ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. has promoted these products / services:

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. -  Bonded and Dry Film Lubrication on Most Metals

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA professionally applies dry film lubrication coatings (Xylan®, Molykote®, Ilag, Teflon®, Fuchs, Henkel), onto metal parts. The coating is long lasting and eliminates the use of grease or other external lubricants. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Dry Film Lubricaton on Armatures and Plungers

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA works with all coating material manufactures (Molykote, Xylan, Henkel, Fuchs) to find the best dry lubricant products for solenoid armatures and plungers. Although PTFE coatings are often requested, MoS2 and graphite products used, depending on the end use. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Coated O-Rings and Seals with PTFE or Silicone

The latest developments in dry-lubrication coatings combined with the most modern application techniques, and the long term experience of a highly motivated coating team enable us to apply coatings based on PTFE, Silicone and Nanocomposites on various elastomers, i.e. EPDM/ NBR/ HNBR/ VAC and Viton. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Dry Film Lubrication on Plastics

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA is specialized in applying bonded dry film lubrication to a wide variety of both thermoplastic and thermoset plastics. Improved installation and repeatability during use are the key reasons for this growing acceptance. Plastics such as POM, PEEK, PE, PP, PC, PA, etc., can all be coated, especially with the use of our Plasma-Bond Technology. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Certified as Licensed Industrial Applicator

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA has been Certified as Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) from Chemours. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Ad-Tech Medical Markings

Ad-Tech Medical Markings - Visual, Durable and Biocompatible (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Medical Coatings Services - Clean Room Enhanced

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA professional applies medical grade coatings for both single and multiple use instruments. Coatings are for electrical insulation, improved installation/use and permanent color markings. Read our brochure to find out much more! (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - PFA Coatings (Ruby Red) for Chemical Protection

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA is a professional applicator of high-build PFA coatings, used for both chemical and corrosion protection in high temperature applications (500°F/260°C). adcoat 33/5000 (Ruby Red) is a product of Chemours. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Halar® ECTFE Fluoropolymers - Coating Services

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA is a quality applicator of Halar® ECTEF coatings, manufactured by Solvay. These are choice coatings for anti-corrosion, chemical resistance and electrically insulating applications in the chemical, filter, automotive, medical and semiconductor industries. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Chemical Protection Coatings

Adelhelm protective coatings protect tanks, stirrers and pipes from being damaged by chemicals. Fluoroplastics are particularly suitable as chemical protection, due to their chemical resistance and thermal resistant properties. We achieve coating thicknesses of up to two millimeters with fluoropolymers such as E-CTFE (Halar®), ETFE, FEP and PFA (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Wear Protection Coatings

Signs of wear affect components in almost all branches of industries. Seamlessly sprayed polymer coatings with a low coefficient of friction protect and conserve your components. FDA-conformant coatings are available for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the component geometry, coating thicknesses of approximately 200 µm to several millimeters are possible. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Corrosion Protection Coatings

Corrosion damage reduces the lifetime of metallic components. Coatings made of resistant fluoroplastics effectively protect your surfaces. According to the task, we recommend against corrosion fluoride plastic coatings made of E-CTFE (Halar®), ETFE, PFA, FEP and epoxides or non-fluorinated plastics such as polyamide, polyethylene or PEEK. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Nonstick Coatings

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA, formally Quality Coatings, Inc., has been applying high quality nonstick coatings for over 25 years.  Working in detail with coating manufacturers, Adelhelm LubriCoat determines the best coating to meet their customer’s performance expectations. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Noise Reducing Coatings

Noise can be caused by the paring of dissimilar materials, such as metal, plastic, leather and elastomers, often causes noise through movement and even micro-movement.  Often noises are generated by stick-slip caused by the friction between two surfaces.  (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Ilag AG - Preferred Partner

Adelhelm LubriCoat NA has been awarded the "Preferred Partner" status from Ilag AG from Switzerland. (read more)

ADELHELM LubriCoat NA LLC. - Whitford Recommened Coater

Adelhelm LubriCoat has earned the distingished designation of Recommended Coater from Whitford Corporation.

This was given after many years of quality applicaiton of Xylan® and other nonstick materials such as Dykor® and Excalibur®. (read more)