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Belden Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Belden Inc. - Peer Insights into Industrial Edge Solutions

Capturing and making operational data more broadly available in industrial operations is critical to enabling digital transformation strategies. By utilizing industrial edge solutions to run and manage critical workloads, companies can reap the benefits of new use cases without introducing disproportionate risk, complexity, or cost. Download this InfoBrief paper (read more)

Belden Inc. - How to Track and Improve Network Health

The industry has measured equipment effectiveness for decades. Now it’s time to measure network effectiveness, too. In this white paper you will learn: What Overall Network Effectiveness (ONE) is, the factors that make up the ONE metric, and when and where to use ONE. (read more)

Belden Inc. - New Life for Old Multimode Cabling Systems

As the world uses more video, data and voice over fiber, currently installed multimode fiber may not keep up with demands. Download the white paper to learn (read more)

Belden Inc. - Better Connectivity, Faster Speeds and More Power

Belden Launches New Solutions to Enable Better Connectivity, Faster Speeds and More Power for Mission-Critical Environments (read more)

Belden Inc. - Protection for Industrial Automation Networks

Moving Beyond VisibilityProviding Protection to Industrial Automation Networks. White paper on Secure Industrial OT and IIoT Cybersecurity Networks survey (2023) (read more)

Belden Inc. - How Single Pair Ethernet extends digitalization

Extending Industrial Ethernet Benefits to the Field Level with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) ARC View White Paper (read more)

Belden Inc. - FX ECX Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosures

Belden’s ECX Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosure lets installers take advantage of the wall when floor space isn’t available for a rack-mount system, bringing connections closer to users and devices. (read more)

Belden Inc. - EV: Robust charging station infrastructure

As electric vehicles become increasingly common worldwide, the need for a robust EV charging infrastructure becomes paramount. However, the current number of public charging stations falls far short of demand, with only 5% of US EVs able to charge simultaneously. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Evaluating Industrial Wireless Strategies

Evaluating Industrial Wireless Strategies for Critical Applications. When it comes to wireless options for mission-critical network communications, the primary determinant of success lies not in the choice of a particular technology, but rather the need for purpose-built solutions tailored to the needs of the specific application. (read more)

Belden Inc. - New 4-Channel SMPTE Cable

A multi-channel hybrid cable that allows four cameras to be connected to a single installed cable (read more)

Belden Inc. - Webinar: FMPS for Wireless: Empowering 5G Networks

Webinar: Fault-Managed Power Systems for Wireless: Empowering 5G Networks Aug 15, 2023 11:00am ET (read more)

Belden Inc. - New Industrial DataOps Solutions

Belden Horizon Data Operations and Data Manager address industrial data complexity (read more)

Belden Inc. - New Customer Innovation Center in Chicago, IL

Belden Inc., a leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitization solutions, has opened the company’s fourth Customer Innovation Center (CIC) in Chicago, Illinois. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Enhance Cybersecurity in Automotive Applications

As the automotive industry continues its digital transformation on the move toward Industry 4.0, more data is being generated about workflows, machine health and production time than ever before. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Broadcast Panels & Enclosures

Belden’s Custom Broadcast Panels and Enclosures offer unmatched levels of adaptability in large spaces to manage multiple media outputs. (read more)

Belden Inc. - New Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Connectors

Compact, industrial-grade SPE products that enable the connection from IP20 controlled environments down to IP65/IP67 harsh industrial areas, as well as for tight transportation applications. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Shielded or Unshielded Cable

Shielded or Unshielded Cable: What's the Right Choice? (read more)

Belden Inc. - What to Know About The New Class 4 Systems

White Paper: Class 4 Systems: Taking Power Farther and Higher

Hailed as the ultimate playbook for safe installation of electrical systems, the National Electrical Code® (NEC) is in a constant state of improvement. Updated every three years, (read more)

Belden Inc. - Hirschmann OpEdge-8D

Hirschmann OpEdge-8D Industrial Edge Gateway Devices leverage the latest technologies to unite IT and OT data and make edge computing possible. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Network Access Control Software

The Belden macmon NAC Network Access Control tracks which devices are connected to a network - and where to find them - and supports guest and employee device management. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Save Patch Panel Space with Micro BNCs Connectors

More cabling infrastructure is required and the patch panels that connect incoming and outgoing cables are becoming congested. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Outside Plant (OSP) Indoor/Outdoor (I/O)

Belden outdoor cables help expand the reach of your Category 5e, 6 or 6A networks beyond controlled indoor environments. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Digital Electricity (TM) Class 4 Cable

The industry’s first Class 4 certification from UL, Belden DE cables can support safe and efficient emerging digital power technologies. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Hirschmann Managed Rack-Mount Switches

Highly configurable, high-port count switches that are a cost-effective, future-proof solution to ensuring reliable and secure connectivity of field devices. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Category 6A Cable

Ideal for competitive, open spec projects, as well as wireless, AV, POE or extended LAN applications. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Fiber Cable

Combines quality construction with high levels of reliability to support faster speeds and a wider range of wavelengths. (read more)

Belden Inc. - RailTuff Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber cable designed specifically for enhanced safety and fire protection for railside or roadway tunnel station and signaling operations. (read more)

Belden Inc. - DataTuff Cat 6A High Flex Ethernet Cables

Deliver reliable, robust performance for high-movement applications in harsh environments with tight industrial spaces (read more)

Belden Inc. - One-of-a-Kind OptiTuff™ Mini Fiber Cable

Our revolutionary, one-of-a-kind OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cable utilizes advanced, ruggedized thermoplastic material as a cost-effective, top-quality alternative to traditional metal armored cable. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Planning Now for the Future: Hybrid Edge DC

Planning Now for the Future: Hybrid Edge Data Centers

Nearly everything we do involves the use of a smart device. This reliance on constant communication and connectivity is boosting the amount of traffic being generated and moving us closer to 5G wireless technology—which makes bidirectional (send and receive) traffic a significant consideration. (read more)

Belden Inc. - New Fiber Cables for Harsh Environments

Belden’s extensive line of robust fiber cable products are designed to
withstand the challenges of demanding environments. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Improve Process Efficiency With LioN-X

Improve Process Efficiency: Adjust the IO-Link Master to the fieldbus protocol used for fast and reliable data transmission to your PLC environment (read more)

Belden Inc. - Hirschmann OCTOPUS IP65/67 Managed Switches

Introducing the Managed OCTOPUS 8TX
Now available in compact models, the OCTOPUS 8TX Managed versions provide an ideal solution for a fully manageable switch for mobile applications or cabinet-less installations on machines. (read more)

Belden Inc. - LAN Fiber Splice Cassettes

Belden Pigtail Splice Cassettes are offered in 6 and 12-port LC Duplex. They come preloaded and pre-routed with discrete 250µm color-coded pigtails for individual fiber splicing or can be ribbonized for mass fusion. These splice cassettes come equipped with a splice holder as well as splice protectors for individual fiber splicing. (read more)

Belden Inc. - MarineTuff® fiber cable with bronze braid armor

MarineTuff fiber cable with bronze braid armor from Belden provides high-speed data communication with anti-corrosion armor material. MarineTuff fiber is ideal for offshore oil rig and shipboard applications where ABS approvals are required giving users the flexibility of bronze braid armor and protection against salt water damage. All products listed are also available without br... (read more)

Belden Inc. - Significantly reduce cable installation time

Significantly reduce installation time with Belden’s Copper-Fiber Hybrid Cables, which require only one cable to safely transmit data and power across long distances for applications such as passive optical networks (PON) and distributed antenna systems (DAS). (read more)

Belden Inc. - LAN Fiber Splice Cassettes 6 and 12-port LC Duplex

Belden’s FiberExpress ECX Pigtail Splice Cassettes are now available in preloaded six- and 12-port LC Duplex configurations. They include pre-routed 250 µm color-coded pigtails for individual fiber splicing or can be ribbonized for mass fusion splicing. The splice cassettes also include a splice holder and splice protectors for individual fiber splicing. (read more)

Belden Inc. - End-to-End REVConnect Systems Cabling Solutions

Each REVConnect System includes cable and connectivity designed to meet the needs of demanding applications in use today and those coming tomorrow. These include emerging wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) requirements, such as next-gen wireless access points and in-building small cells. REVConnect Systems are the most reliable, easy to deploy and versatile syste... (read more)

Belden Inc. - FiberExpress Flexible Ribbon Cable

Designed to support the new DCX Optical Distribution Frame system. Relative to cable size, Flexible Ribbon Cable provides the highest connectivity density to make every square foot count. (read more)

Belden Inc. - CAT 6A Patch Panels with Fully Loaded Design

The CAT 6A Patch Panel is a fully loaded patch panel designed to be used within the Belden 10GX System. It features our high-performing CAT 6A connectors specifically designed to meet the difficult challenges of 10 Gb/s transmission. Available in a variety of styles including Belden's AngleFlex design. Pre-loaded panels are available with RJ45 jacks or couplers. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Low Loss ½” Coaxial Cables

Belden Low Loss ½” Coaxial Cables for Wireless Transmission allow building owners to support the growing numbers of people and devices utilizing their networks while providing strong signal strength and minimal interference. In environments where people expect constant uptime with no hiccups or delays, these cables can help boost revenue and satisfaction levels. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Belden's new 10GXW Smallest Diameter Cable

Belden's newest cable, 10GXW, is the industry’s smallest-diameter Category 6A cable designed for smart building and multi-gigabit applications with performance optimized for in-building wireless networks. (read more)

Belden Inc. - REVConnect Pre-Terminated Assemblies

Belden's Pre-Terminated Cabling System delivers rapid deployment coupled with guaranteed performance and headroom without the need for tradeoffs or compromise in performance and reliability.

https://www.belden.com/resources/knowledge/white-papers/pre-term-beyond-dc (read more)

Belden Inc. - 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI

Belden 4K UHD Coax Cables for 12G-SDI maximize 4K signal transmission distance over a single coax, minimizing weight and space utilization compared to multi-link solutions. Full breadth of portfolio allows for flexibility in various applications and environments. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Indoor/Outdoor Stadium Cables

Belden Indoor/Outdoor Stadium Cables feature a CMR rating for indoor riser requirements between stadium levels, as well as advanced water protection, which allows the cables to be used in outdoor, below-grade applications. (read more)

Belden Inc. - 10GX (CAT 6A) REVConnect Wall Mount System

The 10GX REVConnect Wall-Mount System is a very high-density, flexible cross-connect system that meets Category 6A performance when using 10GXS cable terminated with REVConnect Cores as jumpers between user and equipment ports. (read more)

Belden Inc. - New Award-Winning Features in our MPO-Trunks

Industry-leading low-loss MPO trunks are the foundation of Faster, Easier and Better pre-terminated fiber connectivity solutions revolutionizing the data center. Quality is enhanced through exhaustive design validation against TIA standards. (read more)

Belden Inc. - Safety and Security Cables

Safety and Security Cable. A full complement of cables for Access Control, CCTV, Computer Interconnect, Alarm, Fire Alarm and other security applications - complete with water-blocked options for installation in intermittently wet environments. (read more)