Airmar Technology Corporation has promoted these products / services:

Airmar Technology Corporation - Mobile Weather Data in the Toughest Conditions

AIRMAR Technology's line of ultrasonic WeatherStation® Multisensors delivers accurate, reliable weather data within a rugged, compact and maintenance-free design that’s free of moving parts. An internal compass and GPS enable the measurement of theoretical wind speed and direction on dynamic platforms, making these durable all-in-one sensors ideal for hyper-local weather on-the... (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - SmartBoat system manages all onboard sensors

AIRMAR's NMEA 2000® certified SmartBoat system is a groundbreaking vessel-management solution for all marine-sensor protocols and network types. It offers a configurable sensor interface, supports most sensors and protocols, and provides remote discovery, management, programming and wireless features. Equipment, protocol-conversion device, cabling and labor costs are significantly re... (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Wide-Beam, Chirp-Ready Transducer for Anglers

TM165HW high-performance, transom mount 600 watt, Chirp-ready transducer delivers more detailed returns of fish and baitfish targets over a greater area to freshwater and inshore anglers under their boat. (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - AIRMAR Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation

AIRMAR® Technology Corporation is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of groundbreaking ultrasonic transducers and sensor technology. Since its inception in 1982 by President Stephen Boucher, Airmar has grown from a niche transducer business to a distinguished forerunner in ultrasonic sensor technology, e... (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Robust 1 MHz Ultrasonic Flow & Velocity Transducer

AIRMAR Technology's low-profile 1 MHz ultrasonic transducer is ideally suited for in-pipe liquid flow monitoring systems to measure flow and velocity rates. Featuring a robust PEEK housing, the 1 MHz is ideal for aggressive environments, such as wastewater and fuel, and is offered in various diameters with and without threads. (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Airmar's Bluetooth Enabled Multisensor for Marine

DST810 transforms how sailors and power boaters receive data and calibrate speed. (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Foulfree™Airmar® Certified Transducer Coating*

Any marine growth or fouling on the face of a transducer can reduce sensitivity, decreasing bottom-echo returns and fish target intensity. (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Chirp-ready Transducer for Commercial Fishing

AIRMAR® Technology Corporation announces their CM510L Cavity Mount Transducer, a 3kW Chirp-ready transducer with low frequency (25-50 kHz) chirp capabilities. (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Offshore Weather Monitoring

Proven Performance in the Harshest Environments

Weather impacts every aspect of operations for offshore platforms, ships, and in ports. Rapid changes in weather and sea conditions make monitoring of both meteorological and oceanographic parameters a critically important part of ensuring safety, while also maintaining operational efficiency.

Reliable environmental mo... (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Airmar Cavity Mount Commercial Fishing Transducer

AIRMAR® Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic transducers and Chirp technology, is pleased to announce their CM510L Cavity Mount Transducer, a 3kW Chirp-ready transducer with low frequency (25-50 kHz) Chirp capabilities. (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - Airmar's Long-range Ultrasonic ART15 Airducer

AIRMAR® Technology Corporation has introduced their ultrasonic ART15 Airducer®, an air transducer for long-range level measurement of both solids and liquids. (read more)

Airmar Technology Corporation - AT120 Ultrasonic Level & Proximity Air Transducer

Airmar’s 125kHz AT120 ultrasonic air transducer is a critical component in the development of measurement systems for liquid or solid levels, automation control, proximity sensing & obstacle avoidance. AT120’s rugged PVDF housing provides lasting durability on equipment such as asphalt pavers, agricultural machinery, water/wastewater systems, and in chemically aggressive... (read more)