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ACE Controls Inc. - No more hassle replacing solar tracker's dampers

f you installed dampers for your PV tracker site in the last five to seven years, chances are you’ll need to replace them soon. Perhaps they’ve degraded over time or the warranty is expiring. Maybe your maintenance schedule calls for new ones or you’re an MRO buyer looking to add to your inventory. Whatever the reason, replacing dampers can take a lot of time and effort. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Protect Ski Cross Training Machine From Damage

Industrial Shock Absorbers Protect Ski Cross Training Machine From Damage (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Sailplane Flies High With Industrial Gas Springs

A sailplane, or glider, is an unpowered gliding aircraft often used for sport or leisure that relies on currents of rising air in order to soar. Thanks to its aerodynamically streamlined design, a sailplane can fly in a forward direction with just a small drop in altitude.

To change motion, the pilot uses a bell crank to control the sailplane’s glide angle. The angle can be... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Mobile Apps for vibration isolation

Keep it Simple!

In 2014 ACE successfully launched the VibroChecker App. The concept was to create a simple-to-use and self-explanatory mobile tool for the measurement of vibration and shock.

The VibroChecker App is available today in three languages as a free installable iOS or Desktop PC app from the Apple Store.

The VibroChecker PRO is the next logical devel... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Low Freq. Pneumatic Levelling Mounts

Guarantee for accuracy

ACE has a range of low frequency pneumatic levelling mounts under the designations PLM and PAL: they keep high performance and precision machines isolated from vibrations, impacts and force peaks.
The PLM pneumatic leveling mounts serve the purpose of isolating test facilities and high performance machines with their low intrinsic frequency of 3... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - The smart way to lift and lower - Gas Springs

Industrial Gas Springs – Push Type

Anyone who wants to lift or lower loads with control and without excessive strength relies on the industrial gas springs from ACE. These maintenance-free, ready-to-install machine elements, which are available from stock, support sheer muscle power, reliably open and hold.
Available with body diameters of 0.31" to 2.76" (8 to 70 mm) an... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Small dampers refine end product

Rotary Dampers

ACE rotary dampers provide an invisible yet valuable service as a maintenance-free machine element to allow controlled deceleration of rotary or linear movements.
They are often necessary to make careful opening and closing of small lids, compartments and drawers possible. They protect sensitive components while increasing the quality and value of produc... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Effective shock absorption for heavy loads

Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers

The heavy industrial shock absorbers from ACE top off the company's offerings in damping technology. This ACE category gives Designers a choice between self-compensating and adjustable machine elements.
Whichever design is chosen, this type of shock absorber impresses with its robustness and operational readiness wherever heavy loads ne... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Protection for machine designs under any condition

Safety BumpersTop for emergency stopping

The extremely successful TUBUS series from ACE is suitable for emergency stopping, as overrun protection or as end stop dampers. Available in different variations for heavy duty or crane installations, these profile dampers are perfect when loads do not need to be instantly decelerated or when working under extreme conditions.
M... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - New ACE online web store makes buying faster

ACE Controls presents an all new e-commerce web store, making a true one-stop shop for sizing, configuring, and now purchasing the perfect shock absorber or gas spring. All the previously offered tools and resources are still available on the website, including product sizing tools, accessory configurators, tutorials, and a full CAD library with part drawings. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Industrial Shock Absorbers

ACE Controls announces the introduction of the new MC 150H3, MC 225H3 and MC 600H3 industrial shock absorber models offering significantly increased effective weight ratings. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - High Cycle Shock Absorber

ACE Controls announces the introduction of the new SC 300-HC High-Cycle industrial shock absorber for high-speed production equipment. The quick rod-ready time and short stroke translate to faster cycling and gains in production time. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Industrial Safety Hydraulic Damper

ACE Controls brings a uniquely constructed solution to their line of hydraulic dampers. These machine elements are ideal for safety applications in heavy industries such as oil & gas and amusement. Features include adjustability, strong steel outer tube, single or bidirectional motion control, and wear-resistant coating. Reduce wear and downtime, increase machine safety with ACE! (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Heavyweight Series Shock Absorbers

ACE Controls announces the introduction of the newest additions to its Heavyweight Series of miniature industrial shock absorbers, the SC 25, 75 and 190. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - We’ll Size Your Shock or Gas Spring

Need help choosing the right product? Just ask ACE!

ACE products control deceleration, motion and vibration. Our engineered shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration products help you run faster, improve quality and reduce damaging vibration. Contact an ACE application engineer and we’ll size for you. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - SC 190-HC High-Cycle Industrial Shock Absorbers

The new ACE Controls SC 190-HC High-Cycle industrial shock absorbers are ideal for high-speed applications. The short stroke and quick rod-ready time translate to faster cycling for your equipment. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Industrial Shock Absorbers MAGNUM® Sub-Zero

These rugged models will handle extremely low temperatures to -600F (-500C). (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - High-Cycle Industrial Shock Absorbers

Cycle faster and gain production time with SC Series High-Cycle industrial shock absorbers. Designed for high-speed production equipment and capable of rapid repeat strokes. Ideal for packaging industry equipment. Additional applications include: rotary actuators, slides, small and medium robotics, pick and place operations, and more. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - ACE Controls Stainless Steel Shock Absorbers

Made of high quality V4A stainless steel, these durable models are ideal for the food processing and packaging industries as well as medical, marine, electronic, chemical and more. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - TUBUS TC and TC-S Safety Bumpers

The profile dampers from the TC range protect cranes, loading and lifting equipment, hydraulic units and much more. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - AAM Rubber-Metal Isolators

AAM All Attitude Mounts are primarily used for isolating light-weight electronic systems and components, as well as off-road vehicles and military applications. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - FFD Rotary Dampers

In comparison to other rotary dampers, the ACE FFD product family does not need any fluid to generate the damping torque, but rather works on the principle of friction. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - MA/ML33 to MA/ML64 Industrial Shock Absorbers

Adjustable and unique: these industrial shock absorbers from ACE, which can be precisely adjusted both at the front and rear, also contribute towards the success of the MAGNUM series. Equipped with excellent sealing technology, an annealed guide bearing and integrated positive stop, they are robust and durable. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - TUBUS TA Profile Dampers

Very efficient energy guzzlers: the TA profile dampers from the ACE TUBUS-Series are maintenance-free and ready to install. They're made of co-polyester elastomer; a material that only heats up slightly and ensures consistent damping. The TA models absorbs most of the energy at the start of the stroke. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Slow Down to Speed Up with ACE

ACE industrial shock absorbers are an affordable way to slow down moving loads to increase throughput, reduce downtime, increase safety and protect against wear and tear on machines. Learn more. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Isolate Unwanted Vibrations with ACE

Innovative solutions provide ACE customers with the best assistance in isolation technology and vibration isolation. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - ACE Designs All-New Long-Life PET Shocks

ACE introduces an all-new PET shock duty rated to over 20 Million cycles. Ready to make your PET bottle machine run faster? ACE is there for you with the new PET27M shocks. Specifically designed for the two major PET bottle blower manufacturers, these all-new 7000 series aluminum shocks have new seals and improved heat dissipation for longer life at higher temps. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - New Family of Industrial Gas Springs from ACE

ACE Controls has introduced the NEWTONLINE of industrial gas springs whose internal components have been optimized for low friction, consistent operating forces and a long life. ACE’s newest gas springs are designated as ‘GS’ and advertised as NEWTONLINE, they are the height of technology and engineering. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - ACEolator Isolates Vibration

A recent survey showed that over 60% of manufacturers have a current need for vibration isolation and noise reduction technology.
ACE can help with the ACEolator product line which includes source and receiver vibration isolation machine mounts, and custom damping plates.

Contact an ACE application engineer to learn about how to identify low and high frequency vibra... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - SLAB Damping Plates for Shock Absorption

Designed to Absorb Shock Loads and Insulate Vibrations for Machine Tools, Textile Machinery, Crane Rails, Hydraulic Crushers, Presses/Stamping Machines, Air-Conditioning & Ventilating Machines and More. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - VibroChecker PRO Vibration Measurement Tools

New App Turns Apple iOS Devices Into Professional Vibration Measurement Tools

ACE Controls’ new VibroChecker PRO native iOS app turns iPhones and iPads into professional vibration and impact measuring devices, providing users with a high-performance, lightweight alternative to more costly systems.

The original VibroChecker app from Ace Controls uses the... (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Online Sizing Tools

ACE offers online sizing tools to assist you with finding the perfect gas spring for your application! Available online 24/7, we make it easy and quick for you to order exactly what you need based on your input data. (read more)

ACE Controls Inc. - Vibration Measurements App

The "VibroChecker" is a helpful assistant if you are looking for an App for vibration measurements, analysis via FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) or if you are trying to choose suitable vibration isolation for machines, components or systems. With this free App from ACE the globally recognised specialists for industrial damping technology - you can quickly and simply measure vibrations... (read more)

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Formula SAE team of the University of Stuttgart honored by ACE at racing series in the USA


ACE Controls presents uniquely constructed damper for industrial applications.


ACE Controls, a leading supplier of deceleration and motion controls, has launched a suite of engineering tools related to industrial shock absorbers, vibration control, gas shock size and safety. These tools are part of a new website relaunch.