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Andover Corporation has promoted these products / services:

Andover Corporation - Join us at the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Show

Join us in Yokohama, Japan at the SPIE 2024 Astronomical Telescope and Instrumentation Show on June 18-20. Discover our latest innovations in optical filters at Booth #: 518. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Andover Corporation Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density (ND) filters are useful in a number of applications such as attenuators for broadband spectral sources, partial reflectors for light balancing applications and for use as neutral beamsplitters. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Chalcogenide Glass: Revolutionizing Defense Optics

Learn how chalcogenide glass as a substrate for optical filters demonstrates unique properties ideal for surveillance and defense applications. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Insights Series: Company, Substrate Polishing/Prep

In Part 1 of our new "Andover Insights" series, COO Mike Tiner gives a brief overview of the company, reviews the basics of optical coatings and filters, and discusses the importance of properly preparing substrates to produce the highest-quality filters. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Insights Series: Coating, Fabrication, Assembly

Join us for the second installment of our "Andover Insights" seminar series, in which COO Mike Tiner talks about Andover Corporation's advanced coating technologies and skilled technicians. Learn how our critical fabrication processes ensure the ideal optical solution for each customer's needs. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Insights Series: "Solving the Puzzle" w/Substrate

Discover the crucial role of substrate selection in optical coating solutions! In our latest installment of Andover Insights, COO Mike Tiner emphasizes the importance of choosing the right substrate size and material for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Insights Series: Considerations and Cost Drivers

In Chapter 4 of Andover Insights, we explore which criteria and requirements of optical filters and coatings affect the cost, and what types of considerations can result in the most effective and durable coatings at the best price point. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Insights Series: Developing the Solution

In this installment of Andover Insights, we look at the process of developing a solution for our customer, from initial triage to final design review. COO Mike Tiner explains how our experts guide you through the key considerations, including substrate selection, manufacturability, and theoretical vs. actual results. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Insights Series: Choosing a Sputtering Technology

In Chapter 6 of our series, we explore and compare the various sputtering technologies used in producing our premium optical filters. Learn about the respective benefits and drawbacks of magnetron sputtering, e-beam technology, and resistance evaporation. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Insights Series: Case Studies & Success Stories

In the final chapter of our "Andover Insights" series, COO Mike Tiner leads us through two fascinating case studies with prime contractors Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Discover how Andover Corporation tackled complex engineering challenges to develop innovative optical solutions for these industry leaders. Watch now to uncover the fascinating engineering behind these successful projects. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Optical Filters for Astronomical Observation

Andover Corporation Is uniquely qualified to produce optical filters and coatings for the astronomy industry. With 46 years of experience, we have designed and manufactured filters for ground-based, airborne, and space borne systems for some of the most exceptional and advanced astronomy projects to date. We are ISO 9001 as well as AS9100 certified, demonstrating our ongoing commitment t... (read more)

Andover Corporation - Andover's Technology Improvements

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, companies must continually maintain and upgrade their technological capabilities in order to hold a competitive edge. Over the last year, Andover Corporation acquired several new top-of-the-line pieces of optical filter equipment, and undertook a major overhaul of an important proprietary tool, in an effort to stay at the forefront... (read more)

Andover Corporation - Optical Filters for Solar Observation

This paper is intended to illustrate the variety of optical filters available for viewing solar activity and how they can improve the precision and value of the data collected. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Motorized Filter Wheels

Andover Corporation's filter wheels are used for a host of applications, including color CCD photography, fluorescence microscopy, and photometry. Two 4" dia, wheels are available: one which accepts six 25mm filters, and one which accepts twelve 12.5mm filters. (read more)

Andover Corporation - IR Gas Analysis Filters

Andover Corporation offers a standard selection of gas analysis filters at popular wavelengths from 2.7µm to 10.6µm. We can also produce custom filters at wavelengths up to 14µm. In the infrared region of the spectrum, bandpass filters are frequently used for gas analysis applications. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Semi-Custom Optical Filters

Andover Advantage: Semi-Custom Optical Filters Ultra-narrow bandwidths narrow as 0.15nm / Broad-band widths (wide as 100nm) (read more)

Andover Corporation - What is an IR Anti-reflective Coating?

Andover produces a non-radioactive dielectric multilayer coating designed to reduce the reflection of Germanium substrates in the infrared. With an AR Coating, reflection is reduced from 36% per surface to less than 1% per surface. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Hard-Coated Narrowband Filters

Andover's first-surface, hard-coat narrowband filters employ magnetron sputtered, hard-oxide coatings deposited on Borosilicate Glass, suitable for high temperature applications. They provide a steep transition from a high, peak transmission to OD4 blocking. Available at wavelengths from 334nm to 1550nm, including all major laser lines and atomic absorption lines. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Hard-Coated NarrowBands for High-Temp Applications

Our first-surface, hard-coat narrowband filters employ magnetron sputtered, hard-oxide coatings deposited on Borosilicate Glass and do not utilize any absorbing filter glasses, making them suitable for high-temperature applications. They provide a steep transition from a high, peak transmission to OD4 blocking. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Bandpass Filters for your Application

There are a number of variations of an optical bandpass filter’s construction, and each has its advantages. Andover offers a variety of options so that you can select the best-suited filter type for your application. (read more)

Andover Corporation - What are Beamsplitters?

Beamsplitters are optical components used to split incident light at a designated ratio into two separate beams. Learn about the various types from Andover. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Andover Corporation Standard UV Bandpass Filters

Andover Corporation offers one of the most extensive listings of standard "off-the-shelf" interference filters in this industry including high-quality UV bandpass filters. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Optical Coating Thin Film Deposition Technologies

An optical thin film coating is one or more thin layers of material deposited on a substrate material suitable for a particular application, which alters the way in which light reflects and transmits. Andover has a variety of optical coating thin film deposition technologies at its disposal, providing customers with solutions tailored to their specific applications. (read more)

Andover Corporation - Custom Engineered Optical Filters and Coatings

Andover Corporation specializes in custom interference filters made to your custom needs and specifications. Great pricing and quick turn around separates Andover from the rest.

AS9100 Certified (read more)

Andover Corporation - Hard Coat or Traditional Soft Coat Filters

Andover Corporation produces hard coat, soft coat . Our hard coat chambers are the newest and most efficient in the undustry, but we havent left our soft coat products nehind. Andover's continuous improvements to manufacturing processes have enabled us to offer equivalent performace in a significantly lower cost soft coat filter for many applications.traditional) and hybrid optica... (read more)