CECOR has promoted these products / services:

CECOR - For tough in-plant material handling jobs.

CECOR's DB-256 heavy-duty steel cart stands up to rough treatment. The large DB-256 has a 27 cubic feet capacity and a load rating of 1500 lbs, however small footprint and best use of the cube preserves precious floor space. Fully loaded cart can be maneuvered by one person. Optional DF-1056 dumping frame can be added to dump heavy loads from fork lift or hook hoist. (read more)

CECOR - CECOR patented dumping frame.
  • Dump from forklift or hook hoist using CECOR patented dumping frame.
(read more)
CECOR - Two Birds With One Stone

Pair the TX-55PL with a Cecor drum top unit to easily convert it into a sump cleaner for removal of spent coolant and solids entrained in the fluids. (read more)

CECOR - Convenient 55-gallon drum tank with wheels

Don't risk injury by using the wrong tool for the job. Used shipping drums may seem like a cheap way to handle waste, however the inconvenience of transporting and the risk of injury could be costing your shop. (read more)

CECOR - Electric Fluid Dispensers

CECOR fluid dispensers distribute clean coolant to machine tools or fluid to other industrial machinery. Single-phase electric dispenser can be used anywhere in the plant. (read more)

CECOR - Smarter Than a Rocker-Style Dumper

Turn your cart into a dump hopper – without losing precious floor space! (read more)

CECOR - When To Clean Your Machine Tool Sump

The maintenance on a machine tool has similar characteristics to the vehicles that transport many of us to & from work every day (read more)

CECOR - Filter Chips and Swarf from Metalworking Fluid

Use a CECOR Sump Shark with onboard filter to separate metal chips and swarf from metalworking fluid. (read more)

CECOR - Tilt Hopper Dumps Forward For Controlled Empyting

Empties completely. No need to get hands dirty. Low lip makes loading easier. Space-saving design maximizes capacity while minimizing footprint. Manuevers easily and rolls smoothly, even when fully loaded. (read more)

CECOR - Chip Bins for Metalworking

CECOR chip bins are built for long, hard service in the machine shop. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel with fully welded, leak-proof seams. Carts are mounted on phenolic roller bearing wheels which resist chipping, cracking, oil and chemicals.

Dump carts with CECOR dumping frame for fast, safe elevated dumping from hook hoist or forklift. (read more)

CECOR - Truck-Mounted Sump Shark Increases Productivity

If you have high-capacity sump cleaning needs that cover extensive plant facilities for collection and disposal, let CECOR help. Check out our truck-mounted Sump Sharks that easily cover longer distances faster thereby increasing productivity. (read more)

CECOR - Sump Shark Makes Coolant Maintenance Easy

A CECOR Sump Shark® sump cleaner uses high suction lift to suck up fluid, chips and sludge from dirty machine tool sumps fast. As the fluid is suctioned into the tank, it passes through an on board filter which separates the solids from the fluid. Simply switch to discharge and pump out filtered fluid. (read more)

CECOR - CECOR SE15-60PL Metalworking Sump Vacuum

SE15-60PL electric Sump Shark vacuums metal chips, sludge and coolant out of the sump, as well as puddles off of the floor. The SE15-60PL has a smart space-saving vertical design and can be plugged into any standard electric outlet. This feature makes the SE15-60PL very convenient to use in a variety of locations. (read more)

CECOR - Combination Sump Shark for Coolant Recycling

CECOR's Combination Sump Sucker/Dispenser has two tanks on one chassis. (read more)

CECOR - CECOR Tilt Trucks

CECOR Tilt Trucks are designed for collecting and hauling bulky, light density loads. With a relatively small footprint these tilt trucks park where scrap is being produced. Tough enough for use in the factory, tilt carts come in 18-, 27- and 40-foot capacities. (read more)

CECOR - Chip Hopper with Low Loading Lip

Easy-Loading Chip Hopper for Low Clearances

Popular low profile chip hopper has 15″ lip height to fit under CNC discharge, conveyors or under tables. Design maximizes cube capacity while minimizing footprint. (read more)

CECOR - Drain coolant from chip bins with drain screen

Drain screen located inside of the cart prevents chips and other larger particles from clogging drain hole.

  • Screen lifts up for easy cleaning.
  • Waste less coolant and recycle cleaner chips.
  • Space-saving design allows more room for chips

Includes 3/4″ drain plug (read more)

CECOR - Combo Tank Sump Suckers for Coolant Recycling

Combination Sump Sucker and Fluid Dispenser – Two Tanks, Two Purposes (read more)

CECOR - Drum Top Sump Cleaner

Convert any standard, open-ended 55-gallon drum or CECOR TX-55PL into a “sump cleaner.”

  • Ideal for transferring spent coolant from the machine tool
  • Conveniently works on plant air
  • Easily lift and move drum top from one tank to another
(read more)
CECOR - Sump Shark® Sump Cleaners

Reduce the mess and clean sumps quickly, thoroughly and safely. (read more)

CECOR - For easy coolant reclamation in large facilities.

Transport coolant through the plant between collection and disposal or treatment with the CB6 walk/ride transport base. Sump cleaner is mounted on a battery-power pallet mover to move easily over long distances. (read more)

CECOR - CECOR Electric Coolant and Chip Vaccum

Plug'n'Play convenience makes this Sump Shark versatile
The unit runs on standard 115/60/1 15 amp electricals and can be used wherever there are standard power outlets. (read more)

CECOR - Compact tilt hopper for small, but heavy loads

CECOR’s TB-048 tilt cart dumps forward in two stages for controlled emptying at floor or dock level. (read more)

CECOR - Low-Profile Steel Hopper

Use CECOR Series X44 large, low-profile, steel hopper for parts in process or under machine tool discharge. Cart has a 15″ lip for easy loading. Large capacity (15.8 cu.ft.) still fits it tight areas. (read more)

CECOR - CFM VS. Suction Lift

The more suction lift, the faster weighty solids can be picked up. If you can’t lift the heavy stuff, your vacuum will be of limited help with the tough sump cleaning jobs. (read more)

CECOR - Filter Metalworking Fluids

Ditch the grueling pail-n-shovel process! Clean dirty machine tool sumps faster and filter metalworking fluids for re-use (when applicable). (read more)

CECOR - Screw Machine Sump Cleaning

This screw machine sump contains oil with carbon steel chips and sludge. If left uncleaned too long, the sludge hardens and becomes cement-like. A good reason not to postpone sump cleaning. (read more)

CECOR - Extra Power Sump Shark Sump Cleaner

CECOR’s popular 175-gallon, three-phase electric sump cleaner is still small enough to be pushed around the shop, but delivers extra sump cleaning power. (read more)

CECOR - Extra-Low Profile Cart makes chip handling easy at McFarlane Aviation

Due to the nature of swiss machining, long stringy chips are formed during turning and are a disposal problem. “The low chip pan on the swiss and our old way of scraping chips into a plastic tub to carry to the chip spinner created a safety issue for our machinist.” said Brad Price, Machine and Tooling Supervisor. Cuts from the sharp stringy chips and oil on the floor was a c... (read more)

CECOR - Heavy-duty Industrial Cart - 4.9 cu. ft.

This rugged steel cart collects and dumps heavy industrial loads quickly. The 342 Series cart is a compact, heavy-duty steel industrial cart that is ideal for collecting dense industrial waste, such as brass shavings, steel scrap, aluminum chips, etc.. Heavy-duty steel construction with fully welded seams means carts won’t leak, melt, split, bulge or burn. Cart maneuvers eas... (read more)

CECOR - Metal Tilt Truck, Tough enough for the factory floor

CECOR tilt trucks are made of heavy-duty steel with reinforced dumping knees for complete, controllable emptying at floor and dock level. (read more)

CECOR - Miller Electric Reduces Oil Costs While Improving Part Quality

Challenge: Remove fine chips from oil that were marking parts.

Doug Weisshahn, Project Technician and NC Programmer at Miller Electric had a problem with fine chips in cutting oil. There were so many fine chips in one particular machine, they would leave marks (indentations) on the parts from the automatic chucking process. Doug had two 25 micron filter bag housings running... (read more)

CECOR - Low Profile Dumping Carts

Low lip height, larger capacity (read more)

CECOR - Clean dirty sumps and filter coolant faster, better & safer.

Watch the speed & power of CECOR Sump Sharks

CECOR Sump Shark® sump cleaners use high suction lift to suck up fluid, chips and sludge from dirty machine tool sumps fast. (read more)

CECOR - Sump Cleaner Helps Regal Machine Recycle Coolant

Challenge: Cut time needed to clean machine tool sumps and extend the life of coolant.

With over 50 machine tools, cleaning machine sumps was a time-consuming job for the staff of Regal Machine in Wyoming, MN. They used an air pump and a 55-gallon drum to empty the sumps and then cleaned up the chips and fines manually. Because it was a messy, unpleasant job, it wasn't being... (read more)

CECOR - See the Sump Shark Filter Thick Sludge

Thread rolling doesn’t produce any metal chips, but it does produce a greasy, cake-mix type of sludge. The machine in the video is using a water-soluble coolant and there was a heavy build up of sludge in the bottom of the sump. (read more)

CECOR - Sump Cleaner Coolant Discharge Filter

CECOR introduces a new discharge filter for second state filtering of metalworking fluids. (read more)

CECOR - SE15 Electric Sump Shark Sump Cleaner

Clean dirty sumps better, faster and safer. SE15 electric Sump Shark can be plugged into any standard outlet. (read more)

CECOR - Gravity Coolant Dispenser - No power source needed

No convenient power source nearby? No worries. DX-100PL offers a low-cost option for dispensing coolant and oil without a power source. Plastic polyethylene tank empties through a plastic hose fitted with a full-flow nozzle or by a faucet drain located in the base. (read more)

CECOR - Filter coolant and oil faster

CECOR'S SA5 air-operated Sump Shark sump cleaners use existing plant air supply to vacuum chips, swarf, sludge and fluids from dirty sumps. Pick up even the thickest of sludge with an SA5. (read more)

CECOR - Safely, Easily Empty Carts with Forklift

Most models of CECOR Carts can be equiped with stationary fork pockets for use with a rotatable fork lift attachment. (read more)

CECOR - These are the carts for industry

And these are reasons thousands are in use collecting, carrying and dumping plant scrap. (read more)

CECOR - Dump Hopper has Smaller Footrprint

CECOR Carts make better use of space than rocker-style hoppers.We design our carts to have a small footprint and make the best use of the cube. (read more)

CECOR - Metalworking Fluid Filter

An important feature of CECOR's Sump Shark sump cleaners is the ability to filter industrial fluids (aka coolant, metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, etc.) from solid waste (chips, swarf, fine particles, sludge, etc.). (read more)

CECOR - CECOR Tilt Trucks

Designed for collecting, hauling and dumping of light-density loads. Assorted dimensions to meet different needs. Capacities ranges from 18- to 40-cubic feet. Ergonomic two-stage dumping with reinforced dumping knees allows for complete, controlled, safe emptying at floor or dock level. (read more)

CECOR - Multiple Sizes - One Dumping Frame

CECOR Carts of same length can use the same dumping frame to dump from fork lift or hook hoist. This means you can use carts of varying capacities for different spaces, yet invest in only one dumping frame. (read more)

CECOR - Multitask with the CECOR Sump Cleaner/Dispenser

CECOR's Twin Tank Sump Cleaner & Dispenser can be an important part of your coolant recycling program. It has two tanks on a single chassis -- a sump cleaner tank on one side, dispenser tank on the other. (read more)

CECOR - Filter Chips and Fines From Coolant

CECOR's patented filter systems removes, chips, swarf and other residue from metalworking coolant. CECOR Sump Shark sump cleaners suck out both fluids and solids. Chips and swarf are caught in the filter and the fluids proceed into the tank. (read more)

News articles and press releases for CECOR:

We Are Moving! 04/17/2018

We are moving to our new manufacturing facility in Belleville, WI at the end of April, 2018.


Due to the nature of swiss machining, long stringy chips are formed during turning and are a disposal problem.


Visit our booth (0446) at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show this October 3-5, 2017 at the Exposition Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will giving demonstrations of the SE15-60PL Sump Shark sump cleaner!


CECOR will demonstrate Sump Shark sump cleaner at the Canadian Machinery & Technology Show in September 2017


CECOR will be exhibiting their heavy-duty dumping carts in Booth 1256 at the Precision Machining Technology Show in addition to their Sump Shark Sump Cleaners in Booth 1041.


Make plans to attend the Precision Machine Tool Show April 25 - 27, 2017. CECOR will be exhibiting at PMTS17 in Booth 1041. Come see the power of the Sump Shark! Stay tuned for more details and offers


CECOR will showcasing the new SE15-60PL Sump Shark sump cleaner at IMTS16 this September in Chicago. Visit us in booth NC-363 to see our sump cleaners and chip carts.


CECOR introduces the new single-phase electric, 60-gallon Sump Shark sump cleaner. Model SE15-60PL has the same space-saving vertical design as the popular SA5-60PL (air) unit, but can be plugged into any standard electric unit.


CECOR (booth 923) will exhibit its line of heavy duty carts with dumping frame at Modex 2016 from April 4th to April 7th in Atlanta, GA..


Visit us at WIMTS at booth 1159 where we will be doing Sump Shark demonstrations.


Visit booth 3416 at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show to see how CECOR's Sump Shark sump cleaners attack Sump Sludge and filter coolant. We will be doing product demonstrations live. CMTS will be held in Mississauga, ON Sept. 28 - Oct. 1 2015.


CECOR has released their new Sump Shark sump cleaner catalog with an updated look and enhanced product content. The catalog is available online at catalogs may also be requested on the CECOR website.


CECOR has redesigned its industrial cart catalog. The new design makes it easier to compare and contrast the different models. The dumping section has been expanded. The complete catalog is available on the CECOR website at


We have made some changes to our website to make it easier to use. You can now quickly navigate our sump cleaners separately from our carts. Find what you are looking for faster. We have also added a "Product Gallery" and "Video Library".


CECOR will be exhibiting at Westec at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 15-17 2015. Visit our Booth #411 to experience the power and strength of our Sump Shark sump cleaners firsthand!


ProMat is the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America. Stop by our booth to "kick the tires" on our material-handling carts.


Don't just take our word for it. Run the numbers yourself and see how quickly our CECOR Sump Shark sump cleaners pay for themselves.


CECOR -- a leading manufacturer of high-suction sump cleaners will be exhibiting at TECMA 2015 - March 3-6, Stand 856 with our Mexico distributor Cutting Fluids S.A. de C.V. Stop by to see live demonstrations showcasing our Sump Sharks.


CECOR® to showcase its unique dumping frame at ProMat 2015 VERONA, Wisconsin (January 13, 2015) – CECOR (Booth #4753) will be exhibiting at ProMat 2015 from March 23-26th in Chicago, IL to showcase its fleet of industrial dumping carts.


CECOR® sump cleaners prevent workforce injury and improve morale


Modern Machine Shop's Top Shops benchmarking survey highlights best practices in discrete-parts manufacturing


Cart stands less than three inches off floor.


Are you still dragging cheap plastic totes and cardboard boxes full of heavy metal chips around the shop?


Go Green with CP50 Combination Unit on Energy-Saving Electric Truck.