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Amp-Line Corp. - High Frequency Digital Voltage and Current Meters

The new 3.5-digit high frequency digital current meters manufactured by Amp-Line Corp. can measure high frequency current up to 20K Hz. The new 3.5-digit high frequency digital voltage meters can measure high frequency voltage up to 50K Hz. – Contact Amp-Line Corp. at or (845) 623-3288 for detail product information. (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - HF-A Series Wideband Power Amplifier

Amp-Line, The "HF-A" series power amplifiers are wideband, complimentary class AB linear amplifiers with output impedance close to zero ohm. This feature enables our power amplifiers to have the ability to cope with a wide range of dynamic loads. (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - AC Constant Current Power Amplifiers, Amp-Line

Amp-Line, AC Constant Current Power Amplifiers

Constant current sources and amplifiers provide steady output current independent of the load and input power line with variations. Usage of these constant sources and amplifiers include generating magnetic fields, testing and qualifying products such as circuit breakers, relays, transformers, meters, etc. (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - Wideband High Frequency Power Amplifiers

Amp-Line, Plasma power supplies are usually high frequency high voltage output systems. Depending on the specific applications, their output frequency ranges from hundreds of Hz to tens of KHz. (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - High Power Piezo Drivers for Testing

Amp-Line, High Power Piezo Drivers (Amplifiers)

High power piezo drivers are wideband AC power amplifiers with frequencies range from kilo Hertz to tens of hundreds of kilo Hertz. (In some occasions, they are equipped with adjustable DC bias.) (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - Linear Frequency Converters for Manufacturing

Single-phase and 3-phase Frequency Converters

The "FC" series frequency converters are linear circuitry frequency converters. Customers can specify the input-output frequencies and voltage. The output frequency chosen by the customer is a fixed value ranging from 47 Hz to 20K Hz. (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - Complete Test Stations

Amp-Line, We design and manufacture complete test systems (test stations) for our clients. We produce Rate Check, Time Check, Ramp Check, Ultimate Trip, and Voltage Trip test systems using our programmable constant current sources as the core component. Please consult our sales or technical support department with your specific requirements. (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - High Frequency Output Transformers

We manufacture standard and custom transformers for our clients. Most of our transformer orders are custom designs. We will provide quotation upon receiving the following information.

1. Brief Description of Application
2. Primary Voltage
3. Secondary Voltage
4. Frequency Range
5. Output Power

Most of the transformers we make are single phase tra... (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - Custom Power Amplifiers

Amp-Line, Besides providing standard products to our clients, we customize our products to meet the requirements of our clients’ applications. Our professional team understands the specifications you need and partners with you to design a solution. (read more)

Amp-Line Corp. - Multi-Phase Programmable Power Sources

Amp-Line, Our phase angle adjustable multi-channel programmable power sources are either constant current mode or constant voltage mode power sources. They are equipped with functions to adjust the output amplitudes, output frequencies, output phases, output enabled/disabled, open/closed loop control through PC via either RS232 or IEEE-488.2 interfaces. (read more)