Stäubli Robotics Announces cUL Listing for its Robotic Line

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Duncan, SC -- March 13, 2007 – Stäubli Robotics ( manufacturers of innovative and technologically advanced industrial and cleanroom robots, announces today the receipt of the cUL listing for its TX series robotic line. This approval certifies that the robotic arms and controllers are in compliance with both Canadian and U.S. requirements as set forth under UL 1740. This covers the TX series of 6 axis robotic arms and several versions of the CS8 controls platform with the RS SCARA being listed soon. This certification category covers robots, integrated work cells, programmable production equipment, remote sensing equipment, robotic servo power supplies, and similar equipment. This equipment has been investigated with respect to risks of electric shock, fire and injury to persons as set forth by standard UL 1740. These requirements cover robots and robotic equipment rated 600 V or less and intended for installation in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70. Since end-use installation of a robot and robotic equipment may vary for each user application, guidelines for end-product installation may be evaluated to the applicable sections of ANSI/RIA R15.06, Standard for Industrial Robots and Robot Systems-Safety Requirements. In addition to UL 1740, these robots also comply with CSA Z434-03, and the US and Canadian National Electrical Codes and NFPA 79. The decision to seek compliance was a direct result of our commitment to meet the latest US and Canadian product safety standards. “This certification process further reinforces our dedication to meeting and exceeding our customers needs with innovative and reliable products”, says Gerald Vogt “Robotics Division Manager”. Today, Stäubli manufactures a complete range of 4 and 6 axis robots from .5kg to 230kg payload, and from 220mm to 3200mm reach, all controlled from a single common PC based controls platform. About Stäubli Robotics Stäubli Corporation is an international privately held group, founded over 100 years ago in Switzerland, employing over 3,500 worldwide with an annual sales turnover of 1 Billion Euros. Robot production is centered south of Geneva in the French Alps, with facilities across Europe, North and South America and the Far and Middle East. In 1980, Stäubli Group made the strategic decision to diversify into robotics, beginning with the affiliation of US Company Unimation (a pioneer in industrial robotics). It launched the large SCARA RS robot range in 1987, acquired Unimation in 1988 and launched its RX range of robots in 1992. Today with the addition of the new RS series due to a recent acquisition of the Bosch Rexroth SCARA robot line, the newly developed TX series, and RX heavy payload robots, Stäubli has the broadest robot line on the market. Thousands of Stäubli robots have now been installed worldwide and the company currently boasts 32 sales and service subsidiaries in 24 countries and agents in over 50 countries. For additional information contact: David ARCENEAUX Business Development & Marketing Manager Stäubli Robotics Visit for more information on the company and products.

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