Lock out the risks and free your performance in a single movement

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Stäubli has invented active safety. Now a single movement is all that is needed to guarantee your safety! Simpler to use, more convenient to handle, even safer and more reliable, the latest in the range of Stäubli quick connectors for compressed air circuits has all these qualities, plus one: innovation ! Simplicity and safety combined in one Internationally renowned for its innovative and high performance solutions in the field of connectors, Stäubli is innovating with new technology dedicated to efficiency and safety. A single movement by the operator automatically triggers three actions: . closure of the upstream circuit . decompression of the downstream circuit . automatic disconnection of the plug as soon as the pressure falls low enough. Applied to quick connectors for compressed air circuits, this revolutionary technology contributes actively and reliably to the safety of work stations and personnel in all workshops. RSI connector: the new arrival in the circuits Developed to cover industry's needs in widely differing sectors, the new range of Stäubli safety quick connectors combines the following advantages and achievements: ? absolute safety by pressing just once ? a swivelling button and a 360° rotation version, to suit all requirements and adapt to all work configurations ? ergonomical design to follow all your movements ? materials that are both light and strong, to reduce musculoskeletal problems while providing long service life With the RSI range, movements become safer and more efficient. ? perfect tightness, a guarantee for controlling costs and energy consumption ? faultless conformity to the standards in force ? simplified identification to prevent mistakes in installation or use The new Stäubli connectors are very strong and easy to integrate into your processes. They will play their part in your successes for many years. Our new range of Stäubli connectors is available now. There is a place waiting for it in every workshop striving for safety and efficiency.

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