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Autec Power Inc. - APS-MT Plug/Panel Mount Timer

Efficiency on Demand: Enhance your workflow with our versatile Plug and Panel Mount Timers. Take control of your schedules and automate processes with precision. From industrial applications to home automation, our timer delivers convenience and efficiency at your fingertips. Embrace seamless time management and maximize productivity! (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - APS-MA Series Digital Ammeter

Unleash Precision and Insight: Elevate your electrical measurements with our cutting-edge Digital Ammeter. Experience accurate and real-time current monitoring like never before. Gain valuable insights and take control of your power consumption. Empower your electrical systems today! (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - DIN Rail Phase Sequence Relay

Secure Your Power Network: Safeguard your electrical systems with our advanced DIN Rail Phase Sequence Relay. Ensure proper phase sequence and protect against potential damage. Trust in our reliable solution for uninterrupted power and peace of mind. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - APS-OPS Open Frame Power Supply

Unlock the Power: Experience the Freedom and Flexibility of Open Frame Power Supplies. Discover a new level of efficiency, versatility, and reliability for your electronic devices. Embrace the Future of Power! (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - Gallium Nitride Technology

Autec Power Systems offers an extensive lineup of Gallium nitride chargers specially designed for high-speed charging, increased efficiency, and a wide variety of different outputs. This new charging technology is sure to please those looking for a power solution in such a unique application. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - BC2BB SERIES "THE DOC" Battery

“The Doc” (BC2BB Series) is a Two-Bay Battery Charger that features an Input Voltage of DC 5V-12V/2A, an Output Current of 3000mA, and an Output Voltage of DC 4.2V/1.48V. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - WX-C-USB SERIES "THE CORAL" Wall-Mount

"The Coral" a wall mountable wireless charging pad. With 5v/2a input and usb A out with a power rating of 10 watts. Couple this FCC and CE safe charging pad with a compatible usb Edison adapter and you get a fast and safe power mountable charging pad for even the most challenging furniture installations. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - DT-M SERIES "THE DOCTOR" Medical Desktop

‘The Doctor’ falls under the category of Desktop Medical Power Supplies (DT-M series), featuring a Universal Input Voltage of 100–240Vac and an efficiency rating of Level VI. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - DT/WM POE SERIES "THE RAVEN" Wall-Mount Desktop

The Raven is an Industrial Power Supplies unit offering Power Over Ethernet and can be desktop or wall mounted. The unit features 100–240Vac Input, an efficiency Level VI rating, and inlet options of C8, and C6. Input plugs are adaptable to US, EU, AU, and UK standards. With PoE speed between 100Mbps to 10Gbps. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - WM-USBC SERIES "THE CRUSH" Wall-Mount

“The Crush” (WM-USBC Series) is a Wall-Mount Power Adapter with models in Power Ratings of 60W and 87W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - WM-P6-USB SERIES "THE DASH" Industrial Wall-Mount

The Dash (WM-P6-USB) is a USB Wall Mount Industrial Power Supply with 100–240Vac input voltage and an efficiency rating Level VI. The unit is available in power ratings of 3W, 6W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W, 36W, and 48W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - DTXXX-USBC SERIES "THE COSMIC" Desktop

The Cosmic (DTXXX-USBC Series) is a USB-C Desktop Adapter. It features a Universal Input Voltage of 100-240Vac and a Level VI efficiency rating. Available in Power Ratings of 30W and 60W and Inlet options of C6 and C8. Optional Features include USB-C Output Connector and Power Delivery 2nd Edition. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - WM-Q SERIES "THE QUEEN" Industrial Wall-Mount

The Queen (WM-Q Series) is an Industrial Wall Mount Power Supply. The unit has a universal input voltage of 100–240Vac, an efficiency level VI rating and is available in power ratings of 3W, 8W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 30W, and 36W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - WM-R SERIES "THE SQUIRT" Industrial Wall-Mount

Autec offers “The Anchor” to help manage tight spaces. The Anchor is an Industrial Power Supplies wall mount unit that is also available in a Medical Power Supplies grade. It has an efficiency level VI rating, 100–240Vac input, and interchangeable blades, depending on your global location and the angle at which you need the unit plugged in. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - HPN SERIES "THE MARVEL" Specialty High Power

The Marvel (HPN Series) is an AutecFlex power supply in our line of high-power solutions. This series' specifications include 187-277Vac for Single Phase or 3-Phase Options and 277-480Vac for 3-Phase Options 100–240Vac of input voltage and an efficiency rating Level VI as well as a power rating of 3200W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - HP SERIES "THE DYNAMIC" AutecFlex

“The Dynamic” (HP Series) is a high-effeciency power solution offered by Autec as part of our AutecFlex line of products. These High Power Density Models include Universal Input Voltages of 85Vac-300Vac & 208-530Vac, Output Current of 56100mA-125000mA, and Power rating options of 3000W and 6000W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - HPGA SERIES "THE INFLUENCE" Specialty High Power

“The Influence” (HPGA Series) is a Specialty High Power unit specially designed for telecom, network access, and data center applications. This High Power Density PSU features a 100-300Vac Input, an Output Current of 18A-130A, and is available in Power Ratings of 1000W, 1600W, and 6600W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - MPUDC SERIES "THE ARCTIC" Specialty High Power

The Arctic (MPUDC Series) is a DC-DC Brick Specialty High Power unit featuring Cold Plate Technology. Featuring Wide Range Input Voltage of 36Vdc-72Vdc and an Output Current of 12500mA-25000mA, the Arctic comes in power ratings of 350W, 400W, 500W, 600W, and 700W. (read more)


The Nautilus is a Constant Voltage High-Efficiency LED Driver that is made in Taiwan. It features 120Vac-277Vac input voltage and an output range of 100–5000mA. Available in power ratings of 025W, 060W, and 100W. (read more)


The Revolution (L2HCP Series) is a Constant Power LED Driver. This unit features 277-480Vac/347-480Vac Input, and an Output Range of 270mA-20000mA. This high-efficiency unit is available in a metal case and available in power ratings of 96W, 160W, 250W, 350W and 720W models. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - L13WCX SERIES "THE MAX" LED Driver

The L13WCX also known as "The Max" is a quality built aluminum Led Driver for dry or damp location use. Its a constant power driver with an output range of 6600-28000mA.

. (read more)


"The Smuggler" a CE certified constant current Aluminum LED driver with an output range of 350-2100mA. It's a DC-DC driver thats potted and watertight making it a perfect choice for dry, damp, indoor and outdoor operation. With a power rating of 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 watts with 0-10v dimming. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - L3WCD-E SERIES "THE ELEGANT" LED Driver

The "Elegant" a metal constructed constant current LED driver. This Device has a input of 100-277vac and an output range of 500-7500ma. Featuring a dimming capacity with dim to off, Resistor, PMW and 0.5-10 volts. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - L2 HP SERIES "THE ARBITER" LED Driver

This high-power density, metal case LED Driver family is our Constant Current and Constant Voltage design making it unique as a Constant Power LED Driver. The input voltage of these models ranges from 120-277 Vac as well as 347-480Vac. With power ratings offered of 400W, 500W, 600W, 650W and 680W. (read more)


"The Elephant" a linear metal enclosed constant current Led driver. With an input voltage of 120-277Vac and an output range of 250-2000Ma. Current selectable and options for 32, 47, 58 and 82 watts. (read more)


The Astronaut is a Desktop Industrial Power Supply with a universal input voltage of 100–240Vac and an efficiency level VI rating. It is available in power ratings of 090W, 120W, and 160W and is suited for high altitude applications of up to 5000m. (read more)


“The Director” is a DC-DC DIN Rail Mount Power Supply unit. It features a universal input voltage of 9–36Vdc, an output current of 630mA-6000mA, and is available in power ratings of 15W, 30W, and 40W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - DTXXXS SERIES "THE STELLAR" Industrial Desktop

The Stellar (DTXXXS Series) is a desktop industrial-grade power supply suited to power consumer electronics, office equipment, industrial equipment, and household appliances. It features a universal input voltage of 100–240Vac, efficiency Level VI, and AC inlet options of C6, C8, and C14. The Stellar is available in power ratings of 12W, 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W, 60W, 72W, 84W, 120W, and... (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - SPEDN SERIES “THE SPICE” Industrial

“The Spice” is a DC-DC brick power supply with a power rating of 20W, and input voltage of 9–36Vdc; 18–75Vdc, an output current of 834mA-5000mA, and typically runs at an efficiency of up to 90%. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - DTXXXR SERIES "THE NEPTUNE" Industrial Desktop

The Neptune, is a desktop-type industrial-grade high-quality power supply with Level IV efficiency and a range of features including IP68, Waterproof DC Harness and NEMA 5 AC-input Cord and Plug. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - L14WVT SERIES “THE WEST” LED Driver

The L14WVT also known as "The west" is a quality built Metal Led Driver for dry or damp location use. Its a constant voltage power driver with an output range of 4000-10000ma with two power ratings of 96 or 120 watts. Features include flicker free and IP67 operation. Dimming is possible with Triac and PMW. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - LNWCD SERIES “THE NARROWS” LED Driver

The Narrows is a Constant Current high-efficiency LED Driver that is part of Autec's tariff relief line of power solutions. This series features 120Vac-277Vac of input voltage and an output range of 2100–5400mA. Additionally, models are available in power ratings of 90W, 100W, 132W, 144W, 148W and 160W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - COIN CELL SERIES "THE LOOT" Battery

“The Loot” (Coin Cell Series) is a Primary Coin Cell Battery. This Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery features a Nominal Voltage of 3V, a Nominal Capacity of 0.22Ah, 0.6Ah, or 1.1Ah, and an Off-load Voltage of ≥3.2V. Available in various sizes, the Loot features instantaneous short-circuit current and solder tabs (optional) and is suitable for small portable electronic devi... (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - ZN-MNO2 BATTERY SERIES "THE NICKEL" Battery

“The Nickel” (Zn-Mn02 Battery Series) is an Alkaline Zinc Manganese Dioxide battery. Featuring a Nominal Voltage of 1.5V and a Nominal Capacity of 0.5Ah or 2.6Ah, this Primary Battery features protruded positive (+) and flat negative (-) contacts, a metallic foil jacket, and solder tabs (optional). The Nickel is suitable for small portable electronic devices. (read more)


"The Treasure" is a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (LiPO) battery. The battery has an extra long life of five years; letting it run at a nominal 3.67 or 3.7 volts at 11600MaH. Helping this battery remain charged at peak level is overcharge and discharge protection. Help keep your small portable electronics running efficiently in high temps with a charge time in as little as two hours. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - "THE SALVATION" Industrial Medical Battery

"The Salvation" is a UPS Battery Backup Power Supply Unit that is designed for medical and industrial applications. "The Salvation" is designed to provide continuous power in the event of a power outage. (read more)


The Chemistry (LI-ION Batter Series) is a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. It has a Nominal Voltage of 3.65V, a Nominal Capacity of 2.6Ah, and Dimensions of ‍ɸ18.4×65.2mm. Optional features include 2 Hour charge time, Overcharge/Discharge Protection, and Short Circuit Protection. The Chemistry is suitable to power portable electronic devices. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - SPXXXA SERIES "NIGHTINGALE" Medical Industrial

Autec's versatile "Nightingale" series is a set of medical power supplies offered in several form factors. Featuring an open-frame case design, this industrial-grade unit accepts universal input voltage of 90–264Vac and handles output currents of 1360mA-50000mA. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - On-Demand Webinar: Versatile Power Supplies

Autec Power Systems has been in the business of providing power supply systems for over 30 years. In this webinar, we offer comprehensive power solutions, be it plug-in adapters, LED drivers, or custom battery packs and chargers. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - World-Class Power Supply/Power Management Products

Autec Power Systems is committed to delivering world-class power supply and power management products with outstanding customer service and support for our customers and the mutual benefit for our business partners, while providing a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling work environment for our employees. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - LWV Series "Jake" Constant Voltage LED Driver

“Jake” (LWV Series) is a Constant Voltage LED Driver featuring an Input Voltage of 100-277 Vac and Output Range of 0mA-8000mA. Options of Output Voltage include 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 36V, 42V, 48V, 54V, and 105V. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - LWC Series "Elwood" LED Driver

The Elwood (LWC Series) is a Constant Current unit in Autec’s High-Efficiency LED Driver lineup featuring an Input Voltage of 100Vac-277Vac and an Output Range of 350mA-8000mA. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - "THE ANCHOR" Medical Industrial Wall-Mount Adapter

"The Anchor" a versatile 100-240Vac interchangeable blade AC adapter is great for many different applications. From consumer electronics to office, industrial and medical equipment you can count on this level VI adapter to deliver a consitant 36 watts of power output. Designed with space saving in mind this is the perfect adapter for all of your 36 watt needs. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - Revolution Constant Power LED Driver

The Revolution (L2HCP Series) is a Constant Power LED Driver. This unit features 277-480Vac/347-480Vac Input, and an Output Range of 270mA-20000mA. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - L9WCAB Series "The Taxi" LED Driver

"The Taxi" a metal enclosed constant current UL listed LED driver with a power output of 600-2000Ma. With an input voltage of 100-277Vac and power ratings of 54 and 85 watts. A/B two switch three step gives this driver flicker free operation. What more could you ask for from a slim driver than isolated power so you can be without worry. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - LFHCP-PM Series “The Kingpin” LED Driver

The Kingpin (LFHCP-PM Series) is a Constant Current LED Driver featuring an Input Voltage of 100Vac-347Vac and an Output Range of 100mA-1300mA. Available in Power Ratings of 42W and 56W, the unit comes in a metal casing and is UL Listed, Class 2. Optional features include IP20 rating, panel mount - J-Box, current selectable - POT Switch, and dimming: 0-10V, PWM, RX, Dim-to-off. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - LSDCDMPPT Series "The Diamond" LED Driver

The Diamond (LSDCMPPT / LSDCDMPPT Series) is a Constant Current High-Efficiency LED Driver. Featuring 10Vdc-40Vdc Input Voltage and Output Range of 0mA-4000mA, the Diamond is available in Power Ratings of 50W, 100W, and 200W. (read more)

Autec Power Inc. - L2WCP Series "The Striker" LED Driver

With a wide variety of case options and power ratings, “The Striker” is a Constant Current LED Driver that will safely and reliably power your indoor or outdoor systems. (read more)