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CE+T Power - ECI, the future of power conversion

CE+T Power is proud to announce its brand new Enhanced Conversion Innovation (ECI) technology. (read more)

CE+T Power - Twin Sine Innovation

Twin Sine Innovation (TSI) builds AC power systems with no single point of failure, the best performing on the market. (read more)

CE+T Power - ECI Technology

The most efficient and versatile technology in Power Backup solutions. (read more)

CE+T Power - Winning inverter @ Google IEEE LittleBoxChallenge

CE+T Power has won the Google & IEEE Little Box Challenge, with the world-most efficient tiny inverter. This Little Box Challenge project provides us with keys for the next leap in technology for the years to come. (read more)

CE+T Power - New Customer Training Center Celebration

CE+T Power has transformed 75 m2 of its headquarters to welcome and train its customers and partners in the best conditions. (read more)

CE+T Power - MIPS-75 (UL listed) - Launched by CE+T

MIPS-75 addresses AC backup applications from 10 to 75kVA with full range of benefits given by TSI technology (read more)

CE+T Power - Sierra 3 kVA

Sierra is the first building block available in the Power Routing range. This new power converter has three ports, all offering bidirectionality. The module can provide 3 kVA / 2.4 kW on any port or aggregate power to multiple ports at the same time. This Sierra version is designed for 48 VDC and 230 VAC voltage levels. (read more)

CE+T Power - Power Fusion

Each company operating a datacenter has a well-known dream regarding power solutions: get a 100% reliability in a small space and for a good price. The combination of those three factors is particularly important because it's easy to get closer to the 100% reliability by adding redundancy and batteries but space and price will be heavily impacted. (read more)

CE+T Power - Power Supply-Datacommunication, Datacenters, IT

In today's economy, the need for data storage, and even more for large scale data storage infrastructures, is increasing every day, and everything relies more and more on these datacenters.

When managing a data storage infrastructure, power, and more precisely power securization, should not be a headache ... Yet, power securization is probably the weakest link in your infrastructu... (read more)

CE+T Power - Power Supply for Telecom Applications

In today’s telecom networks, the volume of critical active equipment running on AC is increasing and it does bring some challenges to organizations that are historically DC oriented.

Whenever the ratio between DC and AC equipment is in favour of DC, power solutions such as modular inverters allow for leveraging the existing DC infrastructures while securing the AC loads.

(read more)
CE+T Power - Power Supply for Industrial Applications

In today’s world, no industrial applications (Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Transportation, ...) can afford to be shutdown or even to suffer of minimal loss of power, be it for safety or economical reasons!

Whether you are looking to secure the power of a rail network's signalization, a pipeline's control stations, an airport's runway or tower, a manufactur... (read more)

CE+T Power - Y-One 1500

The well known standalone inverter TSI Y-One now comes in a 1500VA version (read more)

CE+T Power - Bravo ST

Low power requirements usually means the installation of a standalone inverter together with a Manual By-Pass
The main inconvenient is of course that in case of inverter failure, your load is down during the time it takes to access the site and engage the By-Pass!
No more!
The TSI BRAVO ST will bring the securization of your critical load’s power to the next generation! (read more)

CE+T Power - Veda: 500VA inverter Launched by CE+T

VEDA is a DC/AC offering AC Backup Solution up to 4000VA.

  • Easy integration in 300, 400 and 600mm depth cabinet.
  • High operation T° range (up to 65°C)
  • 500VA module offering up to 4000VA Solution
  • AC distribution included 2 x IEC sockets with 10 Amps
  • Fuse protection
  • High power density
  • IP 20 protection front and...
(read more)
CE+T Power - CE+T's Alto : 20kVA Modular Inverter

For all high power business critical applications and all types of AC loads where an existing 48Vdc infrastructure is present. (read more)

CE+T Power - CE+T Launches Innovative Nova : 750VA inverter

NOVA the ideal solution for ICT rack integration, 230VAC and 48VDC inputs are converted to provide reliable and stabilized 230VAC full sinus from the 2 sources. (read more)

CE+T Power - Bravo: 2.5kVA Inverter From CE+T

BRAVO is the most adequate response to mid to large output power needs. (read more)

CE+T Power - Media : 1.5kVA Inverter New From CE+T

Media will help you cope with mid-range output power needs, it includes: (read more)

CE+T Power - CE+T presents an inverter that starts airco units

The TSI Bravo HC inverter system is specially designed to start air conditioning unit, typically in telecom shelters, or motor loads. (read more)

CE+T Power - New Modular UPS from CE+T

When a company with 20+ years of experience in Modular Inverters for Telecom and Industrial applications takes on the development of a UPS, the result is a solution that goes beyond traditional UPS' standards ... completely re-inventing the concept! (read more)

CE+T Power - CE+T Presents New Media : 1.5kVA Inverter

Media will help you cope with mid-range output power needs, it includes: (read more)

CE+T Power - Standalone Inverters Introduced by CE+T

Lower power needs should not mean less efficiency. The Y-One standalone inverter was developped using our TSI Technology, which will bring you the same features and benefits as in our Modular Inverters product range. (read more)

News articles and press releases for CE+T Power:


AGIL UPS applies CE+T Power's TSI modular technology to UPS's. AGIL can combine up to 32 modular UPS's for a truly redundant potential total power output of 640kVA.


CE+T America is pleased to welcome James A. Hilton as new Director of Technical Sales Support and Customer Services.


Following a trend in demand for high power AC Backup Solutions, CE+T Power has developed a compact 20 kVA Modular Inverter, called the ALTO.


Indian Tower Companies were facing a problem: for their radio equipment to function properly, they had to install air-conditioning units in their telecom shelters. But when starting up, the air-conditioning unit requires several times the nominal current.