will also help you attain an optimum performance. Opt for the Rousseau solution. Offer yourself the best!

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