New Constant Force Spring-Powered Reels from SDP Offered in Steel or Delrin Housing

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New Hyde Park, New York - New constant force arbor-mounted spring-powered reels from Stock Drive Products (an ISO 9001 manufacturer) stocked in Steel or Delrin housing. They are designed for use in any application requiring a smooth and steady force for retracting or returning, such as in door and drawer closers, clamps, counterbalances, cabinet and furniture components. They are also used as magazine feed drives in vending machines and assembly line machinery.

Identified as the A 3Z53-ML and 3Z54-PML Series, they offer high stress and long deflection which offer significant advantages when used in applications where low or zero gradient is desired, where limited space is a factor, where large extensions are required and where high initial force at initial deflection is desired. The cable consists of 7 x 7 construction, preformed galvanized Steel and is Nylon coated. The 3/32" diameter cable is available in cable lengths ranging from 60" to 123".

Detailed technical specifications are contained in SDP Catalog 790, available free upon request from Stock Drive Products, 2101 Jericho Turnpike, P.O. Box 5416, New Hyde Park, New York 11042-5416. Phone: 516-328-3300 Fax: 516-326-8827

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