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Adhesive Applications has promoted these products / services:

Adhesive Applications - Aerospace Tape That Goes Above and Beyond

Adhesive Applications' S1001-1 and SP590 silicone adhesive tapes are expertly engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry and various substrates. These lightweight tapes excel in extreme temperatures ranging from -100°F to 500°F.

Our SP590 polyimide tape meets ASTM D5213 type 1 item A for electrical insulation & dielectric applications and 94VTM-1... (read more)

Adhesive Applications - High-Quality Polyethylene (PE) Foam Tapes

Ready to experience the difference? Try our Polyethylene Foam Tapes now and discover a new level of adhesive excellence!✨ (read more)

Adhesive Applications - NO Primer Bonding Solution

Introducing our NO PRIMING bonding solution, SA1911 is the premiere double-coated differential adhesive tape. Save time and money without sacrificing quality! (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Hot Melt UV Cured Acrylic Adhesive Tapes

Innovation drives progress, and hot melt UV cured acrylic adhesive tapes exemplify the spirit of innovation in the field of adhesion technology. With their unparalleled combination of strength, speed, and environmental sustainability, these tapes are reshaping the landscape of industrial bonding solutions. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Window Glazing Tapes

In the world of building and construction, some heroes remain largely unseen, yet their impact is undeniable. Among these unsung champions is the humble window glazing tape. While often overlooked, this unassuming adhesive tape plays a vital role in ensuring the stability, efficiency, and longevity of windows in both residential and commercial buildings. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Medical Adhesive Tapes - Adhesive Applications

Adhesive Applications manufactures a variety of medical-grade film and foam adhesive solutions. Our extensive product line is used for surgical drapes, medical devices, bandages, dressings, microfluidics, diagnostics, and more! (read more)

Adhesive Applications - NEW 63 inch Hot Melt Coater

Our NEW 63-inch hot melt coater is ready for business! It's the latest addition to our range of adhesive coating solutions. (read more)

Adhesive Applications -  High-Temperature Heat-Resistant Adhesive Tapes!

In the dynamic and demanding worlds of aerospace, automotive, and electronics, the need for advanced materials is ever-present. One such material that has gained significant attention in recent years is high-temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesives (HT PSAs) (read more)

Adhesive Applications - The Ingenious World of Self-Wound Tapes

In the realm of adhesive solutions, self-wound tapes provide a versatile and efficient option for various applications. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - 7000 PE Foam Tape Series!

Learn more about our 7000 Series Polyethylene (PE) Foam adhesive tape line today! Our adhesive tapes come in various widths and thicknesses to meet the needs of any project.

Feel free to ask questions or request samples for testing before ordering. We are committed to providing the highest quality adhesive tapes! Thank you for considering us as your adhesive tape manufacturer. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Automotive OEMs and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Adhesive Applications provides products that meet the requirements of many Auto standards and are listed on multiple OEM specifications as an approved supplier/product. For example:

  • Fiat-Chrysler: MS-CC-240 & PF-10773
  • General Motors: GMW14124
  • Ford: WSS-M15P45-C

Adhesive Applications also provides products that meet the requirements of many... (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Headliner Tape in the Automotive Industry

Adhesive Applications has a variety of headliner tapes, but our most popular is the X16013 5mil low VOC acrylic transfer tape. The high adhesion bonding values and low VOC characteristics are highly valued by Automotive OEM’s. This product is available in single-liner and double-liner format. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Scrim Reinforced Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive Applications will be manufacturing rubber-based adhesive hot-melt and UV acrylic hot-based adhesive scrim tapes soon on our NEW state-of-the-art hot-melt coater. Our portfolio of adhesive offerings will be complete and we can offer many different product constructions using our scrim-reinforced tapes. We will leave it up to you, the customer, to bring your ideas for applications... (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Silicone Transfer Tapes - 1 to 5 mil thicknesses

Our silicone transfer tapes are particularly popular with customers seeking high-end, durable tape solutions. The medical and electronic industries are some of the fastest-growing industries that use our silicone transfer tapes. With a thickness range spanning from 1 mil to 5 mil, our silicone transfer tapes offer unparalleled adhesion and versatility.

We proudly offer a comprehen... (read more)

Adhesive Applications - PE Foam Rolls and Tapes - Adhesive Applications

Having our own PE Foam company for vertical integration enables Adhesive Applications to provide vast and unique foam tape solutions. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Adhesive Applications in Aerospace

Adhesive Applications’ S1001 and SP590 series of silicone adhesive tapes are engineered for the demands of aerospace and a variety of substrates. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Automotive Tapes: On Spec - X16013 and 400 Series

From headliner to dashboard to under the hood, Adhesive Applications addresses the requirements of the automotive and OEM market. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - SA1911 - Primerless Silicone/Acrylic

Introducing our new PRIMERLESS bonding solution, SA1911 is the premiere double-coated differential adhesive tape. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Adhesive Tape: Made in USA

The world of adhesive tape manufacturing is constantly evolving, driven by the pursuit of innovation (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Discontinued PSA Tapes and Need Replacement?

Have your PSA Tape Products been discontinued with no replacement available? You're not the only one! (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Silicone Transfer Tapes

Looking for a Silicone Transfer Tape? Adhesive Applications has a variety of transfer tapes in 1 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil, and 5 mil thicknesses! Contact us today for a sample! (413) 527-7120 or info@adhesiveapps.com (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Double Coated Silicone Adhesive Tape - S5005DC

S5005DC is a Double Coated Silicone Tape with Two Liners. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - 5 Mil Silicone Transfer is Back!: S1005

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Performs in extreme temperatures
  • UV resistant
  • Passes (score 0) Primary Skin Irritation per ISO 10993-10
  • Passes (score 0) Cytotoxicity per ISO 10993-5
(read more)
Adhesive Applications - Electrically Conductive Silicone Transfer Tape

SCT20 is an electrically conductive silicone transfer tape designed for demanding electronics, aerospace, medical, and high-temperature applications. It is primarily used for EMI/RFI applications, ESD pads, and flexible circuits. The unique silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) conducts electricity through the z-axis of the adhesive. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Supplying Those Who Keep Us Safe

From coating ballistic fabrics that improve safety and comfort to providing adhesive for protective cases and inserts that secure important combat equipment, Adhesive Applications is an industry leader behind many of North America’s military, tactical, and defense bonding solutions.

There is hardly an industry that we do not serve, with expertise in medical, biotech, aerospa... (read more)

Adhesive Applications - 282 - Golf Grip Tape

It’s time to regrip your golf clubs! Product 282 is excellent for mounting golf club handle grips due to its moderate tack and excellent dead load shear properties. Comprised of a high-quality, double-coated saturated crepe paper, it can be hand torn and is recommended for applications where some tack is needed for bonding, lamina... (read more)

Adhesive Applications - AMF32 - Skin Contact Adhesive Tape

Need a strong, moisture-resistant adhesive tape to adhere to the skin for up to 48 hours? ⏱ (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Double Sided Tape

Double sided foam and film tapes. Various grades of PE foam with aqueous acrylic, solvent rubber & acrylic and differential coated adhesives for appliance, auto, electrical/electronics, window fabrication, shower & bath, truck/trailer/RV, P.O.P. and plastic molder/extruder applications. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Graphics Tape Solutions

Adhesive Applications offers an extensive line of adhesive tapes, foams, and films for the graphic, point of purchase, and specialty print industries. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Appliance Tape Solutions

Adhesive Applications offers numerous tape products for use in consumer and commercial appliance manufacturing. Appliances that use our adhesive tapes include washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Electronics Tape Solutions

Adhesive Applications provides adhesive tape to the electronics industry for a variety of devices, including automotive, medical devices, appliances, smartphones, computers, tablets, monitors, displays, cameras, TVs, and more. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - HVAC Tape Solutions

We offer a complete line of foam tapes as well as single-sided, double-sided, and transfer (unsupported or scrim-reinforced) products that complement our extensive duct gasket line. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Door & Window Tape Solutions

Our Glazing and Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) tapes create a seal between the insulated glass panel and window or door material, preventing air, water, moisture, and dust from entering. Typical applications include internal, structural, and window glazing on vinyl, aluminum, and wood (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Building & Construction Tape Solutions

Adhesive Applications offers a large selection of tape products engineered for high performance in demanding applications associated with the building & construction, door & window, and HVAC industries. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Automotive Tape Solutions

Adhesive Applications addresses the needs of the automotive market, including OEMs, converters, and component suppliers, with our high-performance adhesive tape systems ideal for under the hood, in-cabin, and exterior automotive applications. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Medical Tape Solutions

Adhesive Applications manufactures a variety of medical-grade film and foam adhesive solutions. Our extensive product line is used for surgical drapes, medical devices, bandages, dressings, microfluidics, diagnostics, and more! (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Aerospace Tape Solutions

Our adhesive tapes designed for aerospace perform well in extreme conditions and are commonly used for bonding, vibration, mounting, and masking applications. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Glazing Tapes

Single and double-sided foam glazing tapes offer weather-resistant seals for window fabrication. Tapes are constructed with closed cell PE foam in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 inch thickness, available in white, black and gray. The acrylic adhesive system provides resistance to temperature extremes, excellent adhesion to low surface energy substrates, and good long-term aging characteristics. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - SP590 – Polysil Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape

PolySil™ SP590 is a polyimide single-coated silicone that offers optimum electrical and thermal insulation performance. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Polyethylene (PE) Foam Tape

Adhesive Applications manufactures and supplies a wide selection of PE foam tapes for a variety of applications. Available as single or double-coated as well as a wide range of firmness, density, thickness, and color options. (read more)

Adhesive Applications - Very High Bond Acrylic Tapes

Structural Grade Very High Bond Acrylic Tape Systems are designed to provide high bond strength on a variety of substrates. Replaces mechanical fasteners in appliance, auto, sign, graphics, skin to frame assembly, window muntin bar attachment, and other manufacturing applications. (read more)