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UL Recognized MG High Temperature Lead Wire is insulated with reinforced mica tapes or mica glass composite over the stranded conductors and covered by fiberglass overbraid impregnated with a high temperature finish.

Type TGGT Lead Wire - 250°C (482°F)

TGGT High Temperature Lead Wire is insulated with Teflon tapes over the stranded conductors, followed by two layers... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Electronics Cooling

Electronics cooling is different from most industrial applications. Acrolab supports the electronics cooling sector with multiple products and services. We can work with your team to supply thermal services and components for your electronics cooling applications. Whether you are spreading heat or trying to remove it altogether.

There are many options when looking at how to assemb... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Coil Heaters

Demand for our coil heaters has been increasing continuously among emerging markets such as form-fill and seal packaging, top seal packaging, rubber injection molding, liquid heating, electric heating process assemblies and medical equipment. This style of heater can be manufactured to almost any shape and size you require. They are typically rectangular in cross-section and can handle a... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Cartridge Heaters

These type of electric heating elements are typically used for heated tooling or augmenting heat in molds. We help clients analyze their requirements in order to choose the right cartridge heater specifications. Our engineers review heat up target calculations and recommend optimal wattage, wattage distribution to meet performance objectives. Cartridge heaters can withstand sheath temper... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Band Heaters

Band heaters can be manufactured in almost any standard width and diameter. They are utilized in applications reaching temperatures of up to 760°C/1400°F. There are three (3) main types of band heaters and our design and application engineers can help you determine which is the best fit for your process or application.

  • Mica Band Heaters are cost effecti...
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Acrolab Ltd. - Barrel Heaters

Acrolab barrel heaters are used to pre-heat liquids inside of drums or pails, to make them less viscous. They are very suitable heat sources when heat is required to handle liquids during pouring, dipping, coating or mixing operations.Barrel heaters are made to brace a drum externally and they are easily installed and removed when needed.

Standard Barrel Heater

They... (read more)


Electric heating elements are used in many different types of industries and applications. Their ability to deliver thermal energy at a rapid rate under a controlled setting allows for use in a large range of applications. We offer a wide variety of electric heating elements to fit the needs of many industries including; Packaging, Plastics, Composites, Rubber, Agricultural/Food Processi... (read more)

  • Ceramic Accessories & Plugs
  • High-Temperature Lead Wire
  • Thermocouple Extension & RTD Wire
  • Mold Insulation Board
  • Mold Connectors
  • Mold Cables
  • Fiberglass Tape
  • Isopaste
  • Thermocouple Plugs – Jacks – Strips
  • Osco Nozzle Manifold Seal Rings
  • Temperature Control Unit
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We design & build custom control panels to suit your application needs.

CSA/UL/CE Certifications available upon request.

  • Control Panel -2 Zones, 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 15 Amps Per Zone, Quick Disconnect, Multipin Connectors.
  • Module Control Box -12 Zones, 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 15 Amps Per Zone, Quick Disconnect, Multipin Connectors, AB Point I/O.<.../...
(read more)
Acrolab Ltd. - Packaging & Sealing Systems

Acrolab supports the Packaging & Sealing Systems industry with multiple products and services. Depending on the types of processing methods implemented in your packaging and sealing application(s), thermal management of the process is typically one of the most important considerations in achieving a successful outcome. The lack of uniform heating along the sealing surface will jeopar... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Plate & Strip Heaters

Strip or Plate heaters can be manufactured in almost any standard width and length. They are utilized in applications of temperatures up to 1400°F. (read more)


Explosion Proof Fixed Element RTD’s are for use in U.S. and Canadian hazardous areas. They are designed to extinguish flames inside the device eliminating the potential for ignition of ammable mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere. FM and CSA approved assemblies, dependent on connection head type, meet XP Class I, Division 1, Group A, B, C and D; DIP Class II, Division I, Groups E... (read more)


Acrolab’s ISOPLATENS® deliver high levels of thermal stability to many kinds of applications that involve heated or cooled steel or aluminum plates. ISOPLATENS® can be designed for electric, oil, water, or steam heating/cooling. These technologically advanced platens utilize an engineered bi-level array of ISOBAR® heat pipe super-thermal conductors to redistribute energ... (read more)


Core pins can sometimes be the bottle neck for a tool cycle time. Acrolab manufactures core pin Isobar® heat pipes that allow the core pin the capability of cooling at very high speeds. By incorporating a cooling tail, the core pin has the ability to cool and/or heat the entire core pin quickly and uniformly. Acrolab can supply and install to suit your requirements. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters Electric Process

Acrolab can assist you with your split sheath cartridge heater needs. From supporting you with design, recommending wattages, to supplying the heater itself. Acrolab has over 65+ years of thermal engineering expertise to ensure your design is optimized for your application. Our engineers have designed exclusive multizone control "split heaters" into tooling which has never been done befo... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermocouples & RTDs

Acrolab's high quality thermocouples and RTDs are suitable for plastic injection, medical/pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy, agricultural, oil and gas, automotive and general industrial applications. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Isobar® Heat Pipe

Isobars® are super-thermal conductors and have the capacity to transfer large amounts of energy at high speeds. This energy can be either hot or cold Isobar® Heat Pipes have the capability in some applications to move energy 250X faster than copper. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Electrical and Mold Connectors [4000 types]

Acrolab Ltd. is an official stocking distributor for Epic-Contact Electrical connectors. The Epic range of products includes more than 4000 electrical connectors commonly found in the injection molding industry. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - The Isobaffle™ - Finned Heatpipes

Specialty heatpipes, Isobaffles™ allow the mold designer greater flexibility for positioning cooling lines in locations remote from complex core and cavity inserts, thus simplifying tool design and eliminating seals required to prevent coolant leakage. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - The Isostep™ - Custom stepped heat pipes

Acrolab manufactures a unique stepped heatpipes, the Isostep™. These unique stepped heatpipes are designed to get into difficult and challenging geometries.

Widely used in composite molds and dies in the medical industry the Isostep™ has many other uses where uniform intimate thermal connection energy transfer is required. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Mold / Tool Insulation Board

Whether it is to insulation your tool for coolng for heating Acrolab's mold insulation board can be cut to shape or supplied in full sheets. Sheet thicknesses can range and full sheet sizes are typically maximum 4ft X 8ft.

Our insulation board not only protects the tool thermally but also physically. Most clients would ranther have a damaged insulation board on the perimeter of th... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermocouples, Thermcouple Wire

Call the Acrolab Order Desk today!

· 1 800 265 9542 Toll free in North America

· 1 800 465 9674 Fax

· 519 944 5900 Direct

Acrolab currently supplies thermocouples, and thermocouple wires used to monitor the internal temperature of precast and poured in place concrete. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Resistance Temperature Detector RTD Assemblies

Acrolab's Resistance Temperature Detector RTD Assemblies utilize wire wound platinum elements and are of the "filled tube" or "MgO" construction, providing long operating life in high vibration and/or temperature applications. Acrolab offers standard and custom manufactured temperature sensors that are suitable to any industry. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Acrolab Heating & Cooling Mold Design Systems

Acrolab's amazing Isobar® Heat Transfer Systems solve the challenges of translating design to the manufacturing process when utilizing today's more advanced materials (which increase product life) for the manufacture of more intricate and complex medical equipment molding applications. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Stoner Products: Mold Sprays, Rust Inhibitors

Acrolab is the Master Distributor of Stoner Products for CANADA. We offer a complete line of Stoner products - Mold releases, rust inhibitors, lubricants Meets all Clean Air Act Regulations and contain no CFCs, or Class I (ozone depleting) chemicals. Better yet, they contain no methylene chloride. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Plastic Welding

There are many technologies used today that can weld plastic. Choosing the right one for your application is key to quick cycle times and good part quality. Acrolab supports the Plastic Welding process with multiple products and consultation services. We work with you and your team on thermal management services and components for your plastic welding applications. (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Pultrusion Processing

Acrolab supports the Pultrusion processing sector with multiple products and services. Many clients contact us for thermal consultation for their pultrusion applications. We work with you to provide thermal management services and components for your pultrusion processing challenges. Since all client needs are unique Acrolab’s technical experts work hand-in-hand with your team to e... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Aluminum & Magnesium Tooling

Acrolab supports the Aluminum and Magnesium Injection processing sector with multiple products and services. Cycle time, heating and cooling is key for these applications. Our clients have unique applications and Acrolab’s technical experts must work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure the application is clearly understood. We work with you to supply thermal management services a... (read more)


Acrolab’s trademarked ISOMANDREL® is an enhanced mandrel which can replace your current mandrels. This exclusive technology is demonstration of an internal process, within the mandrel, which enhances its thermal conductivity and thermal reactivity. The process permits heat to be applied in a localized concentration that is then rapidly and homogeneously redistributed ove... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. -  Filament Winding

Acrolab supports the Filament Winding sector with multiple products and services. Most clients contact us for support with their filament winding applications because of the choice to either implement an oven for a specific new product build or because of thermal Filament Winding issues. We can work with your team to supply thermal management services and components for your Filament Win... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Composite Tooling

Acrolab supports the composite tooling industry with multiple products and services. Depending on what type of process you are running, thermal challenges can have a significant impact on the outcome of the final product. If you do not have a consistent and uniform cure your final product will be jeopardized. Acrolab can supply complete thermal system solutions to run your tooling and wi... (read more)


For the past four decades, Acrolab has established a strong relationship with a diverse group of clients around the world, in industry sectors from automotive and aerospace to energy and telecommunications. We have been involved in developing disruptive, as well as next-generation technology solutions assisting our customers in resolving thermal management challenges, increasing their pr... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Research and Development

Acrolab has a diverse and comprehensive database consisting of thousands of application solutions that have aided our customers in resolving thermal management processing challenges, increasing their production rates and their bottom line. Acrolab will become an invested partner with your R&D team from start to finish, providing a detailed framework for project scope and completion.... (read more)

Acrolab Ltd. - Thermal Simulation

Acrolab has been providing thermal engineering expertise to our clients for more than 65+ years. We are experts in thermal tooling management and can assist by supplying thermal simulations for your heating and cooling challenges. Our engineering team can recommend, consult, design, and simulate a solution that fits your application and requirements. Check us out to find out more. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Acrolab Ltd.:


This first posting on the News site will deal with the issue of why is heat transfer important in the curing of composite structures and the processes that produce them.


SPE - Acrolab will be showcasing its latest technologies at this year’s ACCE. The SPE Automotive and Composites Divisions jointly sponsor the annual Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE).


Acrolab Ltd., a world leader in advanced thermal engineering R&D and manufacturing of innovative products for energy transfer and engineered heat transfer and cooling systems, has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management System.


CAMM- Acrolab will be showcasing its advanced technologies as part of the CAMM Pavilion [Canadian Association of Mold Makers] CAMM Mold Making Trade Show Co-locating with Plast-Ex 2011


SME - Acrolab sales and engineering teams will be attending this show. The Composites Manufacturing 2011 conference is designed to provide cutting edge knowledge on composite applications, processes and best practices.


SPE - This event features a wide variety of topics relating to thermoset molding and related manufacturing processes. Peter McCormack, Global Technical Sales Manager of Acrolab will be attending this year’s TOPCON in Chicago.


Acrolab has adopted various social media to reach a wider technical audience. Additional technical presentations and news updates can also be found on LINKEDIN, SLIDESHARE, FACEBOOK and INFORMOUS. Regards, Peter McCormack,Global Technical Sales Manager.


Access the latest tecnical presentations from Acrolab on the ACROLAB CHANNEL.


ACMA - Acrolab Technical Presentation - "Innovative Composite Materials and Manufacturing Processes". Joseph Ouellette, Chief Technical Officer of Acrolab will be presenting at COMPOSITES 2011. 03:00 PM - 04:45 PM Thursday, February 3rd 2011


SME - Pre-recorded Webinar: The benefits of various heat pipe and thermosyphon-based heat transfer methodologies used in various composite molding and processing applications.


SAMPE - Tuesday 2:25PM October 6 2010 - Salt Lake City, Utah Joseph Ouellette, President and Chief Technical Officer of Acrolab discusses filament winding relative to a new breakthrough methodology for out of oven curing.


GLOBALSPEC - Plastics & Plastics Fabrication October 6, 2010 From the convenience of your desktop visit with ACROLAB at the Virtual Trade Show. Joseph Ouellette, President/CTO, John Hodgins, CEO and Peter McCormack, Global Technical Sales Manager.


ACCE - Speaker Joseph Ouelette revealed Acrolab Inc.’s (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) inductive heating method for filament winding mandrels.


PCM EXPO - SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 Quebec City Canada Join Peter McCormack, Global Technical Sales Manager and Pascal Archambault, Quebec/Eastern Canada Territory Manager for an Eng/Fr presentation on Acrolab's new Isomandrel technology.


CANADIAN PLASTICS MAGAZINE - Article in featuring Acrolab's breakthrough filament winding technology.


WINDSOR STAR NEWSPAPER - Acrolab expects to see best-ever sales in July At a time when many area businesses are fighting to keep their doors open, a small Windsor company expects to have its best-ever sales month in July.


CW MAGAZINE -- Innovation in the aisles On the show floor, CT staffers spied a number of new product developments. Filament winding innovator Acrolab Ltd. (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) showcased new technology.

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