CAS DataLoggers has promoted these products / services:

CAS DataLoggers - Help Maintain Stable Conditions for Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry has strict regulatory oversight to ensure that the environmental conditions in production and storage environments are maintained. It is critical to record the environmental conditions during the production and storage of product and securely archive the data while also making it available for quality and regulatory audit.

CAS Dataloggers has created a... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Temp & Humidity Data Logger w/ Graphic Screen

The new Lascar EL-GFX-D2 temp/humidity/dewpoint data logger has a LCD screen showing real-time readings with the ability to store over 250,000 readings. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Model 1110 Lightmeter From AEMC

The new model 1110 Lightmeter from AEMC’s is designed to record light intensity of incandescent, fluorescent and LED sources. It is battery powered, compact, lightweight, and simple-to-use with direct access to all functions. All measurement results are easily accessible on the instrument’s front panel simply by pressing 1 button. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - SwiTrace I-Plug Dry Ice Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is happy to present you the new I-Plug dry ice data loggers from SwiTrace are an efficient and compact tool to monitoring life science and pharmaceutical cold chain shipments. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Model 1227 Thermo-Anemometer from AEMC

The new 1227 Thermo-Anemometer from AEMC shows you results from your temperature, air velocity and airflow measurements by pressing just one button. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Compact Device Captures Vehicle Data in Real-Time

Need to record vehicular data for an automotive application? Influx Technology offers a vehicle data collection solution to capture data from several sources, without any user interaction, for extended periods. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers -  Monitoring Product Temperature in LIfe Science

Do you need an easy way to monitor product temperature in Refrigerators, Freezers and Walk-in Coolers? CAS DataLoggers has an affordable and reliable solution. The Accsense Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin monitoring temperature, right out of the box! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - TDL110 Transport Data Logger from Bosch

The new TDL110 Transport Data Logger from Bosch brings transparency into the supply chain with it's ability to record temperature, humidity and shock. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Novus LogBox Wi-Fi Wireless 3 Channel Data Logger

The LogBox Wi-Fi Wireless 3 Channel Data Logger has 3 univeral inputs that accepts various sensor types with wireless & USB communications interfaces. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - LogBox Data Logger with 3G Cellular Connectivity

The LogBox 3G is the second model in the LogBox Connect family of wireless data loggers. It is targeted at mobile monitoring and remote telemetry applications. Data can be accessed remotely through the Novus cloud or another SCADA application or on a local PC via the NXperience software. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Rugged Reliable Data Logger Systems

Industrial Data Acquisition systems have the ability to scale from just a few channels to hundreds of input channels. Different units can accommodate a wide range of sample rates; from once a second or slower on the low end to sample rates of 100’s of kS/s or faster at the high end.

Not sure what you need? Download our guide on "Choosing the Right Data Logger for your Appli... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Learn 3 Factors in Choosing a pH Data Logger

pH Measurement is very common in industrial processes, plating, wastewater treatment and environmental monitoring. Using a pH data logger to record pH provides information on long-term trends and the impact of various factors along with providing information for quality control, compliance reporting and alarming. However, to capture accurate measurements there are 3 important considerati... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Cleanroom Monitoring with Secure Data Capture

In the pharmaceutical industry, continuous and secure data acquisition and documentation is crucial for production and storage requirements, and also for research and development. Read our Technical paper " Cleanroom Mintoring Systems Keep Pharma Data Secure" to learn on how important secure data acquistion and how cleanroom minitoring systms just operate in compliance with GAMP/GMP guid... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Connect Machines to the Cloud with Expert Devices

The requirements placed on modern data acquisition devices are diverse. Access to measurement data from the internet or the cloud must always be available. Additionally, measurement data analysis needs to be intuitive without a huge learning curve or complex software. Delphin Expert series dataloggers, in combination with ProfiSignal analysis software, meet all these requirements. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Voltage Logger Offers Low-Cost WiFi Solutions

The new cost-effective WF-V voltage logger records eight external voltage sources and has a WiFi module that allows remote data monitoring and downloading from anywhere. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Kit Automatically Monitors Cryo Temps

Increasingly, hospitals and biorepositories are adopting automated technology to help protect their valuable specimens stored in liquid nitrogen tanks. Now Accsense Monitoring offers a time-saving solution—the new Accsense Wired LAN Cryo Monitoring Starter Kit. This new kit includes an Ethernet temperature monitor, sensor, and everything you need to begin monitoring temperature str... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Kit Monitors Temperature for Fridges/Freezers

If you store a perishable Food & Beverage or Life Science product, you probably rely on receiving automated temperature alarms to protect your inventory. For peace of mind, the cold chain providers at CAS DataLoggers now offer the T&D LAN-Wired Economy Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Kit. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New WiFi Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring Kit

New from Accsense, the WiFi Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Kit completely automates temperature measurement, alarm notification, and cloud data storage. With Accsense it only takes a few mouse-clicks to prove your best practices to inspectors and regulators! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Low Cost Wireless Current Data Logger

If you need a wireless device to measure and monitor current, CAS DataLoggers has the solution with the new WF-C WiFi Current Data Logger from Accsense VersaLog. The VersaLog WF-C is an 8-channel, battery-powered, WiFi-enabled current data logger. Available for just $688, these compact solutions are ready to be rolled out for your individual application. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ProfiSignal Web Software

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the release of the new ProfiSignal Web Software from Delphin Technology allows decentralized data acquisition, centralized & storage, & web-based monitoring. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - LogBox BLE Wireless Data Logger

Low Cost Universal Input Logger with Bluetooth Connectivity

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce the new LogBox BLE wireless data logger from Novus Automation. The LogBox BLE is the first model in the LogBox Connect family of wireless data loggers which offer local or cloud-based data management. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ProfiMessage D Data Acquisition System

The Delphin ProfiMessage D Data Acquisition System is the next generation, Industry 4.0 modular data acquisition, monitoring, and control system. A master/slave design makes ProfiMessage D suitable for both small and large applications that require the processing of up to hundreds of channels. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Thermal Sterilization Kit for Bedbug Elimination

CAS DataLoggers has created a simple and effective Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit for use in the elimination of bed bugs using temperature remediation. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Thermistor Data Logger Pushes Data Via WiFi

For wireless temperature monitoring applications, Accsense VersaLog introduces the new WF-TH WiFi Thermistor Data Logger. Now it’s easier than ever to monitor temperature in real time at multiple points! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin Systems for Automotive Test & Control

German manufacturer Jager-ADwin’s popular ADwin Pro-II Data Acquisition and Control system is designed for use in automotive test, ECU test, CANbus applications, test system integration, and more. The PRO-II utilizes an ARM-based Pro-CPU-T12 processor module to deliver the fastest real-time computing power. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Multi-Channel Temperature Monitoring on a Budget

Interlocking Temperature Data Loggers Save Cost

Need to monitor temperature at several points but don’t want to spend a lot of money? CAS DataLoggers has the ideal solution-- the MCR-4TC Graphing Thermocouple Logger from TandD.

This 4-channel temperature data logger operates standalone on battery power and can couple with up to 3 additional units to allow for u... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Wireless Temperature Monitoring Kit for Cryos

Life science samples stored in cryo chambers and liquid nitrogen (LN2) tanks are invaluable to clinics and biorepositories. The new Accsense Wireless Cryo Monitoring Starter Kit is designed for remote monitoring and high-accuracy temperature measurement and alarm in medical refrigerators, freezers, cryogenic storage and incubators. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Portable Solutions Log Data Anywhere!

Ready to be deployed anywhere you need to collect data, Squirrel data loggers from Grant Instruments are rugged, reliable, and portable. Squirrel loggers feature a built-in display and keypad allowing users to configure and then leave them to collect data in almost any application including research, quality assurance, production monitoring, environmental, lab, and m... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Portable Solution Monitors Engine Temperatures

Engineers and technicians need a portable way to monitor heavy equipment during operation, typically engine temperatures. Now CAS DataLoggers together with Grant Instruments has the portable solution! The portable Squirrel SQ2020 series data loggers feature a fully-configurable large graphical LCD display. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Temperature Monitoring of Blood & Plasma Supplies

While many healthcare organizations still use paper chart recorders to monitor blood temperature, this technology is fast becoming obsolete and is no longer supported by many manufacturers. Accsense Monitoring systems have the full functionality users need for monitoring blood and plasma, including alarms and remote access to data. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Manage Your Hospital's Data Digitally

Increasingly the CDC, the Joint Commission, and other healthcare authorities are placing more stringent guidelines on vaccine storage and temperature monitoring. As a result, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies are turning to paperless chart recorders as an easy way to manage their product temperature data. Brainchild Digital Chart Recorders are compact, cost-effective, and feature a wide... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Automation Solutions for Testing Heating Units

The testing of heating units and systems is performed according to a wide range of demanding standards. To achieve this, automation of test procedures and results is required. Automation is easy to generate using Delphin ProfiSignal software, while Delphin Expert Key and ProfiMessage devices are ideal for delivering the required levels of precision. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - DataTaker for Geotechnical Monitoring Applications

The dataTaker DT80G Geotechnical datalogger is an easy-to-configure, cost-effective monitoring system. The DT80G is rugged, reliable and low-power, yet offers extremely versatile features for configuration, communications, data collection and data analysis. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Delphin WWAN Module Pushes Data Via FTP

Delphin’s new WWAN module (UMTS/LTE) gives Delphin Expert devices (excepting only Expert Key devices) new communications capabilities. Now you can push data via FTP, portray measurements online, remotely configure the device, and more. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - dataTaker Goes Wireless with New Series 4 Loggers

Need a wireless way to collect and send data? Bestselling manufacturer dataTaker and partner CAS DataLoggers have partnered to announce the new Series 4 dataTaker data loggers. These next-generation solutions feature Ethernet communications, LCD display, an internal battery, and offer communication options for integrated WiFi and GSM cellular modem! Series 4 features an increased samplin... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Expert Logger Devices Simplify Vehicle Test Applications

To ensure effective automotive testing, vehicle component connectivity needs to include CAN bus systems. Synchronized acquisition of measurement and controller data is necessary to acquire real time data. To accomplish this, Delphin Expert Logger devices are equipped with two separate CAN bus interfaces which include the SAE J1939 protocol. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Wireless Temperature Monitoring Kit for Ultra-Low Freezers

Do you need a wireless device to monitor low temperatures in Ultra-Low Freezers and Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) tanks? Now Accsense Monitoring offers an easy-to-use solution–the Accsense WiFi Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring Starter Kit! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Plug-and-Play Data Acquisition Using a PC

Recording measurement data using a PC requires solutions that are quick and easy to use. This requires data acquisition systems with extremely high resolution, potential isolation, and reliability. Delphin Expert Key devices have all these features and are also equipped with USB and LAN interfaces. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - CAS DataLoggers Offers Compressor Monitoring Kit

Need a way to help avoid costly process delays and shutdowns? CAS DataLoggers has the solution! Our new Compressor Monitoring kit is a single solution which logs temperature, runtime, current consumption and voltage. The new kit also contains probes for measurement, a datalogger to take and store the readings, and built-in software to analyze the data. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Connect Your Process to the Cloud with Delphin

Around the world, many companies are benefiting from the new opportunities and possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). Linking to the cloud is fast becoming an integral part of condition monitoring and process optimization. At CAS DataLoggers we distribute Delphin data acquisition systems in the USA. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin for High-Speed Test and Control Tasks

Manufactured in Germany, ADwin data acquisition systems provide tight nanosecond-level speed for the most demanding test and control applications. Whether users need to control a test bench, a PLC, or an electron microscope, ADwin has the performance to fulfil the highest-precision applications. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Accsense Software

Accsense Software provides customers with a simple, easy to use browser based interface for configuration, real-time and historical data display and data retrieval for all of the Accsense measurement pods. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Ethernet Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring Kit

The Ethernet Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring Kit by Accsense includes everything you need to begin monitoring temperature, right out of the box!

Accsense remote monitoring systems automatically send data to a secure server for storage. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - SwiTrace I-Plug IPST8

The I-Plug IPST8 Temperature Data Logger by SwiTrace continually monitors your product whether in storage or transit, saving you the hassle of having to take manual measurements. The built-in USB interface makes connection to a PC for downloading data a snap so you don't need a USB driver to use these recorders. (read more)

News articles and press releases for CAS DataLoggers:


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting alongside TandD at Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia, March 19-21st.


Now you can view data from Lascar WiFi Sensors on your Android Device!


Jager-ADwin has just released a new version of the ADwin CD-ROM. Version adds more support for MATLAB and LabVIEW, improved cache management, and more. The new ADwin CD-ROM is ready for download at CAS DataLoggers on our ADwin Downloads page.


T&D Corporation has announced that they are discontinuing the TR-81 Wide-Range Temperature Datalogger. This announcement comes as T&D increases support for their next-generation TR-7wf Wireless LAN series of temperature and humidity dataloggers.


Right now CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin is in Puerto Rico exhibiting at CSIA 2016, a gathering of systems integrators seeking the latest monitoring & control systems. Call CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437 and save!


Effective last month, the EPA has enacted a new efficiency regulation concerning wall transformers. In order to comply with this regulation, TandD has changed all of their A/C Adapter model numbers.


If you happen to be in Germany this April, come visit Delphin Technology 25-29 April at Hannover Messe at Stand B51 in Hall 11. CAS DataLoggers offers Delphin systems for industrial applications in industry, labs and more. Call us today at (800) 956-4437!


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition at the Control System Integrators Association CSIA 2016 Executive Conference April 19-22 in Pueto Rico!


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce a newly-improved version of the popular Accsense A2-05 WiFi logger! This new version features a compact 5V power supply, making it even easier to install in hospitals and clinics.


A helpful tutorial from the American Institute of Bakers (AIB) website shows how bakers can use a datalogger to generate oven temperature profiles. Now the AIB offers their free downloadable Baking Process Kill Step Calculator.


TandD Corporation has redesigned the RTR-500A1 External Power Adapter with no change to the unit price. CAS DataLoggers supplies T&D products to businesses and organizations in every industry.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that the popular AEMC PowerPad® III Power Quality Analyzer Model 8333 has just been named a 2014 Product of the Year Winner by Utility Products Magazine!


CAS DataLoggers is proud to welcome an exciting new datalogging manufacturer, Next Industries. Next Industries OMNIALog series dataloggers feature universal input channels that can be used with a wide range of input signal types.


CAS DataLoggers along with T&D Corp. is proud to attend the Pittcon 2015 expo from March 9th-12th in New Orleans, LA. Pittcon is the world’s largest annual premier conference and exposition for laboratory science.


AEMC and CAS DataLoggers are pleased to announce several upgrades to the popular PEL 100 series Power & Energy loggers. The AEMC PEL 102 & PEL 103 are low cost single-, dual-, (split-phase) and three-phase (Y, ?) power and energy dataloggers.


Jager has just released a new version of the ADwin Software CD. Version now includes Kalliste’ software for test and R&D data acquisition applications. Download it from CAS DataLoggers at


CAS DataLoggers is now offering the latest version of HOBOWare software free on our Onset Downloads page at You can also view our selection of Onset dataloggers on our Online Store.


CAS DataLoggers is now offering the bestselling Onset HOBO family of data loggers, priced from just $75 and up. Check out our Online Store at


Every day at CAS DataLoggers we take calls from customers working in every conceivable industry and application. Check out our most-read apps notes of 2014!


Today T&D two NEW Features for its free Cloud-based WebStorage Service. Now wireless datalogger users can switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit in the graph display and can also download data in CSV format directly from the graph displays.


At CAS DataLoggers we have new YouTube videos at walking you through wiring, setup and connection for Accsense monitoring devices.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that T&D Corporation has just released the new Ver. 1.03 upgrade of their TR-700W for Windows software. This new version adds a list of error codes in the Help file for TR-700W data loggers.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that AEMC has just released a FREE Android app for PEL 100 series Power and Energy Data loggers. Download the app from the Google Apps Store at


CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker are pleased to announce the release of the new firmware version 9.16 and dEX v. 1.60.


In a BBC News article released last week, a UK marine R&D institution is funding an ambitious project which is launching a fleet of marine robots!


CAS DataLoggers will be attending this year’s USGS National Water Data Conference held September 8-11 in Kansas City (Marriott Downtown), Missouri.


At the end of this month CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin and Engineering Manager Terry Nagy are visiting Germany for distributor training on the latest data logger products from Jager-ADwin and Delphin Technology.


CAS DataLoggers and Jager are proud to announce that ADwin data acquisition systems are now supporting new visualization software. Kalliste’ is a fully-intuitive visualization software package for test and R&D data acquisition applications.


MIT’s DoppleLab has a video demo on Youtube at Here at CAS DataLoggers we’ll soon be introducing RFID products for applications such as cold chain tracking and FDA regulatory compliance.


At CAS DataLoggers we’ve just put up new videos on our Accsense products. These new videos demonstrate how to wire sensors to Accsense dataloggers, troubleshooting and more, all on our YouTube channel at


This week CAS DataLoggers visits England--Sales Manager Pete Martin and Engineering Manager Terry Nagy are visiting the corporate headquarters of environmental datalogger manufacturer Isodaq.


CAS DataLoggers is at the American Physical Society’s 45th Annual DAMOP Meeting (Div. of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) held in Madison, Wisconsin.


At CAS DataLoggers we’ve added new functionality to our website at to make it easy for you to find a datalogger no matter what your application is.


NBC News is reporting that over 100 people have gotten sick from food poisoning at a national Food Safety Summit held last month at the Baltimore Convention Center.


Japan’s leading datalogger manufacturer TandD has added all-new functions and capabilities to its popular WebStorage Service! Among these improvements, users can now increase the number of data points shown.


CAS DataLoggers is exhibiting again this year at the Control System Integrators Assosciation (CSIA) 2014 Executive Conference in the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to welcome Bill Hoon as our newest Applications Specialist. Bill’s a graduate of Tiffin University with a Bachelors in Finance, coming to us with 7 years sales experience.


CAS DataLoggers is exhibiting at the American Physical Society’s 45th Annual DAMOP Meeting (Div. of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) held June 2-6 in Madison, Wisconsin at the Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce we’re now partnering with UK manufacturer Isodaq Technology to enter the water and environmental monitoring market. Isodaq telemetry & data loggers are ideal for remote site monitoring including GPRS data loggers.


CAS DataLoggers and T&D are back from Chicago and Pittcon 2014, the world’s largest annual laboratory science conference and exposition. Our own Anthony Boyer is back from manning the T&D booth and showing visitors the latest monitoring products.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that Delphin Technology is launching a new version of its popular measurement and automation software—ProfiSignal 4.0. The main innovation in the upcoming release is a powerful integrated webserver.


Japan’s #1 datalogger manufacturer T&D is discontinuing their RTR-5 Series loggers. T&D will soon exhaust its stock of components for production, and when the stock is depleted they will no longer be available.


Here at CAS DataLoggers we’re getting ready for Pittcon 2014, the world’s largest annual premier conference and exposition on laboratory science.


CAS DataLoggers and T&D are pleased to announce that our new T&D MCR-4TC 4-Channel Graphing Thermocouple Loggers are now ready to ship. These new loggers offer easy connection with T&D’s MCR-4V 4-Channel Voltage Logger.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that Accsense users can now renew their Accsense Monitoring Subscriptions online at our Online Store at


At CAS DataLoggers we’re happy to announce we’ve just brought on a new Administrative Assistant. Sheri Bentler comes to us with 15 years’ experience in the administrative assistant field.


Delphin Technology has introduced a powerful WebServer and a practical Trend-App to monitor measurement data live on their mobile devices and access historical data.


CAS DataLoggers now offers the new Accsense Continual Monitoring Kit including our bestselling A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Logger, Compact RTD Probe, a NIST Calibration Certificate, and a 1-year Monitoring Subscription.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce a new software update for our popular Grant Squirrel Universal Data Loggers. SquirrelView V3.8 and V5.1a firmware updates the SQ2010, SQ2020 and SQ2040 Squirrel Data Loggers.


CAS DataLoggers is offering a new firmware update for Series 2 and 3 dataTaker dataloggers including the versatile DT80 and DT85 automated data loggers.


In its recent guidelines for vaccine storage and medical monitoring, the CDC has stated that data loggers are their preferred temperature monitoring method. Is your clinic prepared for an annual survey?


CAS DataLoggers has just provided the temperature datalogger solution for the USDA’S Agricultural Marketing Service. Our Lascar data loggers give the organization an extensive standalone setup that fully automates their data collection.


Do you need to measure current, voltage or another physical or electrical signal? At CAS DataLoggers we’ve recently redesigned our website to make it easier for you to find a data logger with the functionality and software you need.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to celebrate the achievements of our customers! Our Accsense monitoring systems have been in use in America’s hospitals since 2006.


The operation of cleanrooms, pharmacies and laboratories is subject to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations on temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring and particle counts.


CAS DataLoggers and T&D, Japan’s #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity loggers, announce a new feature to the T&D WebStorage Service—a new signal strength indicator.


CAS DataLoggers has now added a new capability to its Accsense Wireless Monitoring Systems which lets users setup automatic reports to be emailed to them or sent over FTP.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that we’re sponsoring and presenting at 2013 PCC (Professional Control Corporation) Oktoberfest on Thursday September 26th in Germantown, Wisconsin.


CAS DataLoggers has added a list of over 20 new countries as call destinations for its Accsense monitoring and alarming data loggers. We’ve extended the international call range to better accommodate new customers from around the world.


CAS DataLoggers and ECCS are proud to announce that the new I-PLUG+ USB Temperature Data Logger has a new way for users to start recording by just tearing a strip. If the strip is broken, that means the datalogger has already been started.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that our Electrocorder Two-Channel DC Voltage and Current Dataloggers are now available in expanded measurement versions.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce we’ve hired an additional Applications Specialist to address an increased sales volume. Tony King comes to CAS DataLoggers as a recent graduate of Ohio State University.


CAS DataLoggers and Delphin Technology have partnered to announce the latest update to the popular Delphin ProfiSignal configuration and analysis software.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that effective immediately, all new Electrocorder data loggers we sell are eligible for a new Lifetime Warranty.


For the week of June 24th, CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin and Technical Support Engineer Terry Nagy will be in Cologne, Germany visiting Delphin Technology.


CAS DataLoggers management is currently visiting bestselling data acquisition system manufacturer Jager at its facility south of Frankfurt, Germany.


CAS DataLoggers has just completed the transition to a new server for our Accsense data loggers, ensuring improved service reliability for our customers who depend on its text message and voice alarms every day to protect their high-value product.


CAS DataLoggers and Jager announce the latest version of ADwin DAQ system software. Released May 8th, Version is ready for download from our ADwin Downloads page and adds many new features.


CAS DataLoggers, your best source for data loggers and data acquisition products, is adding a new phone menu to accommodate increased call volume and to more efficiently direct calls.


CAS DataLoggers and bestselling manufacturer T&D announce the official release of the popular T&D Graph software for data management and analysis.


At CAS DataLoggers, our customers occasionally need to calibrate their own data loggers, so we have added a new video to our website showing how to do this with our popular Electrocorder Single Phase Voltage Data Loggers.


CAS Data Loggers is proud to announce that we’re exhibiting again this year at the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) 2013 Executive Conference on May 1st-4th.


CAS Data Loggers is pleased to announce it has hired a new Administrative Assistant to accommodate its increased customer base. Liz Zala supports an experienced sales team of Applications Analysts ...


CAS DataLoggers has just returned from Pittcon 2013, held March 17–21 in Philadelphia, PA. A longtime exhibitor since 2006, this year CAS DataLoggers set up at the T&D booth to show attendees how to cut costs and save time.


CAS DataLoggers is announcing a new firmware update for the Accsense B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateways. The update resolves a prior issue with corrupted wireless connection when inside areas experiencing large amounts of wireless traffic.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that Mark Elston has just come onboard as our newest Applications Specialist. Mark contributes his extensive sales experience to our team which has a combined 100 years of electrical engineering experience.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce a new upgrade to its SiteView datalogging software for Accsense VersaLog data loggers.


CAS DataLoggers is just back from the world’s largest HVACR event and marketplace. AHR 2013 was the expo’s largest South West show ever, with the latest energy-efficient products and sustainable technologies on display.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce a dynamic new page design to our blogs which can be found under the News and Blogs dropdowns from our homepage at


CAS DataLoggers is proud to name Anthony Boyer as its new Accsense VersaLog Product Manager, responsible for helping customers find affordable temperature monitoring and alarming data loggers for their specific applications.


A new study cited in a recent Los Angeles Times Business section article states that as much as half of all the food produced worldwide ends up as waste every year.


CAS DataLoggers along with high-quality manufacturer T&D is proud to announce they are attending the 65th Annual 2013 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its new low-cost Accsense VersaLog data loggers complete with alarm outputs. Providing high speed, high-resolution measurements, these precision dataloggers are a user-friendly solution for temperature monitoring


At CAS DataLoggers we’re making substantial changes to our homepage to arrange it similarly to our Applications page which features an accessible matrix layout. Now you’ll be able to quickly view the advanced features of all our data loggers.


Data center outages are a common occurrence, but often the causes behind all those error messages go unreported. Turns out that in many cases, these services have just been attacked by…the common tree squirrel! Help keep your data safe!


Need continual alarming and monitoring for your business or organization? Is your project in cold chain supply, manufacturing, or in health services? CAS DataLoggers has now redesigned its website and social media.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that we have now moved manufacturing for our Accsense Monitoring and Alarming Systems in-house to offer our customers a wider range of repair services and more frequent firmware updates.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce the release of a jointly-developed Tsunami Detection System incorporating its own Series 3 dataTaker DT82E system. The ARROW Tsunami Detection System is now pending patent.


CAS DataLoggers in partnership with Novus is pleased to announce an upcoming version of the popular AirGate Modbus Wireless Gateway which will integrate GPRS remote monitoring technology for demanding applications.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce several significant improvements to our secure database for our Accsense monitoring and alarming systems, including a new backup policy which automatically provides a replicated copy of the database.


At CAS DataLoggers, we have the ideal monitoring solution for recording temperature, humidity, current/voltage, or just about any value. Learn about the benefits and specifications of our data loggers and real time data acquisition systems.


Grant Instruments, the world-renowned supplier of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition systems, is proud to celebrate its 60th birthday this year.


CAS DataLoggers has begun the transition to manufacture its unique line of Accsense monitoring and alarming data loggers in its Chesterland, OH headquarters before the end of this year.


CAS DataLoggers has just given out a FREE 16GB Wi-Fi iPad prize as part of its datalogging survey identifying customers' needs and projects. The lucky winner was randomly chosen and the iPad ships this week. Take advantage of our other upcoming events!


Need a temperature monitoring and alarming solution? Involved in manufacturing, life sciences, or cold chain supply? CAS DataLoggers has a great resource for you with our Facebook page which updates you on the newest monitoring products and trade events.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce a major project with SolData, a worldwide instrumentation and monitoring services firm with US offices in Seattle, WA and Cuddy, PA. CAS DataLoggers has provided SolData with dataTaker data loggers.


Beginning this month, CAS DataLoggers and Lascar Electronics will start converting all Lascar data loggers from gray color to a sleek new black. Lascar data loggers record temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and carbon monoxide.


CAS DataLoggers has recently a full-time web administrator to help customers find the best solution for their data recording applications. Sue has worked in the information technology field since 1995, with extensive experience in web administration.


A new Android remote monitoring application is available giving owners of Novus dataloggers total process supervision: SuperView Mobile Lite is now free for download from Google Play. CAS DataLoggers provides Novus products which monitor many values.


CAS DataLoggers is giving away a FREE 16GB Wi-Fi iPad as part of a short survey being sent out as part of an ongoing initiative to identify its growing customer base best present its cost-effective datalogging and data acquisition solutions.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce it has recently contracted with New Brunswick Scientific to supply the new TCA-3 LAN-wired Pod which provides their popular laboratory freezer models with cost-effective automated temperature monitoring.


CAS DataLoggers has just received a major order from a governmental customer requiring automated monitoring for its emergency management efforts. The organization now relies on dataTaker Series 3 DT82E intelligent data loggers.


A recent segment on Good Morning America featured at presents startling proof of widespread negligence in vaccine storage...


CAS DataLoggers has recently returned from its successful exhibition at the 2012 Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Executive Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. This year, the company offered new innovative datalogging products.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce it has recently hired an additional Applications Specialist to better serve customers and address an increased sales volume. Anthony Boyer comes to CAS DataLoggers with 18 years of successful sales experience.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce its new server management and support of the Accsense product line of automated monitoring and alarming systems. CAS DataLoggers now manages the Accsense Rackspace servers and server software.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the recent hiring of a Data Acquisition System Product Manager. manufacturers including Jager and Delphin Technologies.


CAS DataLoggers is now offering customers an in-house temperature calibration service, drawing from many decades of electrical engineering knowledge and experience to deliver highly-accurate datalogging systems.


Electrical contractors, energy audit consultants, facilities managers and industrial and power distribution companies all require an inexpensive solution for their energy and power metering needs.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition at the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) 2012 Executive Conference on April 25th-28th at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that they will once again be attending the Association of High Technology Distribution’s 2012 Spring Meeting, April 11th through April 14th at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.


CAS DataLoggers has recently completed its extensive customer survey across all fields and applications to identify its growing customer base and better offer its economical datalogging and data acquisition solutions.


CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the temperature and humidity monitoring solution to an animal rescue facility dedicated to rescuing and giving a permanent home to an especially large species of tortoises, some weighing as much as 75-200 lbs!


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce it will be exhibiting at the upcoming Pittcon Conference & Expo 2012, the world's largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science.


CAS DataLoggers is now distributing datalogging products from trusted UK manufacturer Electrocorder to provide customers with low-cost electrical logging devices monitoring power and energy usage.


CAS DataLoggers is now offering customers a convenient new user guide from T&D, created to answer the most common issues customers have while setting up their wireless T&D RTR-500GSM Mobile Base Stations.


CAS DataLoggers in partnership with high-quality manufacturer T&D has announced the new release of a beta version of the popular T&D Graph software for data management and analysis.


CAS DataLoggers has returned from presenting at the 2012 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition on Jan 23rd-25th, the world's largest HVAC&R marketplace.


CAS DataLoggers has recently redesigned its website to offer visitors an extensive collection of original applications notes detailing dozens of case studies and examples where CAS has helped customers of all industries.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to report a 30% growth in sales for 2011, and announces its expectations and plans to continue to grow in 2012.


CAS DataLoggers is partnering with high-quality manufacturer T&D to share a booth at the 64th Annual 2012 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition on Jan 23rd-25th at McCormick Place North and South, Chicago, Illinois.


CAS DataLoggers along with high-quality manufacturer T&D are proud to announce their upcoming attendance at the 64th Annual 2012 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce it will soon be offering in-house temperature calibration service to customers, utilizing its wealth of electrical engineering knowledge and experience to offer a complete datalogging solution.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to name Dana Kennedy as its new Product Manager for Accsense, continuing an ongoing commitment to provide customers with low-cost wireless solutions for all their critical applications.


CAS DataLoggers has recently begun an ongoing initiative to identify its ever-expanding customer base.


Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) provide control for industrial equipment used to allocate power, combine chemicals, provide filtration, and many more vital functions.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce the addition of a third administrative professional to accommodate its growing customer base as Megan Besselman joins CAS as an Administrative Assistant.


CAS DataLoggers in cooperation with ADwin is pleased to announce a new release of software for ADwin real-time data acquisition and control systems.


CAS DataLoggers has recently provided the datalogging solution for the State of Alaska's Department of Health and Social Services, providing installation of an Accsense temperature monitoring and alarm system for their new statewide immunization program.


CAS DataLoggers has returned from exhibiting at the 9th Annual Automotive Testing Expo 2011 held late October at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. CAS has been a long-running exhibitor since 2004.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the publication of its latest Data Acquisition & Data Logging Systems Catalog, highlighting sophisticated and cost-effective solutions from trusted manufacturers ADwin and Delphin Technology.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its upcoming exhibit at the 9th annual Automotive Testing Expo 2011 held at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.


CAS DataLoggers has released its latest video showcasing the capabilities and specifications of its powerful ADwin data acquisition and control devices in inventory.


CAS DataLoggers has recently added extra staff support for its successful ‘Live Support’ chat feature on its homepage at, making it even easier for customers to find the ideal data logger for their applications.


CAS DataLoggers in partnership with high-quality manufacturer T&D is pleased to announce the release of the newly-designed Current Readings Monitor software available for immediate download for T&D dataloggers.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition at this year’s AABB 64th Annual Meeting & CTTXPO 2011, held by the international not-for-profit association AABB.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its upcoming exhibit at the 9th annual Automotive Testing Expo 2011 held at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.


CAS DataLoggers has recently extended its regular sales hours to 8am-6pm EST weekdays (8-5pm Fridays) to better meet an increased demand for its wide range of data logging and data acquisition system solutions.


CAS DataLoggers has added a new Live Support chat feature to its homepage at, making it even easier to find the ideal data logger for your application.


CAS DataLoggers has recently placed a full-time technical writer on staff to produce new product announcements, applications notes, and breaking news releases.


CAS DataLoggers has recently completed its new website redesign, featuring an improved main page interface, tighter organization, and greater ease of use.


CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its recent partnership with new manufacturer Influx Technology, which provides a wide range of unique software and hardware products for real-time vehicle recording applications...


USGS National Water Data Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, June 6th-9th


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that it has just begun an expansion of its Chesterland, Ohio headquarters. Work is expected to be completed by the end of the month.


The new CAS Datalogger’s online store is now up and running, featuring over 40 of CAS's most popular products from leading data logger and data logging system manufacturers.


CAS DataLoggers, a perennial attendee of the Offshore Technology Conference is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition at the 2011 OTC event in Booth #5179 on May 1 -5 held at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas.


ESCORT Data Loggers has appointed CAS DataLoggers as its exclusive North American Master Distributor. Effective April 1st, CAS will be responsible for the sales and support of all ESCORT Data Logger products within this demographic area.


ESCORT Data Loggers has appointed CAS DataLoggers as its exclusive North American Master Distributor.


CAS Data Loggers joins CSIA to increase value added services.


CAS Data Loggers will be exhibiting at PITTCON March 14 – 17, 2011 in Atlanta, GA. Their expanding product offering allows them to partner with Grant Instruments at booth #2116 and TandD Instruments at booth #4923. You can visit CAS at booth #5072.


Among the new updates and additions to CAS DataLoggers, they have now added a data logger blog to discuss new product lines, product line revisions, personnel changes, trade show events and newsletter releases.


The Simple Logger® II Model L404 is a four channel event data logger. It is a cost effective, advanced design data logger incorporating features and functions not found in data loggers costing 2 to 3 times its price.


Quality Installation & Continuous Performance Monitoring


Data acquisition, paperless recorders, data loggers and LinkedIn… CAS DataLoggers has created the connection through social media.


The T&D RTR-500 Data Collector with graphical display is the newest and most compatible with all RTR 500 Series Data Loggers.


Planning for new product introductions and Company growth will be announced through upcoming trade show events.


The dataTaker DT82I smart data logger provides an extensive array of features that allow it to be used across a wide variety of applications such as Equipment Monitoring Research and Development, Vehicle Testing, Fault Identification,


The LogMessage system has been designed to record data for applications such as remote monitoring, product testing, quality and reliability testing, process monitoring, research and development and fault analysis.


We have just added a new page to our web site with product, application and software videos.


The new dataTaker DT82EM is an intelligent, robust low power data logger designed for remote applications that features an integrated GSM/GPRS Modem.


A dataTaker DT800 data logger was used to capture in-situ data inside a developing EF4 tornado core.


CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce that we have joined the Association of High Technology Distribution


The new CAS Dataloggers ecommerce site is now available for on-line purchase of our most popular data logging equipment


CAS DataLoggers announce the release of their new data logger and remote monitoring equipment catalog.


The new CAS Datalogger Catalog with information on advanced data loggers, remote monitoring and alarming systems is now available.


To serve you better, CAS Dataloggers has moved to a new larger office space


Details on a special promotion for TandD products during the month of August and information on enhancements to iLog data loggers.


The the latest addition to the extremely popular DT8x family of intelligent data loggers the dataTaker DT85.


Our new 2007 catalog of data loggers, data acquisition systems and accessories is now available!


Information on a new wireless base station for the TandD RTR-5 series loggers, a new line of serial data loggers and a firmware upgrade for the dataTaker DT80/81 data loggers.


News on validatable data loggers for CFR 21 Part 11 applications, a network data collector for wireless data loggers and where to find answers for many common data logging questions.


January 2007 newsletter with nformation on the new 2010 logger from Grant Instruments, TR-73U temperature/humidity/pressure logger from T and D, and the VR-18 paperless recorder from BrainChild


CAS DataLoggers has just granted the University of Southern California’s Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Virology Research Laboratory a Lifetime Monitoring Subscription for their Accsense Temperature Monitoring System.