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Alpha Moisture Systems has promoted these products / services:

Alpha Moisture Systems - SADPmini2 Dewpoint Meter for General Applications

The revolutionary SADPmini2 Portable Dewpoint Meter manufactured by Alpha Moisture Systems sets new response speed, accuracy, and repeatability standards. It is the perfect instrument for spot-checking dewpoint and trace moisture measurements in gases, dry compressed air, and dry rooms/chambers. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Accurately Measure Moisture w/Portable Sample Sys.

Watch this quick overview video from Alpha Moisture Systems on how to use the PSS Portable Sample System with the SADPmini2 Dewpoint Meter to measure moisture (Dew point) in gases and air accurately and quickly. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Moisture Generator w/Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Alpha Moisture Systems offer solutions from a simple proportional mixing moisture generator to sophisticated turnkey solutions, including a computer-controlled moisture generator, desiccant drier, chilled mirror hygrometer, touch screen interface and proprietary software with the capacity to calibrate up to ten instruments simultaneously. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Air Sampling Vacuum Pump for Portable Hygrometer

The Air Sampling Vacuum Pump provides a portable dewpoint hygrometer with the required airflow to obtain an accurate moisture measurement of a controlled atmosphere or chamber (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - How to measure dew point in Hydrogen

In various industrial processes, the precise measurement of moisture content is of paramount importance to ensure product quality, safety, and operational efficiency. This holds particularly true in applications involving hydrogen gas, where even trace amounts of moisture can lead to corrosion, degradation, and compromised performance. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - How to measure dewpoint in compressed air

Compressed air is found in most manufacturing facilities. Here is a typical application example for how the AMT or PDT Dewpoint Transmitters connected to either the DS1200 or DS4000 dewpoint displays can be installed into the process line to continuously monitor moisture (dew point) levels. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - How to measure dew point in Nitrogen

Nitrogen generation is increasingly used as an alternative to bottled gas in high-demand applications. Onsite generation can offer greater flexibility, reliability of supply and economic advantages.
To monitor the quality (moisture/dewpoint) simply install a dewpoint hygrometer at the end of the process line. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Portable Dewpoint Meter for Hazardous Applications

The SADPmini2-Ex is certified Intrinsically Safe to IECEx, ATEX, and cULus for use in hazardous areas and with potentially explosive gases. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Measure Moisture Levels Accurately in Gases/Air

The Alpha Moisture Systems AMT-Ex and AMT online dewpoint transmitters offer accurate and continuous monitoring of trace moisture levels in gases and dry compressed air, ensuring optimal process control. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Compact dewpoint sampling systems for gas and air

The AMSS Custom Compact Dew-point Sampling Systems are the simplest and cost-effective solution to measure moisture (dewpoint) content in a continuous gas or air flow, and are designed, manufactured and distributed worldwide by Alpha Moisture Systems to suit your exact application requirements. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Model CMH Chilled Mirror Hygrometer accurately measures the dewpoint of a gas by cooling a mirrored surface. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Flameproof Exd Dew point Meter for Ex Zones

The DS4000-Exd-AMT-Ex is an advanced online dew point meter designed for hazardous applications. It measures trace moisture in gases using the ultra-high capacitance AMT-Ex Dewpoint Transmitter. The flameproof enclosure and intrinsically safe transmitter are certified for explosive atmospheres under ATEX and IECEx and suitable for zone 1. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - PSS - Portable Sample System for Dewpoint in Gas

The PSS Portable Sample System, used in conjunction with the SADPmini2 & SADPmini2-Ex Dew point meters is designed to pre-condition a gas sample to measure the moisture (dewpoint) content between the range of -110 °C to +20 °C (-166 °F to +68 °F) dewpoint. A compact, user-friendly design, and quick connection option by means of a stainless steel braided hose, see pict... (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Compact Dewpoint Sample System for Gas and Air

With 30+ years of expertise, we engineer tailored solutions for moisture (dewpoint) measurement needs across many industries. From natural gas to dry compressed air, our systems ensure optimal sample conditioning for the sensor for accurate and continuous measurements. Offering a range from simple to complex designs, all our sampling systems are easy to install and operate. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - SS-NGH - Natural Gas Dewpoint Sample System

Introducing the SS-NGH Natural Gas Dewpoint Sample System. Designed for Natural Gas sampling. Standard or custom made, easy installation, and compact. Features particle filtering, pressure and flow control, manual valves for process and auxiliary inlets, moisture/dewpoint sensor with hygrometer display for accurate readings. Sample dewpoint measurements at line pressure. (read more)

Alpha Moisture Systems - Moisture Generators & Turnkey Calibration Systems

Moisture Generators and Calibration Systems are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards by Alpha Moisture Systems in the UK. We have been dedicated to trace moisture measurement and calibration excellence for over 30 years and remain world leaders in this highly specialist area through continuous investment and innovation. (read more)