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Andantex USA, Inc. - For automatic re-lubrication of racks and pinions

High performance lubrication pumps for re-lubrication of rack and pinion, open gearing, ball screws, chains, as well as linear and rotary bearings. A compact smart design that bridges the gap between centralized lubrication systems and single point systems. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Special design offers easy mechanical solution.

The fixed coil special design offers a very easy mechanical solution.

These devices are particularly recommended when independent torque and speed have to be accurately managed at the same time. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Power Blocks

The most comprehensive range of current regulated Power Supply units for electric brakes and clutches (EMP, hysteresis, etc.) based on microcontroller technology. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Pillow Block load Cells

Our under-pillow block load cells offer unmatched performance even in harsh environments with a 100% stainless steel construction. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Cantilever Full Bridge Load Cells

Andantex’s Cantilevered Full Bridge transducer idlers are designed for accurate, repeatable tension measurement of paper, film, foil and other narrow web materials. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Mini in line Servo Reducers

This range of planetary reducers is designed for use with servo-motors in all kinds of industrial applications with a focus on cutting machines (laser, water-jet, plasma, stone, etc.) and routers (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Materials, hardening or surface coating

Ring Gears

  • Straight or helical teeth
  • Parts in ground and milled quality
  • Materials, hardening or surface coating according to customer requirements
(read more)
Andantex USA, Inc. - Large, made to order gearing solutions

Large, made to order gearing solutions are now available from Andantex, USA, Inc. Ring gears, gear segments, spiral bevel and herringbone gears provide rotary motion to large turntables and heavy duty rotating devices. These gears can be made to customers drawing or designed to meet application requirements (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - New Product: Synchronous Lifting Systems

The Rack Jack is a new range of products that provides simple, cost effective lifting or precise positioning of loads from 180 – 1800 Lbs. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Dedicated to rack & pinion applications.

5 Sizes

  • In-Line or Right Angle arrangements
  • Reduction ratios: 5 to 91
  • Acceleration up to: 1000 in/s^2 (25 m/s^2)
  • Nominal feed force up to: 24,000 Lbs. (105,000 N)
  • Acceleration feed force up to 35,500 Lbs. (158,000 N)
  • Max axis weight up to 200,000 Lbs. (90,000 kg)
  • Max linear speed up to: 6000 in/min. (150 m/min)<.../li>
(read more)
Andantex USA, Inc. - Automatic lubrication system for racks and pinions

Specialized lubrication pumps with accessories and specialty greases for automatic re-lubrication of racks and pinions, open gearing, linear guideways, ball screws, and chain drives. Andantex USA offers two sizes of the Flexxpump with grease capacities of 1500 cc or 400 cc. The Flexxpump units can also be used for lubrication with oil with refillable reservoirs from 500 to 2,000 cc. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. -  Machine Tool Spindle Drives - two speed

The MSD 2-Speed spindle gearbox is designed to extend the constant power range of spindle drive motors and provide high torque at low speed for hogging out steel out titanium and high speed for finish maching aluminum. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - KRPX - A high performance planetary Servo-Reducer

The unique KRPX housing is designed to act as a RIGID MACHINE FRAME EXTENSION. The accessible side mounting offers a cost effective, easy to implement, high performance solution for both linear and rotary axis drives. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Rack and Pinion Drive - Planetary Reducers

DRP+ DualDRIVE & TwinDRIVE includes monoblock housing for universal mounting. DRP+ planetary gearboxes are the dedicated solution to ZERO-BACKLASH rack & pinion and rotary table drive applications. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - MSR- 2 speed VTL Turntable Gearbox

The MSR 2-Speed VTL turntable is a new technology that combines two right angle, 2-speed gearboxes to perform high power turning and precise C-Axis motion for milling. The MSR output pinions mesh with the turntable ring gear. In the turning mode both motor-gearboxes work together sharing the load (50%-50%) and keeping the motor size ½ of a conventional main drive motor. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Industrial Rack & Pinion Gears

The Rack and Pinion System is the primary building block of a linear axis drive. This system consists of a standard range of straight (spur), circumferential pitch, and helical racks and pinions. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Right Angle Drive-Anglgear Inch & Metric Styles

Our standard line of bevel gearboxes are available from stock in both an Inch and Metric Series, single or dual output shafts, 1:1 or 2:1 ratios, and grease lubricated for life and have an operating temperature range of – 65 degrees F to + 200 degrees F ( – 54 degrees C to + 93 degrees C), and all units have completely enclosed & sealed ball bearings. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - For applications that demand precise positioning

The Z-Series product line offers 7 different sizes, 6 model types, and 9 ratios, with various input-output arrangements including solid shaft or hollow bore options, as well as universal mounting capability.

All of these options are made possible by a modular design concept that starts with a cubic housing. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Low wear and long life with no maintenance.

Easy to integrate into any type of system, achieving fast response time, very reproducible slipping torque level, smooth and silent operation, low wear and long life with no maintenance. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - New DGT300+ Digital Web Tension Controller

The newest Digital Controller from MEROBEL combines, in a smart and low profile front face enclosure, the most simple user’s interface with the most advanced technical features.

Designed for both closed loop and open loop tension control, the DGT300+ is the up-to-date turnkey solution for unwinding, rewinding and intermediate tension control applications. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - Magnetic Particle Brakes and Clutches

MEROBEL products include high technology mechatronic components such as ElectroMagnetic Particle Brakes & Clutches, Web Tension Controllers and Electronics.

The most popular range of MEROBEL’s Electro Magnetic Particle Brakes, Through Bore Brakes offers tailored solutions for every need from its 10 sizes and up to 5 different versions for each size. (read more)

Andantex USA, Inc. - minimum backlash & maximum torsional rigidity

The BD unit consists of two jaw assemblies mounted on separate shafts,each supported by two bearings, and enclosed in rugged cast iron housings. This type of construction insures fail-safe disengagement. (read more)

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