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Our storage systems will satisfy the needs of all your departments. Machining shop: The mobile toolboxes can be used to transport your work surface wherever it will be most useful to you, while being safe and very flexible. The Rousseau cabinet and the modular drawer integrated in the shelving unit can be used to store your tools adequately and keep them close at hand. Moreover, the storage system for numeric control tools has been specifically designed to ensure maximum protection for your tools during common operations, transportation and storage. Assembly lines: We offer you a flexible system that will enable you to quickly and easily organize and reconfigure your work area. Moreover, the multi-purpose stand can be used to keep all the most commonly used parts near the conveyor so that you can have a wide variety of accessories close at hand in order to optimize personnel performances while reducing movement to a minimum. Dissipative tables and accessories are also available for work with electronic components that require additional protection. Parts store: Our SpiderĀ® Mini-Racking system can be used to store small and large parts alike in a single system. By adding drawers, you can recuperate up to 70% of your space; it will also be easier to find parts with our compartmentalization and identification accessories. Maintenance and repair stations: With our highly ergonomic tables, you will be able to work in the best possible conditions. Moreover, when you need to repair equipment on site, our mobile cabinets, which can be personalized to suit your tastes, will be very useful; and our multi-purpose structure and its numerous accessories are available to help you organize your work area efficiently. Finally, our cabinets equipped with protection against electrostatic discharges will be very useful when it comes to handling electronic components safely. We offer a wide variety of products designed for the most diversified needs your industry may encounter.

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