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Parts store : The shelving unit with drawers can be used to store the contents of six standard shelves in a single Rousseau unit. It can be used to store small parts and those with a quick turnaround in the same unit. There is place for larger parts in our shelving and Spider® Mini-racking systems. We have numerous accessories to help you create a personalized storage system as well. Specialized racks : Our vast array of specialized racks satisfies the needs of motorized equipment dealers when they need to store batteries, tires or various parts. This will help you reduce the possibility of lost or broken parts. Service counters : Rousseau offers excellent service counters so that you can store many items within reach, in drawers as well as on shelves. Our cabinet counters are ideal for small parts, office supplies and items with a high turnaround. Service and maintenance : Our toolboxes, which are highly appreciated by technicians and mechanics, are flexible and have a distinctive look. Trying our toolbox means adopting it! Moreover, whether you are looking for a basic workstation – fixed or mobile, with or without storage – or a more complete workstation, our personalized solutions are adapted to suit your needs, your requirements and your budget. Various accessories are available to make your technicians' work more pleasant and efficient. "5S" storage & Lean Manufacturing : Our storage solutions satisfy "5S" standards intended to ensure better organization and a functional work environment. With our drawer accessories and our perforated panels, you can create a personalized solution. Each tool has its own clearly identified place, making it easy to find. Employee morale and working conditions will be improved, while useless expenditures of time and money will be reduced.

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