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Abracon, LLC - AK2 ClearClock | 2.5 x 2.0 mm ultra-low jitter XO

The AK2 devices have a superior RMS phase jitter performance of < 110 fs typical (@ 156.25MHz, LVDS, Vdd=2.5V). The dynamic design allows engineers to address both space-constrained and high-data rate system design requirements in networking applications such as PCI Express (PCIe) and optical transceivers. In addition, the third overtone design inherently avoids phase locked loop (PLL... (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ABAR1504-S2450 | 15x4mm 2.4Ghz WiFi/BT PCB Antenna

Abracon's ABAR1504-S2450 is the most compact (15.0 x 4.0mm) cabled 2.4Ghz antenna solution available. It also has a low profile (0.8mm) and a low VSWR (1.63 typical). The device is an effortless, cost-effective design alternative to comparable chip antennas, making it an ideal solution for countless applications. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Chip Antenna Evaluation Boards

Abracon’s chip antennas cover a broad range of protocols, such as 4G/LTE, 2G/3G/GSM, GNSS (GPS, GLONASS), WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LPWA and NB-IoT. The evaluation boards allow engineers to directly plug an antenna into the test equipment or application device to measure its performance without considering the layout details and matching on the end board (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Cellular Antennas for IoT Connectivity

Abracon's cellular antenna collection includes compact ceramic chip antennas, low-profile flexible PCB antennas, and external whip and puck antennas available in different form factors and mounts for easy installation in a broad range of wireless data and industrial applications. Weather-resistant (IP67-rated) and high-performing MIMO antennas are included. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - SMD OCXO Series for High-Precision Clocking

The ultra-low phase noise AOC2012 and AOC1409 OCXOs offer ±10ppb stability over commercial and industrial temperature ranges respectively. These solutions are ideally suited for Stratum 3/3E, cellular infrastructure, base station, test & measurement, switch, router, precision GPS and precision timing reference applications. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - AWCCA Series: 15-20W Wireless Charging Coils

Abracon expands its range of wireless charging coils to target applications requiring 15-20W power delivery with a specific focus on miniaturization. These new package sizes offer a wider selection for designers to choose from and eliminate the need for customized solutions. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Factory-Configurable ASGTX5 XO with 3ppm Stability

Shrinking the footprint to 5.0 x 3.2 mm, the jitter-optimized ASGTX5 series delivers frequencies up to 2.1GHz with +/-3ppm temperature stability for networking and telecommunications applications (read more)

Abracon, LLC - AX3 ClearClock™ 3.2 x 2.5 mm XO with <80fs Jitter

Abracon's AX3 ClearClock Ultra-Low Jitter and Power-Optimized 3.2 x 2.5 mm XO is ideal for the 100MHz to 200MHz frequency range. This next generation of ClearClock™ is designed to meet the needs of compact applications such optical modules, active cables and small networking and storage gear while maintaining the world’s highest data rates in excess of 10Gbps and up to... (read more)

Abracon, LLC - AK5/AK7 ClearClock™ | Power-Optimized & Low Jitter

Abracon's new ultra-low jitter (sub-80 typ.) AK5 and AK7 ClearClock™ XO series are ideal for the 100MHz to 212.50MHz frequency range. These devices utilize a quieter third overtone architecture that avoids phase locked loop (PLL) based multiplication, reducing overall power consumption far below other high-performance XO alternatives. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - AWSCR Miniature Ceramic Resonators

Abracon's AWSCR miniature ceramic resonators are space-saving and robust timing solutions for rugged applications. The devices are ideal for a broad range of rugged designs, including motor control, computing, consumer electronics and industrial applications. The products have low resonant impedance, deliver ±0.5% frequency tolerance and offer an industrial temperature operation r... (read more)

Abracon, LLC - AX5 ClearClock™ 5 x 3.2 mm Ultra-Low Jitter XO

Ultra Low Jitter For Your High Speed Serial Data Link: Abracon's new AX5 ClearClock™ XO in a 5x3.2mm footprint is ideal for next generation networking and RF applications. This series leads the industry in low power consumption while maintaining typical jitter of 125fs, ideal for clocking serial data links beyond 56Gbps. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Tiny But Mighty Timing, RF and Power Solutions

Abracon's new Tiny but Mighty™ collection showcases the best solutions for space constrained applications. Although functional complexity must increase, overall PCB real estate decreases from one generation's designs to the next. Abracon’s family of ultra-compact RF, timing and power passive components provide the smallest footprint while achieving a high functional density. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Low-Profile, High-Current Power Inductors

Abracon's next-generation power inductors: where size meets power. The line is optimized for a wide range of applications from high power automotive and industrial grade to medium power low-profile solutions down to ultra-compact wearable devices and IoT. These inductors enable higher power delivery in smaller footprints while tolerating more heat. Can your design take the heat? (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Antennas Engineered for the IoT

The right antenna makes all the difference. Abracon’s wide-ranging antenna selection supports the top IoT protocols and includes compact, high gain and weather resistant solutions for diverse applications. View Abracon's interactive catalog to find your ideal match! (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ASAKMP - Ultra Miniature 1.6 x 1.2mm 32.768 kHz XO

Abracon's Tiny But Mighty™ ASAKMP crystal oscillator provides the highest accuracy for 32.768kHz achieving +/-10ppm over temperature. The ASAKMP comes in a compact package size and is also available in an industrial operating temperature range (-40˚C to +85˚C). This miniature XO fits well in space-constrained designs and industrial applications. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - AX7 CLEARCLOCK™ - Power Optimized 0.12ps 5x7mm XO

The AX7 ClearClock™ oscillator for next generation networking and RF applications leads the industry in low power consumption while maintaining typical jitter of 119fs ideal for clocking serial data links beyond 56Gbps. The series features the widest factory configurable frequency range from 50MHz to 2.1GHz for this performance class. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Power Optimized MEMS Oscillators

Abracon's new MEMS oscillators are designed for compact, portable and battery-powered applications, and they are ideal for industrial, commercial and consumer applications requiring a high level of durability. These devices are factory configurable with any frequency. An optional standby function that enables battery-life extension is available. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - IoT Optimized Ultra-Miniature MHz Quartz Crystal

Abracon’s new ABM13W Series crystals are ideal for IoT applications requiring the best combination of small size, wide operating temperature, low 5pF CL and low ESR. Market trends continue demanding increased performance and functionality in highly compressed designs. Abracon’s Tiny But Mighty™ crystals provide the smallest footprint while achieving a high functional de... (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ABS04W Miniature 32kHz IoT Optimized SMD Crystal

Abracon’s ABS04W Series crystals are ideal for IoT and wearable applications requiring the best combination of small size, low 4pF or 5pF CL and low ESR. Market trends continue demanding increased performance and functionality in highly compressed designs. Abracon’s Tiny But Mighty™ quartz crystals provide the smallest footprint while achieving a high functional density. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - 32.678kHz Tuning Fork Crystals | ABS07W

The most comprehensive series on the market with the lowest CL and lowest ESR available. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - 32.768kHz IoT Optimized Tuning Fork XTAL | ABS06W

The most comprehensive series on the market with the lowest CL and lowest ESR available. Exceptionally low plating load of 3.0pF, ideal for wearables, wireless, and IoT applications. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Quartz Crystals for Low Power | ABM12W

The most comprehensive series on the market with the lowest CL and lowest ESR available. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Performance Optimized Quartz Crystals | ABM11W

The most comprehensive series on the market with the lowest CL and lowest ESR available. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ABM10W IoT Optimized Quartz Crystal

The most comprehensive series on the market with the lowest CL and lowest ESR available with 0.4mm max height for height constrained designs. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ABM8W IoT Optimized Quartz Crystal

The most comprehensive series on the market with the lowest CL and lowest ESR available. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Iridium Patch Antenna



• High Gain
• Compact Size and Low profile
• Pin with Tape Mount
• Customization Available
• RoHS Compliance (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Automotive and Industrial Grade AIG Crystals

These crystals are ideal to provide timing solutions in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications, such as GPS navigation system, display and audio system, instrument panel, industrial control, automation system, and applications where high reliability is a must. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Wireless Charging Coils

Wireless charging obsoletes the need for galvanic connections on portable devices enabling higher reliability and fully enclosed sealed designs. Delivering up to 20W, wireless charging coils are available in sizes as small as 15mm diameter. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - LAN Transformers

LAN Transformers intended for RJ45 jack applications are compatible with wide a set of Ethernet PHY chipsets supporting VOIP, PoE, PoE+ and PoE++ and data rates including 10/100Base-T, 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T for networking and industrial applications. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - RJ45 Jacks with Magnetics

Abracon offers a broad range of RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics. Custom and standard options support paste-in-hole (PIH), power-over-Ethernet (POE), USB combo at rates up to 10GBase-T. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Automotive & Industrial Grade Crystal Oscillator

Automotive and Industrial Grade CMOS SMD Crystal Oscillator - ASEAIG


• Miniature size and low profile
• AEC-Q200 qualified
• Seam sealed ceramic package assures high precision and reliability (read more)

Abracon, LLC - AST3TQ - Precision SMD TCXO


• Standard LVCMOS Output
• Excellent Phase Noise, Harmonics and Spurious content (read more)

Abracon, LLC - RJ45 Jack, Top Entry, SMT Unshielded, 8P8C



• 8P8C standard DIP Jack
• Compliant with IEEE802.3 standard
• High performance for maximum EMI suppression
• High reliability 750 mating/unmating cycles (read more)

Abracon, LLC - 100/1000 Base-T Single Port LAN Transformer

• Meet IEEE802.3 specification
• Extended Temperature (-40°C - +85°C)
• ROHS peak reflow temperature rating 245°C
• 1500Vrms Hi-Pot (read more)


• Cellular Infrastructure
• Radar Systems
• Test & Measurement Equipment
• GPS Tracking with precision hold-over accuracy
• WiMax / WLAN (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO)

Ultra-precision of ±0.1ppb (parts per billion) requires actively controlling the temperature of the built in crystal. As small as 9.7x7.5mm OCXOs, consume higher power but maintain excellent short term stability (as low as 0.005ppb) for precision holdover. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Ultra-Low Power Real Time Clock Module

This device is designed to reduce the overall system power consumption with its innovative timing and power management features. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Ultra Miniature Ceramic Base SMD Crystal

Automotive and Industrial Grade Ultra Miniature Ceramic Base SMD Crystal

• PPAP ready and supported
• TS16949 certified production lines
• Ultra-miniature size and low profile package: 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.55mm (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Low EMI Toroidal Inductors

ATCA toroid inductors, utilizing high efficiency, powdered iron core, are designed for high power applications where through-hole assembly technology is used. (read more)

Abracon, LLC - Ultra Miniature MEMS Clock Oscillator ASDM


• MEMS Technology by Discera
• Low Power Consumption <10mA
• Exceptional Stability Over Temp. at 40 to +85° C
• Low Cost-Compact QFN Plastic Packaging
• Compact Package design (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ASSVP Series Spread Spectrum Oscillator


• Spread Spectrum LOW EMI Oscillator
• 7.0 x 5.0 x 1.4mm Ceramic package
• Tri-state function
• Suitable for RoHS reflow profile
• Seam sealed ceramic package assures high reliability (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ABL Series Quartz Crystals


• High reliability & Low Cost
• Tight stability & extended temperature
• Proven resistance welded metal package (read more)

Abracon, LLC - SMD 1575.42MHz SAW Filter


• Low insertion loss 2.2dB max
• 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.0mm
• Suitable for RoHS reflow profile (read more)

Abracon, LLC - ABX8X5 Real Time Clock Family

The ABX8XX Evaluation Kit provides all of the tools needed to assess the complete feature set in the ultra-low power AB08X5 and AB18X5 product families. The ABX8XX EVK is designed for easy integration via an I2C or SPI serial interface with microcontroller development kits or with custom boards. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Abracon, LLC:


In her new role, Keller will lead the company’s strategic marketing efforts and guide the expansion of the Abracon brand throughout the industry.


Abracon unveils a major update to the product parametric system on its website. The system searches through part-specific data to provide users with a simple way to narrow thousands of products down to a few part numbers.


The new franchise agreement with Master Electronics allows Abracon to further service key markets, including the industrial, communications and automotive industries, as well as the emerging generation of IoT applications.


Abracon announces the successful acquisition of ILSI America LLC, a market leader of frequency control devices and parent company to the ILSI, MMD, Ecliptek and Oscilent brands.


The global franchise agreement with Symmetry Electronics represents a partnership expansion between Abracon and the TTI Family of Companies.


The annual ERA Conference brings together manufacturers’ representatives from throughout the Americas. Abracon is honored to provide Diamond Level sponsorship.


The one-two combination punch of low power and long range is a breakthrough for IoT applications, and LoRaWAN has performed beyond expectations. The Servet team's recent record-breaking LoRaWAN link delivered data over an incredible 766 km range.


Our newly updated component solutions catalog presents Abracon’s latest lineup of RF, connectivity, power and timing products.


Abracon, LLC (Abracon), The Heartbeat of the IoT®, a leading global manufacturer of frequency control, timing, synchronization, RF, connectivity and power solutions has updated a list of the most common clock frequencies and their applications.


Abracon announces Mtronix Inc as a new manufacturers’ representative in South Korea. This partnership assures additional support for customers in South Korea and accelerates their time to market using Abracon’s leading-edge technologies.


Abracon recently received Avnet’s IP&E China Supplier of the Year award for 2018 in the electromechanical products segment.


Abracon announces A&R Electronics as the company's first manufacturers’ representative in Japan.


Abracon announces Infinity Sales as a new manufacturer’s representative for the Southern California market.


Electronics' industry veteran, Gordon Hunter, joins Abracon’s board of directors. Hunter previously served as chairman, president and CEO of Littelfuse, Inc.