Axle End Pulse Generator and Speed Sensor Systems.

News from Smith Systems, Inc.


AVAILABLE SOON from Smith Systems, Inc. Smith Systems, Inc. is presently developing Axle End Pulse Generator and Speed Sensor Systems. Systems will be available with single or dual channel speed probes. Maximum protection will be designed into cable configuration. Our standard dual and single channel sensor designs are qualified to European and North American mass transit standards for EMI, vibration and mechanical shock.

Smith Systems’ sensors are an accepted standard for many transit OEM and aftermarket applications. Call or e-mail us to discuss customizing options for your applications.

About Smith Systems:

Smith Systems, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer of sensors for speed, motion and temperature, as well as controls, custom instrumentation, cabling and harnessing associated with these devices. Our capabilities range from commercial standards (found in assembly and process machinery), to the high reliability devices used in aerospace applications, to durable products for reliable performance in harsh environments.

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