Stäubli Quick Couplings: A Natural Choice for Thermal Management Applications

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An expert in quick connection of fluids and power supplies, Stäubli offers an extensive line of quick connector systems with a proven record of reliability and performance. Standard and specialized products cover a range of industries including wind energy, electronic cooling, laser cooling, medical equipment, military ground vehicles, airborne radar/electronics, data centers/server farms and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT). A number of attributes make Stäubli’s quick couplings highly effective in thermal management. Highly robust and durable, they can be relied upon to retain their integrity over many thousands of connection cycles. Quality materials play a large part, offering high resistance to corrosion. In particular, seal materials are selected for compatibility with cooling fluids and system attributes. When weight is a factor, lightweight construction materials are an option. Safety is also a key differentiator. Dry break, non-spill design keeps fluids and gasses in the system, preventing them from escaping into electronic cabinets, maintenance spaces and the environment on connection and disconnection - even in challenging environments and operating conditions. Low pressure loss is coefficient across the quick connect/disconnect process. Features such as built-in blind mate couplings with connection guiding and misalignment compensation make the couplings exceptionally easy to use. All are ISO certified and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) registered. Contact: MACALISTER, Megan Marketing Manager (864) 486-5430

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