New locker

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St-Jean-Port-Joli, QC – On February 29 Rousseau added to its wide range of workstation products for automotive technicians with the launch its new storage locker. A leader in industrial storage, Rousseau designs and manufactures versatile products that respond to the needs of consumers. The new locker is further proof of this. Spacious and adaptable, it can accommodate shelves, brackets and hooks inside the deep and narrow unit. The pale gray interior and glossy paint ensure good interior visibility so items can be easily identified. Shelves can be adjusted every 1 inch for optimizing storage space. Interior brackets support rods which can be used for hanging clothes. The insides of the doors are perforated to accept hooks for hanging small items. The locker doors also have small holes to provide ventilation for anything stored inside. Rousseau's new locker is available in a variety of dimensions. Three widths (12", 15" and 18") and three heights (48", 76" and 80") are available. It is also possible to have one or two lockers per unit. Like all Rousseau products, this new storage locker is a genuine solution to the daily needs of consumers. For more information about this product, visit

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