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CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - DA-130N Portable Density Meter


The DA-130N PORTABLE DENSITY METER makes the whole process of obtaining density data as close to effortless as possible. So if you are working with beverages, brines, alcohol, oils or petroleum products you need to take a look at this... (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Octagon 200/200CL

The Octagon 200 is a versatile, quiet bench top shaker that can deal with complex or difficult materials as well as efficiently produce results for easy-to-sieve samples. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Easy to Use Manual Tensiometer

An Easy to Use Manual Tensiometer for Surface Tension Measurement (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - LabTouch

(Non) Standard Water Activity Measurement. Water Activity Instrument with a Backlit Touch Screen. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Food & Beverage Analyzer for Quality Control

The ONE analyzer has been designed for chemical, enzymatic and colorimetric analyses in the food and beverage field and is very useful to control the quality of every phase of production. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - PORTABLE DENSITY METER JUST $1,999

Test liquids such as petroleum products, beverages, brines, oils and fats and concentrations of etching, pickling, flux or plating solutions with this versatile hand held instrument. AND SAVE HUGE DOLLARS NOW THROUGH NOVEMBER 30th (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Why Food Manufacturers Need To Monitor Moisture

Moisture content is a critical factor to consider in the food industry. The amount of water in a product affects the product’s texture, shelf life, ease of processing, and cost to produce. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - AgriPro Moisture Meter

Portable Capacitance Moisture Testing

A hand held moisture meter is an instrument that you can take to the product and conduct a test on the spot. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Difference Between Dynamic & Kinematic Viscosity?

Viscosity seems like a fairly simple concept, it helps to describe product thickness or how well it flows... that's all right?

In reality, there are several different terms that come under the heading of viscosity. These terms are derived from how the viscosity is measured. When people talk about viscosity, they are talking about one of two things: kinematic viscosity or... (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Sinar AP Moisture Analyzer

Portable, Rugged Capacitance Moisture Testing

The Sinar AP Moisture Analyzer is world renowned for quickly and accurately determining moisture content in coffee. From parchment and green (coffee) beans to roasted and ground coffee, the Sinar AP allows you to determine the quality of your coffee quickly and accurately without having to use charts, scales or thermometers. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Wet Wash Sieves

A process called wet sieving can be used to solve most of these problems. The sample is suspended in an aqueous solution which negates the static charges, breaks down the agglomeration, and lubricates near-sized particle. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - EMS-1000 Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer

Viscosity Testing with Cutting Edge Technology

A new development in viscosity testing equipment. This electromagnetic viscometer, the EMS-1000, features small sample viscosity determination, contact free tests and temperature controled processing. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - B-One Touch Rotational Viscometer

Exceptional Results without Breaking Your Budget

The B-One Touch has a 7" touch screen and comes with a stylus. This easy-to-use screen lets you see all measurement parameters at the same time. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Archimedes Started It - U-tubes Made It Easier

The first recorded application of density measurement was for fraud detection. The density measurement concept then expanded to encompass determination of material composition and assessment of product quality. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - CSC Test Sieves

CSC is committed to supply a wide range of sieves and sieve testing equipment as well as sieve analysis instrumentation. As part of this, we offer CSC Test Sieves for a full range of mesh sizes in 8 inch and 12 inch diameter frames. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Digital Moisture Balance

In the world of moisture analyzers, the moisture balances of CSC Scientific have found a special place. Starting with the CENCO Moisture Balance, the first ever direct reading moisture balance, these moisture instruments earned a reputation for being precise,accurate and tough. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - How can I measure viscosity?

The answer, like most answers in the crazy measurement world, is, “it depends”. To find out what it depends on, we'll start with defining viscosity.

What is Viscosity? Viscosity is the mechanical friction between molecules in motion, and the resistance to deformation because of mutual attraction of the molecules. In other words, it's resistance to flow. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Fast On-Site Liquid Property Measurement VIDEO

The DA-130N portable density/specific gravity meter is ideal for obtaining liquid property information on-site quickly. From milk to crude oil and beer to acid solutions for electronics this meter can be operated with one hand and shows many properties easily. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Difficult Samples? New Viscosity Testing Solution

Are your samples toxic, volatile, air sensitive or very small? Do you need to test a high and low temperatures? Electro Magnetic Spinning (EMS) is the viscosity testing method that can meet your needs. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Antibodies to Adhesives - Viscosity Testing

Electro Magnetically Spinning Viscometer - the EMS 1000 enables contact free measurement. Ideal for samples that are hazardous, sticky or very small - antibodies to adhesives, blood to bitumen and much more. Plus read our articles on viscosity testing. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Meinzer II Sieve Shaker

This shaker addresses several sieving problems:

• An economical shaker with a strong combination of vertical and horizontal motion.
• Obtaining repeatable results on materials not subject to excessive agglomeration or static clinging.
• A small size with easy operational characteristics. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Surface Tension - Rings, Bubbles, Drops & Plates

The definition of Liquid Surface Tension is simple. It's the force that keeps a liquid from flying off into space. However, measurement of surface tension can take many forms, which can be confusing. In an attempt to get some clarity, we have articulated two principle measurement concepts in this article: drop-based measurement and force-based measurement. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. -  Aquapal III Coulometric Titrators

Easy Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration

The Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration was designed for measuring low moisture content. Typically the Coulometric method is used for samples containing less than 1% moisture and for sample sizes less than 200 milliliters (ml). (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Volumetric Titrators

Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

Karl Fischer Moisture Analysis uses two techniques. For very small amounts of moisture, the Coulometric Technique is preferred. When moisture content gets above the 1% to 2% range the Volumetric Technique is warranted. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - RM 200 Touch Rotational Viscometer

Full-Scale Rheology Testing with a Viscometer

This is a shear-rate imposed rheometer. The RM 200 Touch can generate and fit flow curves without using a computer. However, it also has ports to connect to a computer and can use software to transfer data and to control the viscosity measurement parameters. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - First Touch Rotational Viscometer

Simple QC Testing for Many Industries

For your ultra-sensitive measurements, the First Touch features a torque range of 0.005 to 0.8 mNm. The spring-less design makes the First RM a robust instrument for measuring dynamic viscosities. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - DTS 60 Automatic Tensiometer

Automatic Surface Tension Measurement with DuNouy Ring Or Wilhelmy Plate

The DST 60 Tensiometer That Does Surface Tension Tests Automatically (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Sonic Sifter

A Solution to Mechanical (Sieving) Particle Size Analysis of Micron Sized Particles. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - RM 100 Touch Viscometer

Smart QA Testing for Almost Any Product

The RM 100 Touch does not use springs or torsion rods that require frequent recalibration. It incorporates an integrated calculator for processing viscosity test results. Serial and USB ports support computer connections. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Bostwick Consistometer

The Bostwick Consistometer is the preferred choice for measuring consistency and flow rate in a variety of products. You can use the "Bostwick" on any viscous material such as sauces, salad dressings, paints, chemicals or cosmetics. The normal way to use the Consistometer is to measure the distance a sample flows in a given time interval. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - EFL 300 Sieve Shaker

The EFL 300 combines the best features of the EFL 2000 with the most up-to-date sieve shaker technology. It is just as robust and lightweight as its predecessor, but even more powerful. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - DA 130-N Portable Density Meter

The DA-130N portable density meter offers a lot in a small, ergonomically-designed instrument. It can satisfy many applications, including Brix testing, and meeting the ASTM D7777 oscillation method standard. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - DuraTap™ Sieve Shaker

The DuraTap™ Shaker solves problems of:

• Matching long established shaker standards.
• Achieving low maintenance.
• Producing rotational and tapping motion on multiple sieves.
• Repeatable results over a wide range of sieve sizes. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Radio Frequency Based Moisture Measurement

One of the most versatile radio frequency moisture analyzers is the MCPC Moisture Computer. The range of products that can be analyzed for moisture content include most foodstuffs, nuts, chemicals, aggregates and building materials. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Moisture Determination at Your Desk

We offer the Praxis Moisture Determination Balance to provide for our customers who need to do occasional moisture determination tests. The new balance is portable, making it convenient to use in the office or the lab. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. - Karl Fischer Ovens

For a product to work with the Karl Fischer Chemical Reaction, it needs to be able to dissolve in a solvent compatible with the Karl Fischer Reagents. Some materials will not dissolve in or will cause side reactions with acceptable solvents. (read more)

CSC Scientific Company, Inc. -  LabStart Economic Water Activity Testing

Water Activity Tests On A Budget

The LabStart-aw is a budget water activity meter for users testing this for the first time. It's simple to operate and provides basic measurement functions, but doesn't sacrifice quality. (read more)

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