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AON3D - Prevent Common 3D Print Failures

Fabricate your part with the properties you need faster using print process parameters that our 3D printing experts help you tailor to your material’s chemistry. (read more)

AON3D - Materials Selection for Additive Manufacturing

Converge on the ideal material for your application, while also meeting part performance and cost targets, with the help of our materials scientists. Learn about the Open Materials Advantage (read more)

AON3D - Advanced Additive Training

Leap-frog your competition by adding additive manufacturing expertise into your team with comprehensive training geared to your 3D printing needs. (read more)

AON3D - Water Soluble Support Aquasys® 120

AquaSys®120 Water Soluble Support is a versatile support material used alongside engineering-grade thermoplastics and can be removed with warm water.

(read more)
AON3D - Advanced Additive Training from AON3D

Leap-frog your competition by adding additive manufacturing expertise into your team with comprehensive training geared to your 3D printing needs. (read more)

AON3D - The AON-M2 2020 Industrial 3D Printer

The AON-M2 2020 is an affordable, advanced additive manufacturing machine that is designed to repeatably print high quality parts with the widest range of thermoplastics on the market. (read more)

AON3D - Design for Additive Manufacturing

Take your CAD files to the next level and benefit from an additive-first approach with our additive manufacturing designers. (read more)

AON3D - Nylon is Ideal Material for Wide Range of Application of Parts Made With 3D Printer

PA (Nylon) or the polyamides are a thermoplastic family with high strength-to-weight ratio and a low friction coefficient that make it ideal for a wide range of applications. (read more)

AON3D - Achieve Exceptional Strength Using Polycarbonate for 3D Models

Polycarbonate is an engineering-grade thermoplastic that offers exceptional strength, as well as excellent printability and heat resistance. (read more)

AON3D - PEI polyetherimide 3D printed part - No Charge

Also known as ULTEM™ 9085, PEI, or polyetherimide is a versatile thermoplastic used in 3D printing which offers excellent mechanical strength and temperature resistance. Learn about the benefits and request your sample part. (read more)

AON3D - Fight COVID-19 Downoad Face Shield files

AON3D is offering help if you need 3D Printed Medical Supplies to Fight COVID-19? Access Important Resources There are already many sites, forums, and social media efforts organizing people with access to 3D printers to support their local healthcare workers. (read more)

AON3D - Learn How to 3D Print the Strongest Thermoplastics

Join AON3D's 3D printing application and materials experts for an on demand 30-minute session that covers all the key information you need, including: Exciting applications from leading industries already printing parts from PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM™. What sets these three ultra-high-performance polymers apart from other filaments. (read more)

AON3D - 3D Printing the Strongest Thermoplastics

At the top of the thermoplastic pyramid sit three polymers; PEEK, PEKK and ULTEM (PEI) - some of the strongest thermoplastics in the additive manufacturing world. With properties that include incredible strength, temperature resistance and chemical resistances, it's clear why so many engineers across so many industries have looked to these materials for their applications. (read more)

AON3D - Produce high performance components - 3D printing

AON3D's printers support the strongest 3D printable plastics including high-strength, chemically-resistant and flexible varieties. From PEEK - the strongest printable thermoplastic to ABS a high performing economical plastic for temperatures between -20°C and 80°C, AON3D's industrial 3D printer can fabricate ultra high-performance thermoplastics. (read more)

AON3D - High Performance Cost Effective 3D Printers

AON3D formed to fill a massive gap in the fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3-D printing market. “There were two types of 3-D printers: desktop consumer printers that are generally used to make trinkets and toys using a limited variety of weak plastics, and $250,000-plus industrial printers that, while functional, only worked with a limited range of proprietary plastic filaments,... (read more)

AON3D - PEEK is the strongest 3D Printable Thermoplastic

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is the strongest 3D printable thermoplastic in the world and possesses an extremely high maximum operating temperature, allowing it to be used as a direct substitute for metals in many situations. (read more)

AON3D - 3D Printing with Nylon

Nylon (PA – polyamides) covers a semi-crystalline family of polymers that have many applications in 3D printing. Nylon’s high strength-to-weight ratio and low friction coefficient make it ideal for a wide range of applications. (read more)

AON3D - Industrial 3D Printer - The AON-M2 2020

Achieve better mechanical properties for your printed parts with precision thermal control, enabled by an innovative chamber heater design and engineered convective flow path. (read more)

AON3D - 3D Print Ultem, PEKK, Polycabonate and many More

The AON-M2 2020 is a high temperature, industrial 3D printer that can fabricate ultra high-performance thermoplastics. Print larger parts with its actively heated build chamber and large build volume. (read more)